Rabbits are very disease-sensitive animals. All livestock can quickly die from a disease such as coccidiosis. Experienced farmers are advised to use iodine for rabbits as a preventative measure for this disease and to strengthen the immune system.

Why do rabbits need iodine?

In rabbit breeding, iodine solution is used in order to prevent the disease that is dangerous for the eared disease – coccidiosis. This disease spreads very quickly, especially dangerous for young animals. On the farm, coccidiosis can lead to the death of most of the stock if no measures are taken.

Many farmers treat rabbits with iodine. This chemical element stimulates the thyroid gland, which leads to the normalization of metabolism. Once in the animal’s body, the drug neutralizes toxic substances by oxidizing them, inhibits the development of coccidiosis.

Prevention of Coccidiosis with Iodine

How To Solder Rabbits With Iodine And In What Quantities

The development of coccidiosis is caused by protozoa that live in the rabbit’s body. Outbreaks often occur on farms where animals are kept in cages with solid floors or in enclosures (there is constant contact with feces).

The disease can occur in two forms: hepatic and intestinal. Coccidiosis is deadly dangerous for young animals (animals aged 2–4 months), therefore it is very important to pay attention to prevention.

You can feed rabbits with iodine from an early age. The main preventive measure for coccidiosis is to drink a pregnant female with a solution. Rabbits begin to give it only a few days before the expected date of birth and 5 days after them. In this case, the substance is excreted along with milk.

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Here is the instruction for the use of iodine for the prevention of coccidiosis:

  • Pregnant females begin to be given water with the drug diluted in it 5 days before the date of the birthing (it is poured into the drinker in the morning in a volume of 100 ml, the concentration is 0.01%).
  • After childbirth, drinking continues for another 5 days, then take a break.
  • After a five-day break, the rabbits again begin to give a therapeutic solution for 15 days, the volume is 200 ml per day (its concentration is increased 2 times).
  • After progeny, the drug is given after deposition into individual cells for 10 days, 50 ml per head, the concentration of the solution is 0.01%.
  • Then take a break for 2 weeks and again the solution is evaporated for 15 days, but the concentration is doubled. For one animal give 70 ml of water with iodine in the first week, then increase to 100 ml.

The treatment regimen is no different from the preventative one. And you can also use iodinol.

There is another regimen designed to treat coccidiosis. According to it, 5 ml of the substance is dissolved in a liter of water, then the resulting infusion is given to the animals in the following mode. They give the medicine for two days, then a break for 2 days, and once again for several days they pour the diluted preparation into the drinkers.

How to breed iodine for rabbits

The dosage of the drug may be different: 0.01% or 0.02% solution. In the first case, a substance is added to a liter of water in such a volume: 5% tincture – 2 ml, 10% – 1 ml. If you want to get a solution concentration of 0.02%, the indicated dosage is increased by 2 times.

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In order to save some rabbit breeders prepare an aqueous solution of crystalline iodine. To do this, rub 10 grams of the drug, add about 4 g of alcohol and dissolve the mixture in 100 ml of water. The result is a 10% tincture, which is added to drinking water in the above dosage.

To prepare a therapeutic solution, it is not recommended to use metal utensils. It is better to take a container and a spoon made of plastic or glass.

How to drink rabbits with iodine

How To Solder Rabbits With Iodine And In What Quantities

Many beginner farmers do not know how to give rabbits a treatment solution. But this is nothing complicated. Watering rabbits with iodine is necessary only in the above proportions. Poured into drinkers in the morning.

After the animal drinks the necessary volume of tincture, you can offer him clean water. The next day should be re-bred and again poured into drinking bowls.

The use of iodine in rabbit farms reduces the risk of coccidiosis outbreaks. The drug is an excellent prevention of this disease, effective in the treatment of young animals. This chemical element strengthens the immunity of animals and normalizes metabolic processes.

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