Soon a new family member should appear in your house – a domestic rabbit. It is perfectly! Let’s make a preliminary shopping list to prepare well for this event.

one. Rabbit protection. Before you bring a rabbit to your house, you must protect yourself and your pet from various troubles caused by the fact that rabbits love to bite everything, so you must remove all wires and other dangerous things from which the rabbit can reach and damage, and possibly get a fatal electric shock. Therefore, if necessary, purchase various covers, plastic boxes, etc. in advance.

2. Rabbit housing. A cage and / or railing may be used to keep the rabbit. The cage should be the size of a rabbit, so that the animal can move a little along it, the cage should also contain a toilet tray and a feeding trough (bowl). Fencing is more preferable for a rabbit, as it provides your pet with more space for movement.

3. Rabbit toilet. You will undoubtedly need a toilet tray where your rabbit will relieve. At first, while the rabbit is not used to it, you may even need several trays to place them in different places at home. You can use candy boxes as trays and gradually accustom the rabbit to one rabbit-specific toilet tray. You will also need filler for the toilet tray. Be careful when choosing a filler, it is better to buy a special filler for rabbits. The filler should not be small so as not to clog the nose, eyes, mouth of the rabbit, it should also be safe if the rabbit swallows it. You can use pieces of paper in the tray, and put hay or straw on top.

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four. Dishes for the rabbit. First of all, these are containers for food – they must be stable so as not to roll over, they should have good edges so that the rabbit does not take all the food to the floor and they should not be large so that the rabbit cannot climb into them. Next – nursery (storage tank) for hay. And, of course, a water tank. The rabbit needs constant access to clean fresh water, it can be either an ordinary bowl, or special float and other drinkers.

Shopping List For Your New Bunny

five. Place to relax. The rabbit will need a certain place where he can calmly rest. It can be a rug (if the rabbit will not eat it), floor tiles, or even a simple cardboard box on which the rabbit can climb into and lie there.

6. Toys for the rabbit. Undoubtedly, the rabbit needs toys, they entertain, support the rabbit in physical form, distract from dangerous activities (like biting wires). Toys can be different: wooden toys, strong plastic toys for children, balls for animals, toilet roll, small towel, etc. You can make a rabbit a whole playground out of the boxes.

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