Domestic rabbits are one of the most famous pets. These animals quickly tamed, become affectionate and cause the tenderness of the owners and guests. In the warm season, many choose to walk their pets on the street. If you plan to output a rabbit for walks, you need a harness.

How To Put A Harness On A Rabbit

Instruction manual

one. Responsible to buying a harness. Rabbit tea is a rather shy animal. If a cool sound, a scream, an exhaust from a car, a dog or a cat scares him on the street, he may start running in hysteria. In this case, it is necessary so that he does not slip out of the harness and does not strangle himself.

2. An excellent harness for a rabbit on the neck should not be tightened like a noose, but fastened with a buckle. The jumper on the back should form the letter "H", if you look at the animal from the side. Harnesses of such designs are intentionally for rabbits. Small harnesses for cats and dogs are also suitable.

3. There are also special costumes for walking. They look like a T-shirt with a leash attached to the lumbar region. Such harnesses are cool in that in case of a threat you can raise the rabbit by the leash without causing any damage to it.

four. Normal harness consists of 2 open rings. Take the rabbit in your arms. Smaller ring, like a leash, put the animal on the neck and fasten. Check how the harness sits on the animal: it should not be too tight. To do this, put your finger between the collar and the neck of the rabbit – if it passes, then the harness is fastened correctly. At the same time, the harness should not be wound, so that the rabbit could not slip out of it.

five. Pass the 2nd strap under the rabbit’s tummy and fasten it. Do not overtighten harness , but also check that she does not dangle on the animal. Make sure that the ring to which the leash carabiner fastens is located on top of the animal’s back.

6. Do not lead the rabbit right out into the street. Let the animal get used to the uniform. For several days in a row put on a harness at home, gradually increasing the time the rabbit spends in it. Later, as the animal gets used to it, it is allowed to transfer it to the street.

If you have a cat, you probably know how large its natural curiosity and desire to find out is going on outside the door of a house or apartment. If the area where you live allows, take your pet for a walk. But do not forget about security. Remember that walking a cat without a leash, it’s difficult to avoid trouble. Cool sounds, dogs, unknown people – all this can scare a cat and provoke her to escape.

How To Put A Harness On A Rabbit

Instruction manual

2. The ring must be put on the cat’s neck over the head. At the same time, the harness itself must be positioned so that the carabiner for attaching the leash is on top, and the jumper connecting the ring to the strap is between the front legs of the cat.

3. Carefully push the animal’s right paw into the space between the ring and the strap.

four. And pass the free end of the strap under the left paw and fasten. The clasp is located near the mounting point of the leash snap hook.

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five. The harness is dressed, but it is necessary for the cat to feel comfortable in it. Put the beast on its feet and check that the ring and strap do not squeeze the throat and armpits. At the same time, the harness should sit pretty tight so that the cat does not break out. If necessary, loosen or tighten the strap. Attach to the harness leash

Helpful advice
Remember that many cats are difficult to get used to harness; therefore, train them little by little, dressing harness for several minutes a day. A little training, and walks will bring pleasure to you and your animal.

If you keep rabbits not in an apartment, but in a private house or in a country house, it is allowed to release them from time to time. Walking in fine weather will benefit the rabbits, the main thing – do not forget to observe their safety observationally and do not let them run away.

How To Put A Harness On A Rabbit

You will need

  • A cage or a portable aviary, a shelter from crappy weather, a drinking bowl with water, a litter box for rabbits in the house.

Instruction manual

one. If you let rabbits out of the enclosure in order to let them run around the garden, make sure that your garden is surrounded by a brick wall or a fairly strong fence. Do not give rabbits too much room for walking, as they can easily be lost in a large garden, and finding a hidden rabbit is not so easy.

2. Check for slots in the fence. The rabbit will be able to squeeze through even a small one. Make sure that under the fence it is unthinkable to dig a hole.

3. A hand-held rabbit is not invariably wary of cats and dogs. A neighbor’s dog, unexpectedly jumping over the fence, can bite a brave baby, the one who did not hurry to run away to the side and hide. Make sure that no one attacks your rabbits while walking. When other animals do not threaten the rabbits, they walk quietly and are not afraid of anything.

four. Make sure the rabbits have a place to shelter. If it rains or the sun is firmly baked, they will be able to gather under cover. Do not let pets walk in a heap of cold or damp weather.

five. If you have a strong fear for the safety of rabbits, get a portable spacious enclosure for them, in which they will have the chance to move freely. Now you can not be afraid that your rabbits will be lost. Such an enclosure will serve as a surefire method for walking rabbits. It can be easily rearranged in the garden from one place to another. The enclosure must certainly be closed on all sides, with a strong base and a house for shelter inside.

6. You can give rabbits the chance to walk when they like. Fence the pasture with a wire mesh and place a cage with animals in it. If they want, they will go for a walk and then return back to the cage. Do not leave rabbits free at night, in the evening, lock them in a cage. Rabbits are not required to walk in the dark. Keep in mind that catching a walking rabbit will be difficult. Be patient. Do not chase him for every pasture and do not grab the rabbit too boldly, he can be very afraid. Corner it better. In this case, he realizes that he has nowhere to go, and he will be given into your hands.

