In order for the young generation of rabbits to have strong immunity, experienced farmers solder rabbits with an iodine solution before rabbits and at the beginning of lactation. This is an effective tool for the prevention and treatment of eared from coccidiosis and other common diseases. How to keep the livestock using iodine, in what proportions to breed it and how much to give to rabbits – we will talk about this later in the article.

What are iodine used for?

Despite the toxicity of potassium iodide, veterinarians prescribe rabbits internal use of its solution. This is done to prevent infectious diseases, including digestive tract dysfunction. After all, these animals in the world of mammals are characterized by increased sensitivity to different pathogens, which does not have the best effect on the general safety of the herd.

Iodine For Rabbits Instructions For Use

In addition, even a small dose of this element stimulates the thyroid gland, triggers metabolic processes and strengthens the immune system. Note that an overdose is life-threatening for the wards, so you need to prepare the solution strictly according to the instructions, and use it taking into account the age of the animals.

Be sure to add iodine to water:

  • sucral females;
  • rabbits before weaning;
  • young growth.

How to give iodine to rabbits

Prevention of infectious diseases for eared wards is important from the first days of life, because immediately after birth they become targets of bacterial attacks. But since the rabbit’s body is very weak, the desired element is planted in it with mother’s milk, so the salvation of the future livestock begins with the rabbit.

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Breeding Instructions

In veterinary medicine for the treatment and prophylactic purposes, they practice taking 0.01% and 0.02% iodine solution. The amount of medication added depends on the age category of the animal and its state of health:

  • to prevent disease, 1 ml of 10% or 2 ml of 5% tincture is dissolved in 1 liter of drinking water;
  • for treatment, 2 ml of 10% or 4 ml of 5% tincture is added to a similar amount of water.

Keep in mind that in one step, rabbits will not be able to completely drain the drinkers, so the prepared drink can be immediately divided into several steps, but before you feed your pets, you need to shake the liquid well.

Rules for drinking

In order for water with iodine to give the maximum effect, be guided by the following recommendations of experts:

  1. Sucral females, starting from the 25th day of pregnancy to the 5th day of lactation for prophylaxis, solder with a 0.01% iodine solution. It is given daily instead of water, 100 ml per day.
  2. After that take a 5-day break.
  3. The continuation of the preventive course begins from the 10th day of lactation. This time it lasts 15 days. And the rabbit needs to be given daily a 0.02% solution of 200 ml per day.

  • The subsequent solder of rabbits is relevant before they are deposited from the mother. For 10 days, instead of water, young offspring are given a 0.01% solution at the rate of 50 ml per head per day.
  • Then a 5-day break should follow.
  • From the 15th day after weaning, rabbits from their mothers up to 60 days of age give babies 0.02% drink 70 ml per day.
  • Iodine For Rabbits Instructions For Use

    In case of coccidiosis infection, rabbits, irrespective of prophylactic solder, are repeatedly given water with iodine according to the same scheme. For therapeutic purposes, only a 0.02% solution is used.

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