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What real rabbit breeder did not encounter in his practice with establishing the gender of his pets? This procedure, although not complicated, but very responsible. Of course, you can always use the services of a veterinarian or a more experienced professional for these purposes. However, this is not always possible, or is associated with additional troubles and time costs. I think that you, dear colleague, show a desire to learn how to determine the sex of rabbits yourself, and with great confidence, approaching 100%. This is what my publication is dedicated to.

As they say, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, I bring to your attention as an addition to the theoretical part the most understandable and high-quality videos, from my point of view, recorded in three different countries: the USA, Finland and on the Rabbit Coast (that is, in Spain). I did not translate them. Everything that the characters say is either intuitively clear or written further in the article. Having looked at them, you will see that there is nothing complicated in determining the sex of rabbits, and that the same approaches and methods are used throughout the world. So let’s go.

At what stage in the development of the rabbit do you need to know his gender?

Do not rush to determine gender in the first days after birth. By external signs of the genitals, this is not possible. It is still in its early stages of development and looks the same. Even after a week, you are unlikely to know who is who with great certainty. For example, an experienced specialist – a breeder, who has been engaged in similar issues throughout his entire life, determines the sex of rabbits no earlier than two weeks old and then with a probability of about 90%. The older the rabbit, the more accurate the result. There is no sense in such an early definition.

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I recommend that you, first of all, learn how to identify your pets, starting from a month old. From a practical point of view, it is simply necessary to be able to do this when buying (selling) babies. In no case do not rely on the words of the seller. I do not recommend purchasing (selling) earlier rabbits, since they have not yet drunk mother’s milk, with weakened health and immunity. By the way, in the laws of many countries it is even forbidden to sell "breast" rabbits – babies for humane reasons. If it is impossible to determine the gender of the rabbit when buying, or it causes great doubts, then it is still too small. Better for a while, refuse such a purchase.

Determine the gender of the rabbits, replenished your farm, no later than 3 months after their birth. It is at this age that animals reach puberty. If you do not seed males and females, uncontrolled coatings will begin, which often lead to the appearance of offspring with low rates. It affects both kinship and not fully formed reproductive organs. In addition, males, obeying natural instincts, will engage in martial arts and prove their superiority, which is very, very dangerous for their health. In fact, it is better to plant two-month-old rabbits if possible.

What are primary and secondary sexual characteristics in rabbits?

To primary external genitalia. It is their appearance that gives a 100% guarantee of identification. In the future, we will consider how they look exactly, what is their difference. Moreover, the determination method is somewhat different in small and in adult sexually mature rabbits.

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To secondary signs include indirect evidence of a gender. For example, an experienced rabbit breeder can immediately tell who is in front of him, male or female, in body shape. The male has a more rounded, strong body, massive head, he often marks the territory (sprinkles with urine) … The female looks more tender, the body lines appear smoother, the croup is relatively larger in proportion, there are two rows of nipples on the belly. When determining the sex of a rabbit only by secondary characteristics, one can make a mistake, therefore they are only an additional tool for confirmation.

Do not try to guess the gender of young rabbits by habits. Beginning specialists, seeing how one rabbit jumps behind another and makes characteristic movements, immediately take the top – for the male, the bottom – for the female. It is not always so. Some rabbits with excessive excitement can imitate the behavior of the male. In this “maneuver” they show who is in charge in the cell. In my practice, even an adult female often jumped on a rabbit when trying to mate, which looked very funny. Temperament, playfulness and other character traits are also not determined by belonging to one or another gender.

Method for determining the sex of adult rabbits.

It’s better to put an adult rabbit on your lap or put it on a table, stroking it a little so that it calms down. As a rule, when determining sex, the rabbit behaves calmly, but it can also buckle with strong hind legs. Get ready for it. Then, grabbing the neck, turn it upside down, head toward you. With one hand, keep the animal in a stable state, with your fingers with the other, stretch the skin in the area of ​​the crotch. To do this, gently press with the index finger at the base of the tail next to the anus, with the thumb of the same hand, slightly press on the area on the opposite side of the protruding tubercle.

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Practical Tips For Reliable Sex Determination Of A Rabbit
Practical Tips For Reliable Sex Determination Of A Rabbit

Female. Male.

Females will have a loop – a conical tongue – pink in young, dark – in adults. Seen from the side, it has the shape of a triangle. An oblong slot narrowed towards the tail is also visible.

Young males will have a small white top hat with a hole in the middle. As the rabbit grows up, its genitals will slightly transform, mutate. Gradually, the tip of the penis swells. In adults, it is pink, slightly curved, outlines similar to a bullet. As the male reaches puberty, his testicles descend and become visible. If you immediately find them, then you can not check anything. The guy is 100%. Unlike other domestic animals, they are located separately, slightly protruding to the surface in the form of two bald swelling. Some novice rabbit breeders mistake them for tumors and run to the vet. On the next video, they are clearly visible in the first "patient" (the second is a female).

Methods for determining sex in young rabbits.

By young rabbits, I mean animals one month old and younger, up to two weeks old. Although this procedure does not have any practical value, many rabbit breeders are sometimes impatient to find out the gender of their pet. I will make a reservation right away and repeat (this is important) that this method does not give a 100% guarantee, although with sufficient experience it is very likely to reach 80% or more.

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