How to happen rabbits – rabbits know best. Sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Mating rabbits in the wild always ends with the fertilization of the female. Breeding rabbits at home has some difficulties and features. Mating rabbits, we’ll talk about it today on the pages of the article breeding rabbits, how rabbits breed.

Mating rabbits, the causes of rabbit sexuality

Frequent mating of rabbits and the ability to breed quickly is proven by the example of Australia. So their reproductive system is arranged, see reproduction in more detail. At first, there were no rabbits on this continent, but now there is a national disaster. Another thing is the mating of rabbits at home, under the guidance of a person. Six to seven reasons are known when a rabbit does not become pregnant due to a human fault.

Mating Rabbits Theory And Practice

A photo. Mating rabbits

How to know when a rabbit is ready to mate

Sexual hunting in rabbits, readiness for mating, occurs very often, every 4-5 days (regularity decreases in autumn, winter). Mature eggs in the genital tract last 7-10 days. That is, the safety of mature cells ready for fertilization exceeds the intervals of extreme reproductive cycles.

Thus, the rabbit is constantly in a state of mild sexual arousal. The ovulation of ova in a rabbit, provoked by sexual intercourse, allows the following conclusion to be considered true.

Rabbits are the only female farm animals that, under certain conditions, always have mature eggs in the genital tract

Mating rabbits, their sexual intercourse provokes reflex ovulation in rabbits, even out of hunting, and then pregnancy occurs.

Is it possible to mate a rabbit without hunting

Everyone who knows at least a little the physiology of human sex knows that a woman cannot get pregnant outside the cycle. No wonder women are guided by the calendars of conception. They are used when the least likely to conceive a child. Meanwhile, even such an exact method has exceptions. Rarely, pregnancy occurs outside of cycles and in women. Much that is considered an exception in normal mammals is normal for hypersexual rabbits.

The rabbit’s reproductive system is unique

I recall that in rabbits, not one, but two uterus, which work independently, the release of eggs into the genital tract, stimulate the rhythmic shocks of the penis of a male rabbit. The rhythm of the shocks is very fast, the sexual contact of the rabbits lasts several seconds.

Physiological exclusions of rabbit pregnancy outside the cycle

Rabbits are the only females that can be inseminated with the sperm of a male rabbit outside the reproductive cycle, but there are some limitations here, here are the main ones:

  1. If the eggs between the cycles are preserved in the genital tract and are ready for fertilization, this is more common in rabbits than in other females;
  2. A male producer with a very good sexual constitution is used, that is, he is able to “excite” a rabbit to reflex ejection of eggs into the birth canal, only rabbits and cats have such a thing, the latter, by the way, do not have a double uterus.
  3. It is very rare to use special pharmacological drugs that stimulate estrus in rabbits by administering a medication that stimulates the rabbit’s sexual hormonal system several minutes before mating.

There are physiological conditions for insemination outside of sexual desire, which we talked about here and in many articles of our site devoted to rabbit breeding, however fruitful mating outside the cycle has limitations, the constant practice of this method is considered inappropriate

It is possible to insect a rabbit without sex hunting, but without a 100% guarantee

Best rabbit mating time

Meanwhile, rabbits are still better kept during their estrus. During sexual hunting, fertilization is almost guaranteed, even if a young, inexperienced male is used as a producer.

The sequence of stages of the sexual cycle of a walking (sexually aroused) female rabbit is less pronounced in comparison with other animals. Meanwhile, there are criteria for determining the stages of the cycle.

Mating Rabbits Theory And Practice

A photo. Rabbit sniffing

How to determine a rabbit’s hunt?

  1. The vulva (loop), slightly turns out, observe redness of the visible mucous membranes, a small amount of mucous discharge;
  2. General excitement is anxiety, a change in appetite, females can behave like males, jump on other females or males, turn over the feeder, unfold the bedding, tear out the lint, the male does not allow it, drives away from itself;
  3. Signs of sexual hunting. The female assumes a position characteristic of mating, reacts positively to the male, a reflex of immobility (touching the hand to the croup) or freezing under the male is characteristic.
  4. Ovulation. The rabbit is determined by observation of sexual intercourse. Ovulation causes male tremors during copulation. This feature of the sexual cycle is present only in female rabbits and cats, it is called reflex (induced) ovulation.
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Willingness to mate rabbits according to the color of the vulva (loop)

It was proved empirically that the greatest likelihood of a successful mating is if the rabbit’s vulva is purple and bright red during the rutting season. Coloring options for the vulva during the hunting period: pale, pale pink, pink, red, bright red, purple, purple.

The rabbit can come into the hunt right after the birthing and even being pregnant!

