The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Rabbit

Often, residents of country houses want to get rabbits for divorce. But do not forget the decorative ones that are used in the city as pets. The reasons for growing can be different (skins, meat or beauty), but you always need to be able to follow them, properly feed and be able to distinguish gender.

To learn how to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit, you need to remember several important features, depending on age.

Younger generation

Before reaching the age of three months, determining the sex of the rabbit is quite difficult, because the rabbit itself has not yet grown, and the genitals are completely underdeveloped. Outwardly, the genitals of rabbits and rabbits are almost impossible to distinguish, so there is a great chance to mix them up.

In order to determine you will need:

  1. Raise the little rabbit by the scruff so that it does not have the opportunity to injure the skin. Here you can’t squeeze too much so as not to damage him from habit.
  2. With your right hand you need to click on the stomach a little higher than the penis. Pressing is of the “pulling” type, but without pressure.
  3. Now it remains to carefully look at what happened. If a rabbit, then you can see a small slit-shaped hole in the shape of a triangle, while the rabbit will have a tubercle in the same place. The tubercle resembles a pale tube with a round hole, which in this position can be seen quite well.

Only with rich experience will it be possible to gropingly distinguish gender at such a young age, and without experience it will be impossible to feel anything.

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Sexually mature individuals

Everything is much simpler here, but you will have to use the support of another person. Rabbits already in 3-3.5 months gain sufficient strength in their hind legs to easily injure their master.

In order to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit as an adult, you must:

  1. Take the rabbit by the scruff with your left hand, and carefully pull the tail with your right hand. If the pull is not strong, then the animal will not be hurt. All attempts to break out are due to his natural sense of self-preservation, so if necessary, you need to hold him tight enough.
  2. The assistant at this stage should put pressure on the tummy not far from the as yet unknown genital organ. Again, you also need to pull slightly under pressure in order to finally get the desired result.
  3. In the rabbit, the slit-like opening will become more pronounced, but attention should be paid more to rabbits. The light color of rabbit pride means that the individual is too young to brood, so you need to leave "ripen" for at least 15-20 days. If the color is normal pink, then this is a full-fledged sexually mature crawl.

At this stage, some rabbit breeders prefer to work alone, therefore they are determined by touch. To do this, it is enough to raise the rabbit with the left hand by the scruff, and with the right to feel the elongated swelling, which at this age is already "falling out".

Decorative specimens

Everything is much more complicated here, because up to 2.5 months you will have to rely only on the honesty of the seller, and it will be very difficult to distinguish something yourself. The principle of distinguishing rabbits from rabbits remains unchanged, only to make out something will become almost impossible if you do not know exactly what the genitals will look like.

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In adulthood, a rabbit weighs 1-2 kg, but with a particularly careful approach to feeding, it sometimes reaches 3 kg. It is worth remembering that excess weight negatively affects life expectancy. At this age, you can already distinguish gender, but you still have to peer, because the dimensions of the genital organs are comparable with 1.5-2 menstrual periods in normal breeds.

Additional aspects by definition

Adult rabbits, unlike males, have 2 rows of papillae, which are well palpable. Visually, they are visible only during molting, so you also have to distinguish by touch.

The Difference Between A Rabbit And A Rabbit

When comparing 2 individuals of the opposite sex, but of the same age, you can see several differences:

  • females are slightly larger than males;
  • rabbits have a wider and shorter head;
  • rabbits also cannot boast of wide croup.

These signs are considered secondary, so you can’t rely on them personally, but with ambiguities they will help. Over time, each rabbit breeder identifies its own unique methods of determination, which work only in its application.

You should not even try to distinguish sex in the same way as in cats and dogs. There is absolutely nothing common! In rabbits, the entire reproductive system is under the skin (including the testes), while in cats with dogs everything is in sight. But at the same time, the form is different, which can also be misleading.

Usually animals are divided into 3 types:

  1. Decorative – small sizes, are contained in apartments and houses, with proper care it grows to 2 kg.
  2. Pelt (dwarf) – average size, grows to 5 kg, is found in special rabbits.
  3. Meat – the largest of its representatives, grow up to 12 kg, are also found only in specially equipped rabbits.
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When purchasing, it is advisable to look at the parents and at the place of detention in order to get a clear idea. If the conditions of detention are low, and the parents do not correspond to the dimensions of the declared breed, then it is better not to buy.

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