Cardboard toilet paper rolls amuse rabbits and are safe for digestion. Empty Hercules Boxes trimmed on both sides create a good tunnel or barrier for jumping.

Empty jars of orange juice and a lid are also good toys.

Soft toys (but not synthetic), metal mugs and spoons, rings that give children when their teeth are cut, keys.

Cardboard boxes and paper bags amuse the rabbit for hours, it will hide in them and, in the end, will crush it into pieces. Paper towels, napkins. The twigs and pieces of wood (only NOT red AND NOT cedar wood) become not only good toys, but also grind, growing rabbit teeth.

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

Use your imagination to find suitable toys for a decorative rabbit, but avoid dyed and manufactured items that could cause poisoning or create an intestinal obstruction. Do not give toys with strings, wires or fishing lines. The rabbit can get tangled in them, strangle, cut. Check the locations for wire traps before releasing the rabbit. And again, the rabbit with its toys will be less likely to spoil household supplies. Do not let the rabbit get into the electric wires, they will have a bite of them in a moment, which is dangerous for the life of not only the rabbits themselves.

A rabbit needs toys. Moreover, not only in childhood, but throughout life. This is not a whim of the owners, but an objective necessity. Why is this so important?

First, they stimulate the mental development of the rabbit. Without classes, your eared one will be bored, especially when you are not at home. Which, in turn, can lead to depression and unwanted damage to the home. The creative use of toys can extend the life of your rabbit, maintaining his interest in the world around him, giving him freedom of interaction with his environment, and allowing him to constantly learn and develop. Secondly, the game develops the rabbit physically.

Your baby needs the ability to move in a variety of ways in order to keep his body in good shape as well as his mind. He needs things to climb, climb, run around, dig and nibble. Unable to satisfy these physical needs, a rabbit can grow fat or become depressed, or “play” using furniture, wires and everything that “comes under his paw and tooth.” And thirdly, as follows from the above, toys are needed not only for the rabbit, but also in order to protect your home.

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What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

Providing the rabbit with toys selected based on his gender, age, reproductive status and temperament, you create a house that is safe for the rabbit and protected from it. What toys are suitable for a rabbit? Large cardboard boxes for climbing in, scratching and chewing. Rabbits will especially like it if there are at least two inputs and outputs in the box. Cardboard tubes for toilet paper and paper towels Raw willow baskets or boxes filled with cut paper (from a shredder, old magazines, letters), straw or other organic digging material

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

Old paper in order to tear it. Various balls and balls that can be rolled up or thrown up with teeth Toys for birds that can be hung in a cage and which a rabbit can bite or push Children’s toys (for babies when teeth are being cut) made of hard plastic to nibble and toss up Little cars to they could be pushed Cat toys: cardboard houses with stairs and windows, so that you could climb and bite there, as well as various tubes, tunnels, "trees"

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

Dried wooden blocks and unprocessed tree branches (except pine, spruce, cherry, apricot, plum, mahogany and other tarry and evergreen trees that are poisonous) Brooms

A small towel to rake it in a pile and carry around. Unprocessed rugs made of sea grass or maize straw. Hard plastic lids from various bottles. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly before giving the rabbit no traces of contents. This is especially true for bottle caps, which contained various detergents.

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

If the rabbit has nothing to do in the absence of owners, he will quickly get bored. As a result, his owner expects serious material damage – the animal begins to bite everything in a row from longing. If the rabbit has its own toys, it will make his life more eventful and interesting.

A rabbit is an active animal and cannot sit in a cage for a long time. He must have at his disposal items that you can climb into, that you can dig into and hide, that you can nibble with pleasure, etc. The entertainment provided to the rabbit will help maintain the health of your pet, as well as furniture and things in the apartment.

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Having provided the rabbit with toys suitable for him by age and character, you will already follow most of the recommendations for ensuring your pet a safe stay in the apartment. A rabbit that has something to have fun with will not chew on lacquered furniture or wires.

If you notice that your dwarf rabbit nibbles and swallows the material from which the toys are made, pick up others for it – from materials that are not harmful to bite or at least not interesting.

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

paper or cardboard boxes that you can climb into and scratch and chew without harm to yourself. Rabbits really like these boxes, especially if you guessed to put something unusual inside; cardboard rolls of toilet paper;

boxes and unvarnished baskets with hay, magazines, newspapers or other natural fillers into which you can dig;

all kinds of cat houses (best wicker), special tunnels for animal games; children’s toys (only if the rabbit does not try to eat them);

fruit tree branches, preferably apple trees (cherry, peach, apricot should not be taken because of the toxic properties of wood); objects that you can jump on (rabbits like to sit upstairs); thoroughly washed plastic food bottles (but not household chemicals).

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

All rabbits are different and they like different toys. Watching your pet, you can choose a toy that he will like. Toys are necessary for rabbits, as well as communication. But even if you gave a lot of toys to a young rabbit, not yet accustomed to order, this does not mean that you can leave him alone at home for eight hours, and upon returning you will find the apartment in perfect order. It is not necessary to provide complete freedom of action for the pet. When raising a rabbit, train him to a walking schedule convenient for both of you. When he grows up, he will no longer need to be so strictly monitored, but do not rush things.

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What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

Choose toys based on what activities your pet likes. Being a burrowing animal, a rabbit will never give up the pleasure of trying to dig a mink for itself. Foreign industry produces various versions of tunnels and artificial holes for rabbits. Making yourself something like this will be too difficult, however you can find a cylindrical cardboard (for example, a narrow package from under a cognac bottle) – you get a convenient tunnel. Plug one end of the tunnel with paper or a cotton towel so that the rabbit can "dig" a passage for itself. If during a walk through the woods or in the country, you come across a piece of a tree trunk with a rotten core, then after appropriate treatment it can also make an original rabbit hole. The preform is soaked for 1.5-2 hours in hot water, scraped out rotten places, disinfected with potassium permanganate or light of a quartz lamp.

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

To prevent the rabbit from digging a hole in the most inappropriate place, provide him with a special simulator for this lesson. Make it easy. Put old newspapers, hay and other safe materials of this kind in a large enough cardboard box and make an entrance to it. If the rabbit has chosen one special place in the apartment where he likes to dig, make this place furniture, and put a box with filler next to it.

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

Many rabbits like to tinker with rags: bedspreads, towels, rugs, etc. If you notice that your rabbit likes to “tidy up” the bedspread on the sofa, lay a towel on the floor for him. Make sure that the rabbit does not eat cloth while playing, which can be very dangerous. Some rabbits like to play ball. For such games, it is best to take large rubber balls. A bunny can bite through a bouncy ball or ball. A loud sound will greatly scare him, and the rest of the ball may be swallowed.

What Toys For Decorative Rabbits Are Made Of

So, the toys are selected in accordance with the natural natural inclinations of the rabbit, your pet should like it and, of course, be safe to use. The rest depends on your ingenuity.

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