Rabbits are very prolific animals, one sexually mature female is able to bring offspring up to five times a year. Many different factors depend on the conditions of the animals, including the productivity of offspring. In the winter, special conditions are necessary for the female and her offspring. We will tell you how to properly build a mother liquor for rabbits, as well as how to equip it.

Why do I need a mother liquor

The mother-child is a special place where the rabbit gives birth and feeds her offspring. It is placed in a common cage. The construction of this building is quite simple, it looks like a box with a hole. They are made, as a rule, of wood (plywood). This building exists in two types: with insulation and without. This building will not only protect the rabbits from the cold, but also give the mother a sense of security. The rabbit in the mother liquor will feel like in a hole. Mother can independently arrange a place for feeding offspring (apply straw and hay to the mother liquor). The rabbit with the offspring is kept together for up to 20 days. After the kids get stronger, they crawl out of the mother liquor on their own.

There is an opinion that the mother liquor should be done only for the winter period in severe climatic conditions. But this house for rabbits with offspring gives the animal a sense of security, comfort, and indeed, by nature, eared minks are very fond of. For the winter period, this building will be especially relevant, since the insulated mother queen retains heat well and the rabbit will be comfortable there even at the lowest temperatures.

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Rabbit Uterine - Do It Yourself

In fact, rabbits are not afraid of cold weather, but this is a characteristic of adults. For newborns, it is very important that the conditions are favorable, as young animals have weak immunity and it is more difficult to tolerate low temperatures. Therefore, rabbit breeders should not have doubts about the need for a mother queen for a rabbit.

Manufacturing process

The mother liquor can not be called a complex design, it looks like an ordinary box with an entrance, and it will not be difficult to make it. The main thing is to put it together correctly and take into account some of the nuances that we will describe below.

First of all, you will need to prepare the necessary materials for the manufacture of the mother liquor. They make it, as a rule, from sheets of plywood – this is not an expensive option, and it is very easy to work with this material.

Rabbit Uterine - Do It Yourself

  • plywood sheets;
  • wooden slats;
  • sawdust or other insulation material;
  • nails
  • hammer;
  • file;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • self-tapping screws.

As you can see, the toolbox is quite simple. Initially, it is recommended to make a drawing that will help you in the construction of this facility. We offer you instructions for making a warm mother liquor.

From plywood sheets we make blanks. The dimensions of the side walls must be at least 35×40 cm. You will need 4 pieces of such blanks. And also prepare 8 rails, 4 by 35 cm and 4 by 25 cm.

Rabbit Uterine - Do It Yourself

The dimensions of the front wall are 50 by 30 centimeters. Also, a board (30x25x2.5 cm) and two slats of 25 cm each will be a component of the front wall. For the back wall, you will need 50×30 cm plywood (2 pcs), two 50 cm slats and two 25 cm plywood. The bottom will be made of pieces of 50×30 cm plywood (2 pcs), slats 50 cm (2 pcs) and two 25 cm each. And for the cover you need: two sheets of plywood of 55×35 cm, two slats of 55 cm and two slats of 30 cm.

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Next, the workpieces are knocked alternately. On each plywood, we fill the slats with nails, and then fill the space with sawdust, which act as a heater. Try to avoid gaps at the joints. And on this design we fill the top sheet of plywood. Do not forget about entering the mother liquor. It is cut using a jigsaw or a regular file. The entry form does not matter, the main thing is that the rabbit can easily crawl into this hole.

Rabbit Uterine - Do It Yourself

Drawing of the mother liquor with a lamp

When all the walls of the mother liquor are ready, we fasten them with screws. Initially, we attach side walls to the bottom, and then the back. The top cover of the house for the female should open, so that it is easy for you to serve the rabbit’s nest, so we put it on the hinges. This cover can also be opened in hot weather to allow air circulation in the box. Thus, the mother liquor becomes universal and can be used both in summer and winter.

In our article, we have provided the parameters of an average box. Remember that this building should not be too large, its dimensions depend on the dimensions of the animal. The rabbit will feel comfortable in the mother liquor if it reminds him of a hole.

Rabbit Uterine - Do It Yourself

In order to prevent plywood from rotting rabbits and females, galvanizing should be laid at the bottom, and a thick layer of straw should be put on it. Remember that bedding should be dry and clean. It is also not recommended to use fresh thyrsa as a heater. The sharp and strong smell of a tree can entail the refusal of a rabbit to give birth to offspring in such a box. Since in the first days of life, the rabbit has insignificant discharge, the litter can be changed once every two days. After the first week of life, this will need to be done more often. Mother rabbits leave rabbits on the 20th day of life.

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This building with insulation will serve you not only in winter, but also in summer. Fulfilling all of the above recommendations, you can do it yourself with your own hands to make a house for rabbits and mothers.

Video “Mother do-it-yourself”

The video shows the design of a home-made mother liquor and tells how to make it.

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