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7. Rabbits will dig holes in their territory, do not prevent them from doing this. But make sure that they do not dig through the wire mesh. In order not to worry about this, bury the mesh more large in the ground, to a depth of about thirty or more centimeters. Please note that the height of the mesh should be at least 2 meters. Place a drinker with water in a conspicuous place and do not forget to add water as needed.

eight. Make sure that grass growing on the paddock is not treated with pesticides and fertilizers. Also check for nearby hazardous plants nearby. The following plants are poisonous for rabbits: spurge, celandine, nightshade, dog parsley, poisonous hemlock, wild radish, poisonous milestone, digitalis, buttercup, anemone, wrestler, oleander, lily of the valley, etc.

9. If you keep rabbits in the apartment or you primitively decided to let them into the house for a while, you can let them run freely. Be sure to watch this so that none of them gnaws at furniture and electrical wires. Do not forget to put a litter box for rabbits.

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Harnesses are different. Traditionally, they are a leash connected with a strap passing through the front of the dog’s chest, the one that stops it when trying to rush forward. The harness can be sled, guard, coupling.

How To Put A Harness On A Rabbit

Instruction manual

one. Contact your dog handlers before starting to train your dog in harness. Many of them believe that its continuous wearing may not have the best effect on the dog’s posture and the location of its forelimbs. Puppies should be allowed to walk on the harness because the baby, if he is interested in something, can unexpectedly throw himself off the leash and damage his neck, back or thyroid gland. Breast-bands are also necessary for dogs of the smallest and largest breeds.

3. Call the dog. “Saddle” her by holding her waist between her knees. Turn out and straighten all the straps of the harness with a soft lining inward. Take the harness with your left hand at the crosshairs of the straps, which should be closer to the withers of the beast, and with your right hand, grab the rope loop where the carabiner mount is located. The lower part of the harness at this time should be located between the front legs of the dog. Fold it in half so that the chest straps are located on top.

four. Put the harness on the animal’s head, pass it through the ears. If the pet’s thick coat prevents donning, gently pull it out from under the straps as it moves toward the base of the neck. The main thing, so that the dog does not hurt, the more if you put on her harness for the first time. Make sure that the straps do not squeeze her neck.

five. Pass the front legs of the dog through the harness in turn, straighten the straps on the sides and back, and carefully pull the wool out from under the chest straps. Do not tighten it too tight; a palm should freely pass between the body and the strap. The harness strap should be approximately palm-wide from the armpit. Attach a leash carabiner to the rings.

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Cats, unlike dogs, do not need daily walks. However, the "cat life" should be diversified, the more so because they are more curious and accustomed to walking, they will do it with pleasure. Cats are taught to walk from a young age. But an adult animal, if you do not want to bother later in the basements of houses, looking for an escaped pet, you should put it on a leash. And the cat on the grass frolic, and you are calm.

How To Put A Harness On A Rabbit

Instruction manual

one. Before teaching a cat for walks, get special for her harness and leash. An ordinary collar is not suitable for this purpose. He is too weighty, and can cause injury, because the neck muscles in cats are weak. Special collars are worn on animals that “walk on their own” and only as an identification item. Harnesses are made light, from nylon, cotton or soft leather, although the latter may still be too impudent for a delicate cat’s neck.

2. The harness design is not difficult. True, at the first "packaging" of the animal in it, questions can still appear. An H-shaped harness is two collars that are interconnected. One is fastened on a neck, another on a stomach. The traditional harness – "figure eight" is a closed ring, the size of which can be changed. It goes into the strap. The leash carabiner is mounted on the ring and lays down on the animal’s withers. Pick up harness primitive in size – two fingers must pass between the cat’s neck and the collar.

3. Put the closed ring on the cat’s neck. Turn the jumper that connects it to the strap. She should have appeared on the animal’s throat, and the carbine on top, at the withers. Move the strap to increase the space between the jumper and the closed ring. Insert the cat’s right paw into the resulting space. Is the jumper on your chest? bestial. The right foot is covered with harness. Place the free end of the strap under the left foot. Button the strap. Put a cat on the paws. Make sure that the ring fits the neck of the animal tightly, but does not squeeze at the same time, the jumper lies flat on the chest, the right foot is fixed. Tighten the strap a little more tightly. Quite often, owners, fearing to hurt the cat, loosely tighten harness and the beast easily turns out of it.

Some dogs injure the neck and back due to wearing a collar. This happens when the dog pulls the leash abruptly and the owner tries to hold it. In order to avoid similar injuries, it is recommended to accustom the dog to the harness. A harness is a belt, one that is worn on the dog’s body and passes through his armpits and neck. It allows you to positively distribute the power of the animal when jerking. Originally harnesses were invented for sled dogs, but nowadays they have become a famous accessory for walking.

If you decide to walk with a rabbit, you will need to give him the necessary vaccinations.

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