Such features in rabbits are associated with the presence of double autonomously working uterine horns. Rabbit breeders are obliged to remember this immediately after the rounds, the excited female (crushes the rabbits), and during pregnancy (the initial stage), due to excessive excitement, she can discard the fruits unnoticed by the caring person.

How to case rabbits

Mating of rabbits (mating) is the coordinated action of a rabbit and a rabbit, as a result of sperm enters the genital tract of the female, where male and female cells merge.

For successful mating, it is better to use an experienced male with a good sexual constitution, plant a rabbit in a cage with a rabbit, and not vice versa. The burden on an adult male is 5-10 females. The daily load on the male is four females. A summer case is carried out in the morning or in the evening, and in the winter – in the afternoon. The date of the sexual intercourse with the number of the male is entered into the female’s card and vice versa, the number of the mated female is entered into the male’s card. A control mating is carried out after five days.

Mating Rabbits Theory And Practice

A photo. The rabbit is seated to the male

Duration of intercourse and mating periods of rabbits

The pairing process is usually divided into two parts successively following one after another:

  • the first – courtship, lasts about one minute;
  • the second is actually copulation (ejaculation), two to three seconds.

Sign of intercourse

Sign of successful ejaculation – characterized by the fall of the male to one side or back, accompanied by a characteristic rumbling or squeak. Without this, they believe that mating did not take place.

If you think that copulation did not take place.

  • Then after 10-20 minutes or after 3-7 hours the cage is repeated with another male – this is a duplicate mating of rabbits.
  • A control mating is carried out after five days. To do this, select females who have come back to the hunt after the previous mating

Pregnant females may come into the hunt – a feature of rabbits

The duration of the feudation of the rabbit

Fecundation is the process of fusion of a sperm (male cell) and an egg (female cell) and the emergence of a new organism (embryo). The main processes of fertilization in rabbits occur after copulation. The process of fecundation (merging, fertilization) can be compared with the process of hatching of seeds in plants. Fecundation in the birth canal of a female rabbit lasts for 10-12 hours after mating. As a result, the merger of the male and female gametes occurs in a process called fecundation. This process ends with the formation of a zygote (fetus). An embryo is formed from the zygote. The fetus is formed from the embryo. After 30 days, a newborn rabbit.

In total, up to twenty embryos are born, and a maximum of eighteen are preserved during pregnancy, but usually less.

There are several mating methods in rabbit breeding. Let us dwell on the main methods that are most often used in practice – this is free and manual mating. Much less often in rabbit breeding, artificial insemination is used.

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Rabbit Mating Methods

In agriculture, specific terminology is used in animal breeding; there is a distinction between free-hand tricking

Free mating of rabbits

A distinctive feature of this method is the constant presence of the male in the herd with females. This method is used for keeping rabbits in holes and holes. This is the easiest and easiest method to mate rabbits for breeding purposes.

The method is recommended for lovers who start breeding rabbits at home. The only thing required from the rabbit breeder is to calculate the number of males per female. The calculation is simple, about one male per ten females.

Mating Rabbits Theory And Practice

A photo. Feeding rabbits milk is not a reason for a rabbit to abandon another pregnancy

In the future, everything is simple. The male easily determines when, it is necessary and possible for him to cover the female, which is in a state of sexual hunting.

  • Advantages of the method of free mating of rabbits. There is no need for a person to identify rabbits in the hunt. At the lowest cost to achieve the maximum number of fertilized rabbits. Regular change of producer reduces the risks of closely related crossbreeding and their consequences – degeneration of the herd, deformity. The human factor is excluded when conducting a random company.
  • The disadvantages of the method of free mating of rabbits. It can not be used in the cell keeping of animals. Conflicts between animals in the herd are possible with the joint keeping of males and females. There is no tribal accounting, confusion with parents rabbits breed on their own. High risk of introducing infectious pathogens (myxomatosis, pasteurellosis, parasitic diseases (worms, coccidiosis) when changing the producer, mating and when animals are crowded in a small area. Uncontrolled breeding of rabbits increases the likelihood of errors in procuring feed for the future.

Hand made rabbits

The meaning of the method cannot be taken literally. This is not a mating conducted on the hands or hands and not even fixing the female while covering the rabbit. In agriculture, this term is used to mean the mating process is controlled by a person. In our case, a person determines how many times a rabbit mates with rabbits during a random company. Fixation of the female with his hands, before sexual intercourse with an inexperienced rabbit, is considered only an element of manual mating.

Manual mating (random company) consists of the following steps:

  • selection of manufacturers, verification of their qualities (valuation);
  • definition of signs of sexual hunting or time when the rabbit walks;
  • monitoring the mating, fixing the results (held / did not take place);
  • if necessary, additional and / or control mating;
  • identification of sucral / non-sucral (blanketed) females;
  • culling repeatedly non-pregnant (single), rabbits not coming into the hunt.

