Since ancient times, rabbits live next to humans. The ancestor of the present rabbit is considered to be a wild rabbit, and not a hare, as they mistakenly think. Even in the Stone Age, these animals were caught in order to be kept at home. Soon, rabbits spread and domesticated on almost all continents of the world. There are breeds that are bred in order to obtain meat and skins. Also, decorative rabbits are becoming more and more popular every day. They are conveniently kept in residential conditions, as pets. In our article we will tell you about the breed of decorative rabbits.

Rabbit Breeding

For some, decorative rabbits become the best toys, but do not forget that they are alive

Many people wonder: and how many decorative rabbits live? Rabbits live an average of 6 years, but if they are well looked after, they can live 12 years with care and love.
The sizes of decorative rabbits are different, since each breed has its own standards.

At the moment, about 200 breeds of rabbits are known, which are classified as follows:

  • by weight of the rabbit (small, medium and large);
  • by productivity (meat, meat-skins, downy and decorative);
  • along the length of the coat (long-haired, normal-haired and short-haired).

Now we will consider the most popular breeds of decorative rabbits and their features.

Shorthair Dwarf Rabbit

Rabbit Breeding

Shorthair Dwarf Rabbit

Sometimes they are also called a colored dwarf. This breed is similar to an ordinary wild rabbit in physique, different only in size. They have a stocky body of cylindrical shape. The head is round with small ears, about 5.5 centimeters long, which blend perfectly with the whole body. Weight is about a kilogram. By standards, rabbit ears should be no more than five centimeters long. This breed has sixty kinds of colors. The coat is smooth, glossy. The main colors for this breed: gray, brown, chinchilla and others. The most attractive color is snowy white, with spots in the eye area. The achievement in decorative rabbit breeding is white rabbits with a complete absence of black wool.

Dutch dwarf rabbit

Rabbit Breeding

Dutch dwarf rabbit

These decorative dwarf rabbits are similar to their large counterparts. They are bred in the Netherlands. What is characteristic of this breed is the designation by the color of the eyes, back of the body and ears. The rest of the rabbit body is white. This breed has “socks” on its paws. Weight ranges from half to one kilogram. You rarely see a decorative rabbit of this breed, which will weigh up to one and a half kilograms. For this breed colors are characteristic: blue, black, brown, gray.

Angora dwarf rabbit

Rabbit Breeding

Angora dwarf rabbit

They look very funny in appearance – such small lumps of fur. In this lump, it is very difficult to examine the eyes and muzzle. Throughout the body, the fur is longer than on the head, but on the head it is fatter. This breed has two types of fur:

  • Angora fur is pleasant to the touch, there is a resemblance to cotton wool, just as soft. It requires careful care, regular combing. Suddenly it will happen that the fur falls off, cut it straight away. Get such a rabbit, if you have enough time for his departure.
  • Shorter Angora fur is a shiny, smooth fur, its length does not exceed 5 centimeters. It almost does not get confused, which greatly facilitates the care.
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The ears of this breed are short and erect. By standards, 6 centimeters is considered the ideal length. Their head is round, with deep-set eyes, their neck is almost invisible. The body is cylindrical, but with a strong light skeleton.

In appearance, the animal is very fluffy, harmoniously folded.

Fox dwarf rabbits

Rabbit Breeding

Fox dwarf rabbit

Often they are also called dwarf fox. They apply to long-haired rabbits. Their head is covered with smooth hair, and long hair over their bodies. Their body is as if covered with a cloak of wool. The hair length according to standards is not more than 7 millimeters, but not less than 4 millimeters. Their body is stocky, their neck is almost invisible. The head is large but short. Ears are located not far from each other, erect, beautifully rounded at the ends. The ideal length for them is up to 55 millimeters, but can reach up to 70 millimeters, more is already considered a defect. Forelegs are short. Weight is considered ideal in the range from 1 kg to 1.5 kg. There are different colors: brown, chinchilla, agouti.

Lion breeds of decorative rabbits

Lion breeds include two types of decorative rabbits:

Now consider them in more detail.

Angora lion It has a very long coat, even ears are covered with it. The hair can close the eyes of the rabbit, then it is immediately necessary to cut it. The main thing is to do it quickly and accurately so as not to scare the rabbit and not harm him anything.

Rabbit Breeding

Rabbits breed Angora lion

Lion’s head – the name rabbits got, because their face is reminiscent of some features of the lion’s face. They are like lions in miniature. The mane on the face gives them a very pretty look.

Rabbit Breeding

Lion head rabbits

Their body is tiny, but stocky. Weight averages 1.2 kilograms. The head is round, small, eye color is usually combined with color, ears are erect. The paws are small but strong.

Unlike the Angora lion, this type of decorative rabbit does not require such laborious care, since the hair in the area of ​​the mane does not roll.

Lop-eared rabbits – rams

Rabbit Breeding

Lop-eared rabbit ram

In appearance, rabbit rams look very original. They belong to the normal-haired type of decorative rabbits, they are characterized by hanging ears, which give them a more pretty appearance. This is the most popular breed, they are less fearful and quickly get used to the person. It is believed that one of the reasons that they are not so timid is that their hearing is worse than that of rabbits with erect ears.

By weight they are larger than some other breeds of dwarf rabbits, their weight can reach up to 3 kilograms.
The body of this breed is stocky, the back line looks beautiful, the back is rounded. Their paws are short, of medium thickness. Head of a “ram” type, with a wide forehead and large eyes. The ears are hanging, covered with wool, at the base there is a thickening that resembles a crown, rounded at the ends.

