Those who are going to start a rabbit for home maintenance, for example, inside the walls of an apartment, are immediately asked the question: how to teach a rabbit to a tray. Over the years, experienced rabbit owners have gained solid experience on this topic, which we hasten to share in this article.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

How to train a rabbit in a tray

Important points

Do not expect that the little rabbit you just bought will go to the tray from day one. Rabbits who have reached adulthood are much more efficiently trained in cleanliness. Consider the reasons in more detail.

Castration of rabbits – a guarantee of visiting the tray

It is easiest to teach adult castrated rabbits to go to a tray. Since it is forbidden to sterilize immature rabbits, the newly-born rabbit breeders will have to reconcile themselves to frequent visits by the wards of the toilet past the tray.

Puberty in rabbits occurs at 3 months of age. During this period, castration is performed, otherwise the rabbit will never go to the tray. Having time to mark the corners of the apartment with urine containing a special, foul-smelling secret, he will defecate randomly, leaving stinky puddles all over your home.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Castrated rabbits are more likely to visit the tray

Cecotrophs – a food item for rabbits

Some owners notice that the rabbit, regularly visiting the tray, continues to empty the intestines inside the cage. Do not rush to remove this feces, your pet gets useful substances with it!

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Cecotrophs are necessary for rabbits for proper nutrition

Take a close look at your ward. In the afternoon he goes to the toilet with dry, tight peas. This litter contains slags, fibers that the rabbit could not digest, and other harmful wastes. But at night the eared litter looks different: it has an oblong shape, is covered with mucus, the balls are glued together in clusters, a very specific smell emanates from them. This litter is called cecotrophs. The rabbit produces it mainly at night, for which slimy peas are also called nocturnal or primary.

Is the rabbit clean by nature

To quickly and efficiently teach a ward to visit the tray, you should understand the nature of its cleanliness and find out how he visits the toilet in a natural habitat.

Many animals living underground, urinate and lay droppings where they sleep and eat, that is, in their burrows. Unlike its own kind, the rabbit defecates exclusively outside the hole. Despite rapid digestion, this animal waits for the time necessary for sorties and does toilet work while searching for food. There is a phenomenon called the rabbit toilet. It denotes the characteristic heaps of litter, located a couple of meters from the eared house. If you step into it, do not hesitate – somewhere here is a rabbit hole.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Seeing cecotrophs in the cell, in no case do not remove them

In wild conditions, rabbits defecate ceccotrophs without leaving the hole, but eats balls directly during exit from the anus.

Why does the rabbit refuse to go to the cooked tray

There may be several reasons:

  • uncastrated male marks territory;
  • the tray is too small for fluffy;
  • the rabbit does not like the texture or smell of the filler;
  • improperly organized space inside the cage or for the tray.

Consider each reason in more detail.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

A rabbit can turn its nose from the tray for various reasons.

Uncastrated male marks territory

The first case we stipulated. It is recommended that the rabbit kept in the apartment is castrated, just before waiting for puberty, without letting it begin to mark the territory.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Castration of the animal will help to solve the problem with visiting the tray

Tight tray

A small tray will be a real challenge for the ward. The process of visiting the toilet by the rabbits requires a certain comfort, just like a person’s, and in a cramped rabbit it’s hard.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

A cramped tray may cause the toilet to become unavailable.

Inappropriate filler

You will have to pick up another filler for the tray, if the eared flatly refuses to go to the one purchased by a caring owner, otherwise, keep a rag for mopping 24 hours a day.

These vagaries of animals are caused by associations that a person cannot understand, however, you will have to make concessions to your pet so that you do not constantly risk stepping into a pool of urine or a bunch of litter.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Convenience and beauty of the tray will not attract a rabbit if an unpleasant animal filler is poured inside

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Improperly organized space

We note one interesting feature. As mentioned above, rabbits go to the toilet with food. This instinct has developed over many generations. If you don’t throw some hay near the tray, fluffy is unlikely to be interested in cultural trips to the toilet.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Original rabbit toilet with hay

Do not worry that you will have to install a toilet bath directly into the cage. Despite the fact that for the animal she represents the house, this is not a hole. Monitor your pet’s behavior carefully and, over time, will understand why an eared pet feels uncomfortable in the tray.

Below we consider in more detail how to teach a rabbit to a tray, creating ideal conditions for him.

Stage number 1 – selecting the correct tray

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

A cat tray is suitable as a toilet for rabbits.

There are modifications of trays in the form of corner products. They are better suited for rabbits, because they will occupy a minimum of space. However, do not buy a tiny toilet, the animal should be comfortable in it.

