The mother rabbit mother rabbit is an item necessary for breeders raising rabbits. It simplifies work with both offspring and mom. The comfort, coziness and safety that are characteristic of the queen cell determine the survival of more rabbits. The health of babies born in the mother liquor is initially stronger than that of their relatives who were born outside this device. In the mother liquor, under the mother’s supervision, the rabbits grow faster, gaining body weight better. It is important that this device is easy to do with your own hands.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Basic requirements for the mother liquor

Under natural conditions, rabbits give birth in a burrow underground. In order for the little animals to feel comfort and safety in the mother liquor, inside it should be spacious, warm and dark. The usual nest for the rabbit is a completely enclosed box, on one side of which a round hole is made to the size of the pet.

On sale you can find cells with ready-made built-in sockets. Such a cell with a mother liquor will cost about five thousand rubles. If desired, the nest for rodents can be built independently of wood. Making a mother liquor from a plastic box is not recommended, since it does not meet the requirements for many characteristics.

Focusing on climate conditions, you can make a mother liquor for rabbits with or without heating. The dimensions of the box are calculated according to the dimensions of the rabbit, which mainly depend on the belonging of the animal to a particular breed.

Sizes of the mother liquor for rabbits

For each breed of rabbits, there are recommendations regarding the parameters of the mother liquor. To make the rabbit and her offspring feel comfortable, these recommendations should be taken into account when creating the nest. Otherwise, the design may turn out to be of the wrong size – both in the smaller direction and in the larger one.

In cramped conditions, mommy will feel discomfort and, as a result, will refuse such a nest. The mother-creator will perceive the animal more spacious than necessary as an ordinary cage, which means it will relieve need there. This circumstance will require frequent updating of the litter, and of course it will negatively affect sanitary and hygienic conditions.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

The standard for a rabbit nest are the following parameters:

  • 30 cm in height;
  • 35 cm wide;
  • 56 cm in length;
  • a hole is 15-18 cm in diameter.

Such a mother liquor is suitable for Viennese blue rabbits, silvery, New Zealanders and other “eared ears” of medium-sized breeds, whose body does not exceed 57 cm in length and weighs 3–6 kg. Despite the fact that California rabbits belong to the middle breeds, they will be cramped in a standard nest. Recommended mother liquor sizes for Californian rabbits:

  • height 40 cm;
  • width 40 cm;
  • length 60 cm;
  • hole diameter 15 cm.
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For rabbits of breeds the white giant, flanders and other large-sized varieties need a spacious mother liquor. Recommended Options:

  • height 75 cm;
  • width 40 cm;
  • length 90 cm;
  • hole diameter 20 cm.

A comfortable nest for rabbit breeds a butterfly and a giant should have:

  • height is from 80 cm;
  • 50 cm wide;
  • length 95 cm;
  • a hole with a diameter of 18 cm.

Dwarf and decorative "ears" will fit a nest with sizes smaller than standard. Recommended nest parameters for decorative rabbits:

  • 25 cm in height;
  • 30 cm wide;
  • 50 cm in length.

Dwarf "eared" will suit the mother liquor even smaller.

Do not focus solely on breed standards. It is better to measure the animal before starting construction and make sure that the rabbit matches them. The dimensions of the mother queen for the rabbit need to be measured with the dimensions of not only the pets, but also the cage in which the nest will be placed. The design should occupy a quarter of the cell space; if it does not fit, it is worth making it an addition to the cage (outside the house of rabbits).

Do the mother liquor yourself

It’s easy to build a motherboard for rabbits with your own hands. Before you begin, you need to "arm" with the following materials and tools:

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

  • plywood sheets (3 mm thick);
  • boards (2.5 mm thick);
  • tape measure or ruler;
  • in pencil;
  • with a screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • slats with a cross section of 2.5 cm by 2.5 (or 3);
  • a saw;
  • a hammer;
  • nails
  • self-tapping screws;
  • insulation (e.g. wood shavings);
  • galvanized sheet;
  • loops.

