Rabbit And Rabbit

Among the features of rabbit breeding, we note the following. For the proper organization of reproduction, the duration of the use of animals in the main (parent) herd is of great importance.

In order to to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit let’s see how a rabbit differs from other animals.

The biological life span of a rabbit is 6 – 7 years, individual individuals live up to 12 years, and in general the most long-livers on earth are turtles – more than 300 years, pike – 250, elephant – 200, crocodile and parrot – 100.

So, of farm animals, long-livers of horses are 50 years old, cows are 25, sheep and goats are 15.

The term of economic use of the rabbit is limited to three years, if they are distinguished from others, then in minks it is also three years, in foxes it is up to seven years, in foxes it is six years.

A male rabbit for 3 years of use can produce offspring up to 1 thousand rabbits as a father and up to 3 thousand as a grandfather.

Therefore, the selection of males should be carried out with particular care. The first manifestations of sexual activity in males are already observed at 60 – 70 days of age, but sexual activity occurs in 3.5 – 4 months, so they should be transplanted into individual cells. The time of puberty should not be confused with the time of breeding, which can be started from 5 to 6 months. In the period of intense random company, the male can be planned for 2 – 3 females per day. But you can’t use it so constantly, because excessive load leads to a decrease in the fertilizing ability of males. There is no consensus on the age of the first mating of rabbits.

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Traditionally, it is customary to mate when they reach 4 – 4.5 months of age and 80% of the live weight of full-aged animals.

Outwardly, a rabbit in hunting is recognized by its excited state, loss of appetite, hot ears and spreading of food. If such a rabbit is put on the back of her hand, she assumes a characteristic position: she is extended and lifts the sacrum.

After 12 to 15 days after fertilization, the rabbit’s pregnancy is checked. In a sucral rabbit, embryos the size of a hazelnut are probed in the pelvic area.

Rabbit And Rabbit

Duration of succession on average is 30 days. With a normal fencing, the female immediately licks the newborn rabbits, lays them in a nest, begins to feed and covers them with down.

If the rabbit has little milk, then the rabbits are worried, crawl around the nest, peep, their skin is wrinkled. More precisely, the rabbit’s milk can be judged by the increase in live weight of the rabbits in the first 20 days.

In young rabbits, by 24 to 25 days of age, the need for milk is reduced by 50%. At 30 days of age, rabbits can exist due to plant feed.

Weaners at first fed at least 4 – 5 times a day. Coarse food and water give plenty. Feeding rates for young and adult livestock are developed for all age and physiological conditions.

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