Claw trimming in domestic rabbits, both conventional and decorative, is an essential part of animal care. This is a difficult procedure, it must be performed correctly so as not to accidentally injure the pet. Consider how to properly trim the claws of a rabbit kept at home.

Is it mandatory to cut the claws of the rabbit: the need for the procedure

Rabbits in the household or at room conditions are often kept in a confined space, they move little, which is why the claws grow back and begin to interfere with the animal. If the claws are too overgrown, there is a violation of the distribution of weight, the rabbit rests on the hind legs, and corns appear on them from a constant load. In advanced cases, deformation of the fingers, pelvis and even the spine occurs.

How To Trim A Rabbit'S Claws At Home Step By Step Instructions

In addition, the animal can inadvertently cling to something with its claws, damage them, and when trying to scratch it can inflict wounds on itself, tear the skin. Trying to get rid of the claws interfering with him, the rabbit begins to bite them. This is a clear sign that they need to be cut off immediately. Be sure to trim those individuals that are kept together, and not one by one, so that in the event of a fight they could not injure each other.

How often to carry out the procedure

Young rabbits begin to trim their claws from 6 months, but sometimes this procedure can be done earlier. In some animals, they grow back to 2-3 months, so at this time they are cut.

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The interval between procedures can be different, it all depends on the speed of claw growth, the activity of the pet and whether it goes for a walk, that is, does it have the ability to grind the claws or not, but on average it is 1.5 months. After about this period of time and need to inspect the animals.

It is possible to determine that it is necessary to carry out the procedure by the characteristic sound that the rabbit makes when moving around the floor.

Choosing the right haircut tool

The claws are rabbit, while they are still quite soft, can be cut with scissors or pedicure nippers that are used for nails. But for adult animals with hard claws, you will need to purchase a special tool – a nail clipper. These are scissors or guillotine nippers for cutting claws of animals, for example, dogs or cats.

How to cut a rabbit’s claws

In order for pruning to be successful, you must be able to correctly carry it out. Carrying out such a procedure has its own characteristics. You need to perform it in a certain sequence, step by step.

How To Trim A Rabbit'S Claws At Home Step By Step Instructions

Animal fixation

Before cutting, in addition to the clipper, you need to prepare alcohol to disinfect the tool, a nail file to trim the edges, cotton wool, hydrogen peroxide in case the pulp is touched. You may need a flashlight if the claws are dark in color and you cannot see where the pulp is located.

Rabbits have a different temperament, some tolerate pruning calmly, others break out. With such individuals will have to work together: one will hold the animal, the second to cut its claws.

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A calm pet is turned on its back, laid on its knees. If the procedure is carried out by one person, then he takes the foot in one hand, with the elbow of the same hand presses the body of the animal, and the other performs trimming. It is impossible to press the rabbit hard so as not to injure the internal organs.

The second option: put the pet on the edge of the table, press it with your elbow to it, take the paw with one hand, and scissors in the second. Nerve specimens are fixed in a different way: they are wrapped tightly in a towel or piece of tissue so that only the head is visible, and each leg for trimming is taken out in turn.

Step-by-step instruction

Trimming starts from any front foot. They take it in the hand, press it on the small pillow of the finger and push the wool away from the claw so that it is clearly visible. It is important to consider where the pulp ends. If it is not visible on a dark claw, then you need to shine a flashlight or gently push the blunt side of the clipper blades to the selected place. If the rabbit tries to pull the paw, it means that there are vessels there and it hurts. We need to take a little lower.

Scissors are placed parallel to the foot. Near the pulp leave 3-5 mm from the claw. If uneven edges remain, they are trimmed with a large spray file. The same thing is done with each finger alternately on all 4 paws. If the pet is nervous, it is necessary to suspend the operation, calm him down, stroke him, and let him eat something tasty. But you need to carry out the procedure as quickly as possible so that the rabbit experiences less stress.

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What to do if the capillary has been touched?

Not always clipping claws at home goes smoothly. It happens that a person inadvertently touches the pulp or skin and blood flows from the wound. In this case, you can help a regular or decorative rabbit like this:

  1. In hydrogen peroxide, moisten a cotton wool and attach it to the wound.
  2. Then sprinkle it with a powder obtained from a crushed tablet of streptocide.

If the bleeding is severe and you cannot stop it in this way, you will have to apply a pressure bandage and take the rabbit to the veterinarian. After treatment, the animal must be kept in a separate cage for some time, until the wound has completely healed. To minimize the risk of infection, the cage and equipment must be disinfected, often change the litter.

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