The phased procedure is as follows:

  1. 12 rectangles are cut from plywood. These are the walls of the structure, its bottom and cover. All these components are double, so two rectangles for each will go on them. The size of the rectangles is calculated based on the dimensions of the animals.
  2. Slats are cut. A frame of the building parts will be constructed from them, so their length should correspond to the size of the rectangles.
  3. A frame of slats is nailed to one plywood rectangle at the edges. A dense layer of insulation is laid inside the frame. An identical rectangle is placed on top and pinned to the frame. It turns out a double bottom. In the same way, the future roof of the structure and three walls are knocked together.
    How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands
  4. The fourth wall is being prepared, where a round hole will be made. Half of the rectangle is covered with boards. The other half, like the previous walls, is studded with battens at the edges. Insulation is placed inside. Then the last rectangle is beaten on top.
  5. In the last wall, on the half chipped with boards, with a slight indentation from the edge, a hole is cut out with a diameter corresponding to the dimensions of the rabbit.
  6. The floor of the future nest is sheathed with a galvanized sheet of identical format.
  7. The prepared elements are assembled together – walls are attached to the floor, which, in turn, are knocked together.
  8. Hinges are attached to the upper edge of the back wall, onto which the lid is then worn. A hinged top is needed to easily clean the nest.
  9. At the bottom is laid a dry bed of straw. All is ready.
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As you can see, making a nest for a rabbit with your own hands is not so difficult.

Features of the use of mother liquor in winter

Unlike ordinary adult rabbits, which can live in a cage without insulation, a pregnant rabbit needs special living conditions. The fact that maximum care is required for newborn rabbits is unnecessary to emphasize.

The nest in which the “eared” family will remain for twenty days after delivery must be insulated. The structure is insulated during construction. Insulation is placed inside the double walls, floor and roof. In this capacity, wood sawdust or any other materials with weak thermal conductivity can act.

How exactly the insulation is placed in the walls is described above in the manual for the manufacture of the socket. In the process of warming sawdust, you need to carefully tamp. They fall asleep only in dry form.

If for some reason the use of sawdust is not suitable, as an alternative option for insulation, you can sheathe the walls with foam.

Another heating option is film material, in which heating elements are mounted, whose power is 100 watts. This film is fixed on a kind of lath corset and placed under the nest structure. This arrangement causes the formation of an air gap, due to which heat is retained and warms the bottom of the structure.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

When installing an electric heater, it is important to take care of masking the wires. If they find themselves in the public domain, the animal will definitely try to gnaw it, and this is vitally dangerous for the “eared one”.

If you do not want to mess with electrical appliances, heating the nests can be done in a safe way – this is an ordinary heating pad or bottles of warm water. The method is simple but troublesome.

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With any heating, it is important not to overdo it – at the end of the cold weather, you need to immediately remove it.

Useful manufacturing tips

It is worth noting a number of subtleties that are important in the construction of the structure. For the construction of the nest, only deciduous trees use wood. Material made from coniferous wood smells too strong and harsh. This will scare Mom off the design, and she, naturally, will not give birth there.

Before proceeding directly to the construction, it is worth not only calculating the required dimensions, but also making drawings of the future nest. This will protect against errors in the calculations and structure of the structure.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Glass wool is not suitable for insulating nests. Penetrating inside the structure, it will harm the health of rabbits. Its possible replacements are modern analogues, which are distinguished by increased environmental friendliness. The straw nest is also not insulated. It refers to perishable materials, which means it will begin to rot very quickly. Straw is used only for bedding and is often changed (bedding should always be dry).

The hole of the hole should be placed at a height of 10-15 cm from the floor. This arrangement will not allow rabbits to scatter throughout the cage, but will allow them to look at the "world" around.

For greater convenience in cleaning the nest, during the construction of the structure, the floor can be made inclined at a slight angle.

In addition to the features of construction, it is necessary to take into account the requirements for accommodation. Install in the home and remove the mother liquor from the cage in rabbits must be timely. It is placed in a cage five days before the expected delivery. There is no need to rush the rabbit family to leave the "shelter" – they will do it themselves. Rabbits leave the queen cell in the cage when they grow up and get stronger; this occurs twenty days after delivery. Remove the mother rabbit from the rabbit only after the mother and her offspring finally move to the main house.

How To Make A Motherboard For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Making a motherboard with your own hands is easier than it might seem at first glance. This does not require special expenses – neither material nor physical. A well-made nest is an integral part of caring for an eared mom and her babies.

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