Types of toys than can be dangerous, which are better to choose

Toys for rabbits can be homemade and purchased, and the term “toy for a rabbit” often hides what a person does not even perceive as a toy. For example, a system of minks and tunnels.

Having arranged such a developed hole for the rabbit, you can safely leave the animal alone. He will not be bored.

Material for making toys is actually limited, although at first glance this is not so. Toys are made from:

  • paper;
  • rags;
  • a tree;
  • plant fiber;
  • plastic;
  • rubber;
  • gland. Not. The latter type of material is not a typo. Some rabbits love ringing toys and can be offered a metal bell.

Need for toys

A rabbit is an animal that loves to play and constantly nibbles. If you do not provide them with toys, you risk the following consequences:

  1. Lack of activity causes the disease in the animal.
  2. They constantly need to sharpen their teeth, so they can ruin the upholstery of furniture and nibble the legs of tables, ruin curtains and bedspreads.
  3. Bored rabbits will ruin your clothes and can damage flower vases.

Like any other animal, they need attention and mobility, the lack of the above will entail negative consequences for you. Therefore, it is better to spend a little time and pick up toys for the animal.

Toys For Decorative Rabbits - Tips

The best toys are those that can be nibbled

Toys are divided into those that are designed so that the animal can sharpen the tooth. And to those with whom it plays.

Toys For Decorative Rabbits - Tips

The variety of improvised tools that can become pet toys is not limited.

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Home Improvement and Toy Making

Rabbits love to play with rustling gadgets. In addition, they dig their minks. Therefore, animals need a special house where eared will live.

The place for the house should be clean, bright and warm, protected from drafts. It is easy to do it yourself. The cage must fit the size of the animal.

Toys For Decorative Rabbits - Tips

Partitions in the cage can be made of wood

The house is made four times the size of the animal, make the bottom so that it is with high sides. The bottom is covered with sawdust or a special filler for rabbits, which absorb the smell of urine and hide feces. Also, in the house, be sure to install bowls for food and water.

In some buildings, a grill is installed instead of the tray. This makes eared living more hygienic, but puts it at risk. It can damage fingers or legs, entangled in the rods. Better use the tray, clean it regularly. So you prevent unpleasant odors and make living animals more enjoyable.

As toys for rabbits, use all the materials at hand that you can easily make a great fixture with your own hands. It can be cardboard boxes in which the rabbit can easily climb.

Toys For Decorative Rabbits - Tips

Rabbits love to play with cardboard boxes.

Old books, unnecessary brooms, bumps, rag toys are suitable for the pet.

Offer balls to your pet, and if they are made of wooden material, this will lead the animal into a wild delight. Provide your pet with wooden blocks or branches. The objects that the rabbit can nibble are very popular with the pet.

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Make sure that with time the toy with which your pet spends time does not decrease. All that have become the size available so that an eared can swallow it, clean. A prerequisite for building a house, or creating a toy is the use of exclusively natural materials.

Free DIY Toys

If you have the skills of sawing plywood and driving nails, building a town for the rabbit, as in the first photo, is not a problem. But plywood and PVC pipes cost money, and cardboard boxes and tubes for toilet paper are free.

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