Which Litter For Rabbits Is Better
Which Litter For Rabbits Is Better

Which Litter For Rabbits Is Better
Which Litter For Rabbits Is Better

Now it has become very fashionable to keep various decorative animals at home: guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, as well as decorative rabbits. These animals require special careful care. And no less important is the selection of litter in a cage with such animals.

In order to choose the right litter for rabbits, it is necessary to take into account the preferences of the pet. Watch what he likes and what doesn’t. The animal itself will tell you through its actions which litter is most comfortable for it.

The most common and convenient is the litter of sawdust. Sawdust can be in granular, pressed form, in the form of small chips. Sawdust litter for decorative rabbits is spent economically, it can be replaced completely or in parts, adding a new portion of sawdust. At the bottom of the cage before pouring sawdust, it is best to put a relief mat that is easy to clean. Rabbits sometimes begin to gnaw on sawdust from the litter. Do not be scared. They should throw twigs into the cage for such purposes. The only minus of litter from sawdust is that they stick to the rabbit fur. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor the furry pet, comb it.

Hay is also used as a litter for cells, but this is not always convenient. In this case, the cage is much more difficult to clean. If, nevertheless, the rabbit prefers litter for hay, then it is worth adding it to the cage in small quantities. You can use loose hay, but you can also get pressed.

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Another option for bedding for rabbits is paper. But this is the most impractical option. It takes a lot of paper, it must be changed throughout the day constantly, but this is not always possible. But there are pluses to this litter: newsprint is always available from any owner and is ideal for long-haired rabbits.

In any case, it is necessary to equip a separate tray for rabbits, where they need to be trained in the toilet.

There is no consensus on which bedding for rabbits is better. You definitely need to remember that litter needs to be changed regularly. It is advisable if it will be once or twice a day. If the rabbit is accustomed to go to the toilet outside the cage, then the litter can be changed

The choice of litter for decorative rabbits is a very responsible occupation, which must be given a certain time.

There are a lot of options for laying for rabbits. One thing to keep in mind is the pet’s preference. After all, he needs to create the most comfortable living conditions in the cage. One thing is clear that the absence of litter in the cage can lead to less pododermatitis on the feet of rabbits.

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