The method of manual mating – breeding (breeding) of rabbits under human supervision is that the females are kept separately from the producers. When revealing rabbits with signs of hunting, the specialist independently determines what to do: he puts the female to the rabbit, monitors the mating process.

  • Advantages of the manual mating method. Applied on a farm with established livestock and breeding records. Allows you to keep clean the breed characteristics of rabbits, choose animals with excellent conditions for subsequent breeding. The method makes it possible to plan the number of livestock, to predict the development of the rabbit farm, to calculate the supply of feed and labor.
  • The disadvantages of the method of manual mating of rabbits. With low qualification of farm specialists, errors in determining walking rabbits are inevitable and, as a result, missed cases, the risk of culling females due to false infertility increases. It takes a lot of time to breed rabbits. This method, to the full extent, is difficult to implement when breeding rabbits at home for beginners, especially with a lack of financial resources to pay for specialists.

In a simplified version, the method of manual mating of rabbits may well be suitable for beginners, however, a deeper study of different aspects of rabbit breeding is required, attend courses, seminars, exhibitions, purchase elite, breeding rabbits.

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Mating Rabbits Theory And Practice

A photo. At the exhibition you can see rabbits – the best representatives of the breed.

The time of voluntary associations of rabbit breeders, where people could receive the necessary and correct information about rabbits, buy breeding animals or exchange them, unfortunately, is a thing of the past. State support is necessary for the development of cooperation of rabbit breeders.

It is important to organize cooperative slaughterhouses for rabbits. Farm slaughter is prohibited, the lack of a regulatory framework in this matter restrains the development of peasant farms.

Killing farm animals at home is allowed only for their own consumption, that is, meat, such as a rabbit slaughtered at home, is forbidden to legally sell.

Briefly about rabbit artificial turf

Artificial insemination was widespread in the insemination of cows. Rabbits are inseminated in single farms. Not because the rabbit cannot be inseminated due to its physiological characteristics. No, experiments have shown that this is possible. Read more about rabbit artificial insemination.

The case of rabbits in special conditions

We have repeatedly talked about the phenomenal adaptations of rabbits for successful fertilization. Lactation of rabbits does not inhibit ovulation; the rhythm of the leaks is generally amazing, because it occurs every 4-5 days.

Under the special conditions of breeding rabbits understand the probability of mating:

  • immediately after the
  • in the cold season

When is the first time you can happen to a rabbit after okroli

The very first time rabbits can happen at the age of physiological maturity. As we recall, this is the age of 4-8 months. Pregnancy lasts 30 days. I remind you that the rabbit has two uterus. When the first is a container for fruit, the second is resting. Therefore, rabbits are often mated immediately after a bunny.

A healthy female could theoretically go hunting 2-3 hours after

Sealed mating of rabbits

The ovary, on the resting side, contains mature eggs, but ovulation is inhibited. Immediately after childbirth, a kind of physiological ban is lifted, the rabbit is ready to be fertilized right on the first day after the birthing. Rabbits are extremely prolific and breed quite often.

Mating, in the first three days after an okrol, is called compacted mating or compacted okroly, or more precisely, over compacted mating.

The technique of covering the rabbit immediately after the bun can certainly be applied, but carefully because of the rapid wear of the body during excessive exploitation of the female. As a result, a kind of rabbit slavery, the risk of degeneration of offspring increases, deformities appear, maternal defects of the female develop (eating rabbits, nymphomania and the like).

Mating Rabbits Theory And Practice

A photo. The free keeping of rabbits is optimal for beginners.

Rational insemination of rabbits

More rational, choose the time when you can have a rabbit by skipping several cycles in a row. This time will come in about a month. The rabbit will have time to get stronger, gain strength. Knitting it with a male will be much easier, and offspring will be born strong.

The technique, frequent mating and spawning, is used by rabbit breeders in order to quickly increase the livestock sacrifice by females. One of the options for this method is to plant rabbits early and transfer them to milk feed additives. Weight sufficient for weaning is achieved by the rabbits at the expense of the vitamin bait of the Rabbit, without rabbits before landing to the rabbit, rests and is included in the plan of cases stronger.


For natural stimulation of sexual hunting, rabbits are kept next to the male, before the mating of the rabbits, the females are transferred to the cage to the rabbit. It should also be remembered that estruses are less common in winter, therefore, if a rabbit is not covered by a male, the next mating should be carried out, theoretically, after about 15-20 days, not earlier, when a new period of winter sexual hunting begins.

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