To chew and nibble everything that lies badly is a natural need for rabbits. But, when it comes to a pet, our task is to teach them what can be eaten and what can not.

1. Provide an alternative
Since the rabbit needs to chew something, you need to provide him with safe objects for this. Branches of apple and willow, special toys for rabbits, unprocessed grass rugs, cardboard are all excellent options that will appeal to any rabbit. If you put several objects in the cage, your pet will have a choice, and there is a good chance that one of them will satisfy his need to nibble on something. A large collection of objects will take the animal for a long time.

2. Making a home safe
The purpose of these actions is to remove from sight as many temptations as possible, as well as potential dangers for the animal.
Do not let the rabbit run freely around the house, at least at first. Choose one room and carefully "process". Remove items such as electrical wires that are dangerous to your pet. Close with something the lower parts of wooden furniture. The fewer things a rabbit ruins, the better for both you and him.

3. Observation
At the beginning of his stay in your house, the rabbit still does not know that you can not chew on furniture and other household items. You must teach him this. This means that you must carefully monitor the rabbit during the whole time that he spends outside the cage and monitor his actions. Begin training as soon as the rabbit is in your house so that bad habits do not strengthen. As soon as the animal tries to gnaw something that should not be – firmly say "no" and clap your hands. Immediately give the animal a replacement: a tree branch or a special toy.

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4. Have patience
Rabbit training will take some time. Periodically, he, like any naughty kid, will check the boundaries of what is permitted: be patient, but consistent. Never hit an animal. If the rabbit still continues to nibble your things instead of his toys, take him to the cage for a “penalty time” (a few minutes will be enough). Possible alternative: use a portable dog enclosure for walking (this way you can relax for a while). As the rabbit grows up, the problem with chewing objects usually becomes less relevant. But remember: patience and consistency from the very beginning is your key to success.

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5. Castration and sterilization
Castration and sterilization of rabbits partially solve the problem of destructive behavior, including the tendency to chew objects.

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