How To Make A Rabbit Leash
How To Make A Rabbit Leash

How To Make A Rabbit Leash
How To Make A Rabbit Leash

Domestic rabbits were not always as familiar pets as dogs or cats, and the same turtles. But today, more and more children and adults choose these lop-eared animals as pets. After all, they are so cute and beautiful.

Rabbits are very quickly and easily tamed, by their nature they are affectionate, and their touching touch causes the most positive emotions both from the owners of these animals and from everyone around them. Rabbits live well in an apartment, but, like any other pet, they require periodic walking. In winter, they will be uncomfortable on the street, and in summer they will be happy to pluck fresh green grass. For safe and calm walks you will need a leash for the rabbit.

A good leash for a decorative rabbit should not be pulled on the neck of the animal – so it will turn into a noose. To prevent this from happening, he should fasten with a buckle. Part of the leash falling on the back of the rabbit is made in the form of an “H” when viewed from the side.

They can be frightened by other walking animals – cats or dogs, as well as unexpected loud noises: screams or car alarms.

In order not to raise the question of how much a leash for a rabbit costs, you can make it with your own hands. At the same time, the made leash (it consists of a harness and a belt) must be reliable and convenient for the rabbit. With sudden movements, the animal, on the one hand, should not slip out of the leash, and, on the other hand, should not strangle itself. Leashes should gently grasp the back and neck of the animal, fixing it, but not causing discomfort.

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Actually, the leash consists of two parts – harness and belt. Let’s start with the harness. The first step is to measure the girth of the chest and neck of the animal. A tolerance of 2-3 cm is added to the obtained sizes – on the seams, as well as on the "outgrowth" of the rabbit. That he was not crowded.

Of course, rabbits. these are not the fastest animals, but they can quickly jump from the owners and get lost. They can run away not because they strive for freedom, but because they are rather fearful creatures. That is, leashes are very relevant in this case.

The edges of the two parts of the tape are seared so that they do not open further; half of the fastener is sewn to one of them. fastex, which consists of two parts. Limiters are put on parts of the tape – they will help to adjust the harness to the desired size. Then the second part of the fastener is sewn. The resulting parts are connected by a jumper on which a half ring is worn – with its help the harness will be attached to the belt. The length of the jumper is equal to the distance from the chest of the rabbit behind the front paws to the neck of the animal.

After the harness, a leash strap is made. A loop is made from one edge of it, allowing you to conveniently hold the leash in your hand.

A carabiner is attached to the other edge, which will snap into the half ring on the bridge before walking – it should always be on the back of the rabbit.

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After making the leash, it’s best to give the rabbit time to get used to his new outfit. To do this, wear a leash at home.

A few days after the rabbit gets used to the leash, you can lead him in a new leash for a street walk. And if this is allowed to be done also by young children, they will simply be crazy about this tiny and very sweet creature.

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