When breeding rabbits, it is fundamentally important to get high-quality and healthy offspring from the livestock. How to choose and prepare the right producers, choose the time for mating rabbits and check the result, we will tell in this article.

Fertilization Dates

Rabbits are prolific animals; females, depending on the breed, are able to become pregnant at the age of 4-5 months, males – from six months. At the same time, size matters: more miniature decorative breeds are able to reproduce earlier; in large meat breeds, maturity occurs 2-3 weeks later.

  • behavior – it can pluck wool on the abdomen around the nipples, lie on the stomach, rush around the cage, transfer hay from place to place;
  • the state of the genital organs – the loop increases, changes color, becomes saturated pink.

When Can A Rabbit Be Allowed For Mating

Since rabbits breed year-round, ovulation in rabbits occurs in the summer every 5-7 days, in winter the interval increases to 8-9.

First mating

Rabbits are mated after the end of the first molt. Males – after the second. For breeding quality offspring, the optimal time for the first mating is 5-6 months.

During the molting period, rabbits are not mated, since the animal’s body at this time is not in optimal shape.

When Can A Rabbit Be Allowed For Mating

After the baptism

In rabbits, hunting occurs 24-48 hours after the okrola and lasts up to 5 days.

How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit

Correct sex determination of the rabbit is important not only for mating, but also for the safe raising of animals. If the rabbits of different sexes are not seated in separate cages, growing males can arrange fights for females, causing dangerous injuries to each other.

When Can A Rabbit Be Allowed For Mating

The male differs from the female in the external genitalia, which will not be considered until the rabbit is 4-5 weeks old. In addition, testicles are not always visible in young males. Their anatomy is such that the testicles descend into the scrotum by 3 months, and when frightened, the males pull them into the abdominal cavity.

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When examining the animal, it is turned over on its back and the skin in the genital area is gently moved with the fingers in the direction of the anus. In females, a loop opens in the form of a ring of mucous flesh of a pale pinkish tint. In males, a pale pink or almost white (in young) penis comes to the surface with an acute conical shape. The distance from the genitals to the anus in males is greater than in females. In healthy sexually mature males, the testicles are clearly visible.

Features of the choice of partners

It is not recommended to mate close relatives, to obtain healthy offspring, it is necessary to take producers from different lines.

When breeding rabbits at home for beginners, it is imperative to record the following data:

  • date of birth and name of the animal;
  • breeds of parents;
  • dates of incidents and missions, the number of live and non-surviving rabbits.

How to choose rabbits

When Can A Rabbit Be Allowed For Mating

For mating rabbits to give the expected result, manufacturers must meet certain conditions:

  • breed standard, this is especially important when breeding;
  • fatness – animals with a weight of at least 3 kg, but not fatty, are allowed to mate, as obesity reduces productivity;
  • health status – only healthy animals are allowed to mate;
  • fertility: in rabbits, it is determined by the number of fertilized females, in rabbits, by the number of healthy cubs in the litter;
  • high sexual activity;
  • parental instinct, the female should not show aggression or indifference to the cubs;
  • milk – the rabbit should have enough milk to feed offspring;
  • age, the female in the regular sleep mode may be 3-4 years old, with age, fertility decreases in males.
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What is rejection

Animals that do not meet the selection conditions are not allowed to mate and breed.

How to prepare animals

You need to start preparing 7-8 days before mating. At this time, animals are transferred to improved nutrition; fresh and fortified feeds rich in minerals should prevail. In winter, daylight hours are also prolonged with lamps up to 15-16 hours.

On the day of mating, before letting the rabbit into the rabbit, everything superfluous is removed from the cage, as the animals will be very active.

Mating technology

In the warm season, mating is carried out in the morning or in the evening, in winter – in the middle of the day.

The rabbit is planted in the rabbit’s cage. Young females are brought together with experienced adult rabbits, and females with experience are planted with “novice” producers. The rabbit in the hunt calmly admits the male. Mating occurs in a few seconds, the male after ejaculation falls on the barrel and squeaks. Repeated mating is performed for control on day 5.

What to do if the rabbit does not admit the rabbit

If the female does not allow the rabbit to come nearer and shows aggression, it needs to be set off right away. A second attempt is made after some time the next morning or evening.

Perhaps these animals will not show reciprocity, then they select other partners. One of the reasons rabbits don’t mate can be noise.

How to check the result

The succession of the female can be determined 10-12 days after the "date". The animal is positioned with its head to itself, it is held at the withers with one hand, and the lower part of the abdomen is carefully probed with the other. The fertilized uterus during this period is palpated as a compaction of an oval shape in the pelvic area. Behavior changes: the female in the cage behaves calmer, her appetite improves, and her host may be wary and not be given in her hands. During the control infusion, the sucral female will not allow her partner to come near her.

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How long a pregnancy in rabbits lasts depends on the number of fetuses. Usually it lasts about 30 days; the more litter, the shorter the pregnancy. During this period, the rabbit needs peace, comfort, the absence of high humidity and drafts, good nutrition, mainly succulent feed, and a sufficient amount of water.

For successful mating of rabbits, it is necessary to take care of animals, create comfortable conditions for them, observe their behavior in order to choose the best moment. Subject to these principles, you will certainly achieve your goal.

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