Stage number 2 – the process of learning

Carefully read all the elements of the learning process described below and bring it to life without missing a single one.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Help your pet get used to the tray using the instructions in the article

Cell fencing

At first, do not let your pet take a walk around the apartment, as for him it will become a wild environment in which you can not only chew something, but also empty the intestines. Protect the small area around the cage for the first time so that your pet can figure out where to go to the toilet.

When you realize that the rabbit is used to the tray, expand or remove the guards. Track its movement throughout the week, as the animal can begin to mark past the tray, even knowing its purpose.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Protect the rabbit for the first time a small piece of your home

Punish the rabbit who committed the evil deed by re-fencing the territory. You can poke it near the mark on the carpet, but carefully so as not to harm the health of the pet.

Physical punishment of animals has a significant minus that repels the supporters of this method of upbringing: a rabbit that has received serious stress will begin to go to the toilet randomly and continue this behavior for a long time, even inside its cage.

Several trays throughout the house

The rabbit, which was released due to the fence, will better understand the need to visit the tray if there are several of them, in all corners of the apartment. The smell of the toilets will attract the animal, in whatever part of the housing it is. Do not forget to clean every toilet in a timely manner, otherwise the beast will not want to go there.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Set several trays around the perimeter of the apartment

Install trays in the secluded, darkened corners of the apartment. Eared, like cats, like to relieve themselves there, feeling safety and comfort.

After a while, the pet will decide which of the trays is more to his liking. Then calmly remove the excess, after washing it well and sanitizing it well.

Filler Use Rules

There are several important rules regarding handling of the filler.

Rule number 1 – do not use filler as a litter

The rabbit gets used to feel the filler under its paws exclusively in the tray. If you start pouring absorbent crumbs to the bottom of the cage, the bewildered animal will perceive it as a tray.

Separate the living space from the toilet using bedding on the bottom of the cage. For example, soft straw will create extraordinary comfort for the animal, allowing it to equip minks in it and he will not want to smear the litter with feces and urine.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Do not use the same filler as the litter in the tray

Rule number 2 – choose a filler that pleases the animal

When choosing a filler, give preference to options from compressed or ordinary wood sawdust. Such natural material will help to recreate close to natural conditions for the pet.

It may also happen that fluffy will like a mineral filler. It’s also good, since its absorbent properties are better than sawdust. Do not be afraid to change the fillers, let the animal try new options and find a comfortable one.

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How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Sawdust is the best filler option

Rule number 3 – do not change the filler often at the beginning of the process of getting used to the tray

Mandatory rule. A persistent smell should form in the pet’s tray, reminding him where to go to the toilet. Although after washing the tray to smell the owner, it is not palpable, the animal feels amber well.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Do not change the filler too often

Stage 3 – remembering the tray by collecting litter

After you bring the little pet home and put it in a cage, regularly inspect the area of ​​its movements for the location of the litter. Carefully collect the peas lying outside the tray and put them in it.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Collect rabbit pellets around the apartment and put in a tray

If you brought in a new pet due to the death of the previous one and the feces of the former tenant were accidentally littered at home, put them in the tray to the newcomer. An eared one will immediately begin to block other people’s spools with his litter, and by inertia will get used to the tray.

Stage 4 – memorizing the tray with regular sitting

Accustom the rabbit to the tray by placing him in the tray every 10-15 minutes of a walk around the apartment. When the animal goes to the toilet, encourage its action by treat.

Notice that the rabbit went to the toilet by, immediately put it in the tray. Associations with bowel movements will occur in any case, especially if they are supported by food.

Voice reinforcement

Support rabbit sitting on the pot with a strong voice. Repeat the same words urging the animal to do its thing right. For example, say "go to the toilet." Make the tone of the voice strict, but not evil, as the animal will be scared and will not come close to the pot.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

The process of sitting on the tray is important to reinforce the voice

Walking schedule

After the pet has lunch with food, do not let it walk around the apartment, keep it in a cage near the tray, preferably partially partially littering. Let the animal go for a walk at first in the morning, before breakfast and in the evening, before it gets dinner.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Release rabbits for a walk only at certain hours

Do not worry that you cannot force the animal to return to the cage after traveling around the apartment. If you teach the eared to the schedule, he will rush into the cage to quickly get a delicious breakfast or dinner.

We present a table of proper feeding and walking of eared pets.

Video – How to train a rabbit in a tray

Trainee training on the example of the older generation

Buying a friend for an adult rabbit, you can forget about the problems associated with accustoming to the tray. Your first pet will cope with this, clearly showing the beginner where to go to the toilet.