The coat is thick, not stiff, there is an undercoat. Different colors: gray, white, black, blue and even yellow. Do not need special care.

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The most popular species of species is the Dutch dwarf fold rabbit. This is a very friendly and calm breed. The ideal weight for this breed is one and a half kilograms. The ears of this breed are not hanging from birth. They become hanging between the fourth and twelfth week of life. The colors for this breed are very different.

Dwarf Rusak

Rabbit Breeding

This is a pretty popular breed of decorative rabbits. Outwardly it is a white rabbit with red eyes, only dark legs, ears and a tail. Spots can be of different colors: black, brown and even blue.
At the birth of a rabbit, dark places can be invisible or almost invisible. And appear only after some time. The most popular spot color is black. Previously, rabbits of this breed were called "burning noses."


Rabbit Breeding

Breed of decorative rabbits – Ognevka

This breed can be found less often. She has such colors: black, brown and even blue. The coat is soft, shiny. Their claws are always dark. In rabbits of this breed, the nostrils and circles around the eyes, as well as the bark of the abdomen, chest and frame of the ears, are clearly distinguished. Their weight does not exceed three kilograms. They have a strong body with a small head and ears, the length of which does not exceed 10 centimeters.

Dwarf rex

Rabbit Breeding

Dwarf rex, they say, an aristocrat

It is believed that they have royal status. Sometimes they are called plush rabbits. This breed belongs to the shorthair decorative rabbits. Outwardly, their wool resembles velvet or plush. If you hold on their fur coat with your hand, then the hairs return to their original position. Due to the non-standard structure of the hair, this breed is more susceptible to skin diseases, since the protective function of the skin is reduced. In appearance, these rabbits look elegant and graceful, and you should not think that they can weigh from 1.5 to 4 kilograms. The body is slightly elongated, cylindrical in shape, with an elongated head, large eyes. The ears are close to each other, looking up and back at an angle that is 45 degrees. The hind legs are longer than the front. Females lack a breastplate. This breed does not have a whiskers at all, by this criterion they can be distinguished even at birth.

By nature, they are usually phlegmatic, calm and lead a measured life.


Rabbit Breeding

Model Germels, also called Polish rabbits

Often it is also called the Polish rabbit. The breed is common in the countries of Scandinavia and England. In our country, you can hardly find such a rabbit. These are the smallest decorative rabbits. Their mass barely reaches a kilogram. Although there are rabbits and 1.5 kilograms each – this is their maximum weight. The color of the coat is snowy white, combined with red or blue eyes gives this animal an amazing look. They look like charming toys.

They have an elegant body with a tightened belly. The body is covered with a tight-fitting fur, the length of which does not exceed two millimeters. The head of the rabbits of this breed is large, egg-shaped, and the ears are erect and very thin – this gives the rabbit more elegance.

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Heat is dangerous for this breed, so you need to choose the right place for their life and in hot weather to monitor the air temperature.

They have a peculiar character – “themselves on their minds”, so this breed should not be started by novice rabbit breeders.

Dwarf butterfly

Rabbit Breeding

Decorative rabbit breed Dwarf butterfly

In appearance, this is a very interesting breed. This breed got its name because of the similarity of color with butterflies.

Their weight ranges from 1 to 1.8 kilograms. The body is cylindrical, strong, the back line looks beautiful, the back is slightly rounded. This breed of decorative rabbits has a large head with closely set ears, which are rounded at the ends.

The hair of these rabbits must have a shine. Lack or lack of gloss is considered a rock defect. The main color is pure white, although combinations of two and three colors are possible. For example, white-black or white-black-yellow. By standard, the claws of this breed are colorless. The pattern on the coat should be symmetrical. The drawing on the head consists of several elements, namely a “butterfly”, a wide, closed eye stroke, paired points that are on the cheeks and colored ears. The “butterfly” itself also consists of a pair of elements, in particular of the “spike” and “wings”, which cover the corners of the mouth. In the middle of the nose is a "spike" that has the shape of a circle. Points on the cheeks are round or oval. A border passes near the ears, after which the color changes to the neck area in the form of a "triangle", and it directly enters a wide line called the "belt".

The back drawing consists of two parts:

  • “Belt” (dark stripe) about 10 millimeters wide;
  • spots on the sides (4-6 on each).

The "belt" begins behind the ears of the animal, and ends at the tip of the tail.

There should not be any spots on the chest, abdomen and paws – this is considered a breed defect.

On the territory of our country, you rarely meet representatives of this breed.


Rabbit Breeding

Squirrel decorative rabbit is very similar to a real squirrel

This is the average largest breed that was bred at the beginning of the early 20th century in Germany, which was obtained by crossing two breeds.

These rabbits have a stocky, proportionate physique, strong constitution and wide back. The average weight of such a rabbit is 4 kilograms. Their fur is medium in density and dyed in a blue-gray color. The color is zonal. Everything except the tummy and the lower part of the tail is painted in darker colors. The same parts of the body of the rabbit are painted in bright colors. Squirrel rabbits have a medium-sized head with gray eyes.

Animals of this breed are considered not very prolific. Females of this breed bring an average of six rabbits.

In our country, this breed of decorative rabbits is not common.


And in conclusion, I want to say that not all types of decorative rabbits are listed here, but only a part – the most famous and common. But you have learned a little about the world of "eared", and now, if you wish, you can choose a suitable rabbit that will bring you happiness and joy.

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