Rabbits are known for their fertility – females sometimes give birth more than six times a year. It is important to create good conditions for them. Then the mother and the cubs remain healthy, and the livestock grows. For the future mother and offspring, they are building a special department in the cage. Since the design is simple, most of the work, starting with the drawings of the mother liquor for rabbits, is done with their own hands.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits Yourself

Basic cell requirements

In wild conditions, females give birth in burrows. The mother liquor reminds them of natural shelter, meets household requirements. The rabbit "maternity hospital" has features:

  1. The design is a box with a manhole – input. In an open cage, the female is undesirable to leave, this can cause stress. When the rabbit begins to worry, the hormonal background is disturbed, the body weakens. This threatens the health of the offspring, its own.
  2. Rabbit uterine should not be cramped. Dimensions depend on mom’s complexion.
  3. The mother liquor should be dark and comfortable. It is important that the female feels calm, as in nature.
  4. Shelter is made warm. If necessary, arrange heating.
  5. Fighting drafts. They harm the rabbit, and are dangerous for posterity. At first, the cubs do not have hair, weak immunity. The young body is also not able to maintain normal body temperature. The female warms the kids, but if the cage is cold, she can’t cope.

How to make a mother liquor for rabbits

There are several design options. On sale, cells with built-in queen cells are more common. They come with or without heating. When making do-it-yourselfers, masters, as a rule, add something of their own, but are repelled by proven designs and technologies. This protects against errors, losses.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits Yourself

Materials and Tools

Before work, they prepare everything you need. Approximate set of materials:

  1. The mother rabbit mother rabbit is usually made from sheets of plywood or chipboard. It is important that the material is not treated with chemistry. Rabbits do not like strong smells. Females sometimes even refuse to give birth in a cage where it smells bad. It is best to build a nest from plywood 3-5 mm thick.
  2. Need insulation. Pressed sawdust, for example, is suitable.
  3. Small boards. Typically, a cross section of 2.5 × 3 cm or 2.5 × 2.5 is used.
  4. Galvanized Iron Sheets.
  5. Piano loops.
  6. Straw.
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Of the tools and fixtures you will need:

  • saw – ordinary or circular;
  • tape measure or ruler;
  • pencil;
  • self-tapping screws, nails;
  • screwdriver, screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • scissors for metal;
  • jigsaw.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits Yourself

Sizes of the mother liquor for rabbits

The size of the nest depends on the breed of the animal:

  1. Common, standard length is 56 cm, width is 35, height is 30. In this case, the entrance hole is made with a diameter of 15 to 18 cm. This mother liquor is suitable for medium-sized rabbits, for example, New Zealand. Their body length is not more than 57 cm, weight – up to 6 kg. For more accurate calculations, you can measure the rabbit.
  2. Dimensions for dwarf, ornamental breeds: length – about 50 cm, width – 30, height – 25. Sometimes smaller boxes are also suitable.
  3. A nest for a large rabbit, such as a flander, is more than standard. Its length is 90 cm, width – 40, height – 75. The hole also needs an appropriate one. Its diameter is 20 cm.

Work execution technology

Features of the construction depend on the model, materials and preferences. Rabbit uterine do something like this:

  1. They carry out a detailed drawing, stock up with tools, boards and other things.
  2. Side walls, floor, and ceiling are cut out of plywood in size. All of them will be double, so 12 pieces should be obtained.
  3. Cut 8 rails for the frame of the front and rear walls, bottom, cover.
  4. Prepare 6 more boards for the "skeleton" of the sides.
  5. Start making the wall. For the plywood rectangle, a frame is made: they fill the slats at the edges. Insulation is placed inside, for example, sawdust. They must be dry and tamped. Another piece of plywood is fastened with nails on top.
  6. So perform the floor, cover, other walls, except the front.
  7. Provide for insulation. The front wall is studded with slats over the entire area, leaving only a hole. On top of them they fasten another piece of plywood.
  8. A few centimeters depart from the sidewall and cut a round or square hole for entry. Too spacious to do it is not worth it, as heat leaves through a large hole.
  9. A rectangle for the floor is cut from a galvanized sheet with scissors for metal.
  10. Galvanize the bottom for protection against rot.
  11. Connect the floor, side, front and rear walls. It is important to choose the size of the nails and make sure that they do not protrude. This is a source of injury for rabbits.
  12. Loops are attached to the back wall from above.
  13. Put a lid on them. The convertible top is easier to clean. In the cold, it is clogged, and in the summer it is ajar for ventilation. This cover allows you to monitor rabbits.
  14. A bed of straw is placed on the floor. It is better to make a layer of at least 20 cm thick. Straw is regularly changed. In unsanitary conditions, infections can occur.
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Sometimes additional heaters are used:

  1. There are devices for queen cells in the form of rugs. They are laid on the floor, and covered with a cloth and straw on top. The temperature of the heaters is adjustable.
  2. Special films. The heating element has a power of up to 100 watts. Films are placed on a corset of slats. On top put the mother liquor. It turns out a buffer that retains heat near the bottom.
  3. Hot water bottles, water bottles of suitable temperature.

A few tips for organizing a nest

Experienced farmers take into account the construction features of materials and aspects of the behavior of eared pets:

  1. The wires of the devices are carefully closed, masked. Otherwise they will be bitten. This is a serious threat to the health and life of pets.
  2. Sometimes there is no need for heating, for example, in the summer. Devices clean, otherwise the rabbits will be pampered, with poor health.
  3. Reiki is better to choose from deciduous trees. Conifers emit a smell that repels the female rabbit.
  4. A manhole made at a height of 10-15 cm from the floor is the best option. So the rabbits do not scatter, but they can study the world through a hole.
  5. Sex is sometimes performed under a small slope. This makes cleaning easy.
  6. It is advisable not to take glass wool for insulation. She, as a rule, gets into the mother liquor through the smallest clicks. Glass wool harms rabbits. It falls on the surface of the body, in the eyes, ears, mouth.
  7. Sometimes straw is used to warm walls, ceilings, and floors. They shove it inside the “sandwich”. It’s better not to. The straw rots quickly. As a result, heat is lost, the number of microbes is growing. In order for the straw to lie longer, it must be dried, treated with anti-pest drugs. Means should not be toxic, poisonous.
  8. To insulate the structure of the wall, it is sometimes sheathed with foam. Perhaps this is the best replacement for pressed sawdust. Even if you fill the pieces between the sheets of plywood, the foam keeps the heat perfectly. The material is safe and inexpensive.
  9. Females of the rabbit also warm the mother liquor. They pluck down fluff from their abdomen, chest and prepare a “bed”. This happens, as a rule, a few days before the offspring. Although sometimes the rabbit does not make a nest before childbirth. This is due to malnutrition, stress, or inexperience. When the mother is not ready for childbirth, you need to follow her. Often such females push or even eat rabbits.
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The mother liquor is a simple but important structure. In the manufacture we must not forget about the features of the breed. The size and profitability of the economy depends on the health of the offspring.

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