A significant role will be played by the competition factor. Visiting one tray, rabbits will try to block each other’s litter with their own.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Rabbits get accustomed to the tray, taking an example from brothers

What to do if a rabbit goes to bed in a tray

This fact will become a problem only for owners who infrequently clean their cage. If you do not belong to their number do not worry, just clean the tray after each visit to the toilet darling.

Of course, this problem should not be left to chance. Spending the night in the tray, the rabbit gives a signal that it is uncomfortable for him to sleep in the cage. The cage may be too tight and the tray occupies most of the floor. Insufficiently soft or very dirty litter can also cause you to stop falling asleep in the right place. Observe the fluffy and understand what the actual situation is.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

From sleep in the pet’s tray should be weaned

How to draw a rabbit to the tray

Attaching a hay bag next to the toilet will be an effective way to quickly draw your pet’s attention to the tray. This will cause the same natural reflex of the beast: empty the intestines with food.

What to do if a rabbit goes to the toilet near the tray

Many owners of rabbits are faced with a situation when the pet goes to the toilet properly, a centimeter from the tray. The reasons for this behavior may include the following:

  • low sides of the tray;
  • a large amount of filler inside the toilet.
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Both of these circumstances bring the animal serious discomfort. Correct them, and he is more likely to sit down inside the tray.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

The pet goes to the toilet near the tray, as it is uncomfortable

Why did the rabbit accustomed to the tray stop going to it

Let us consider in more detail the possible causes of rebellion.


As mentioned above, at the age of 3 months, male rabbits become sexually mature and begin to mark the territory. The only salvation in this situation will be castration by a veterinarian. However, the rabbit will continue to mark the territory after, but in a different way: the animal will rub its neck against the edges of the cage and other objects, leaving a skin smell on them. Urine spraying of castrated rabbits will not produce the desired effect, since the smelling secret in it is now absent.

Do not expect promiscuous sputtering of urine immediately, immediately after surgery. A period of one and a half months should be expected. After this time period, the first progress is usually observed.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Puberty pushes the rabbit to riot against the tray

The emergence of a new animal

For a beast, the appearance of a competitor will become not only stress, but also a threat to the sole possession of the territory. Of course, over time, the animals will make friends, but at first the older rabbit will try to maximally saturate the house with its smell in order to block the smell of an alien.

The appearance of the second pet will make the rabbit worry

Causeless rebellion

In fact, there is always a reason, but people are not always able to understand the signs that the animal gives. Start by examining your pet with a veterinarian. If there are no diseases, then try repeating the process of accustoming the pet to the tray again to refresh its memory.

Stressful situation

Domestic rabbits are very sensitive animals. Making them survive can be any minor event, for example:

  • arrival of guests;
  • the appearance in the house of alien animals;
  • picking up a stranger;
  • relocation;
  • the emergence of new territories for walking.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Listen to the problems and desires of the pet and contribute to the process of accustoming to the tray

After refusing to visit the tray, begin to carefully monitor the pet. The reason is easier to eliminate if you know what exactly to disturb the pet.

Learn to encourage or punish your pet in time. Guessing where the vagaries, and where the real discomfort, you brighten up the sad times of a furry friend with a treat, or vice versa, stimulate you to obey with a formidable voice.

Prohibited Tricks

The techniques described in this section are forbidden to be used on rabbits, as they are inhumane and absolutely useless. For example, it is strictly contraindicated to lock the animal in the cage for a long time. This freedom-loving animal will not only forever burn the owner into enemies, but may die of longing in a short time. Instead of this cruelty, simply limit the territory of rabbit walking.

The truncated walking area will help you push your pet to the tray in time. The natural cleanliness of the beast will not allow him to spoil a small area of ​​his residence, and he will try to hit the target.

How To Train A Rabbit In A Tray

Corner tray – a convenient variation of a rabbit toilet

If you see that the rabbit is about to do things in the wrong place, do not hit the animal. The fragile body of the animal is easy to injure, and besides, it will not lead to anything. Repeat in a formidable voice, “go to the toilet,” “not to,” or even “fu.” Indifferent to the commands of the animal, transfer it to the tray yourself, continuing to repeat the cherished phrases.

To summarize

To teach a rabbit to visit the tray is not an easy task. However, truly loving owners will cope with it thanks to their patience and loyalty to the pet. Those who are not ready to engage in the tedious process of teaching the rabbit to the tray, it is better not to start this animal.

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