How To Make A Mother Liquor For Rabbits

Fertility of rabbits is known to all. One healthy adult rabbit is able to give offspring five to six times in one year. And here the problem of the survival of the cubs does not come to the fore. Not only the genetic qualities, but also on the conditions of keeping created by the owner, the vitality of newborn rabbits directly depends. This is especially true in winter, when the surrounding temperature can greatly affect offspring.

We want to devote this article to such a topic as the proper arrangement of the mother liquor and the process of its manufacture with our own hands.

Rabbit uterine

What is motherboard intended for?

Each rabbit breeder equips his rabbitry to his taste.

The mother-child is a special place in which the rabbit gives birth and subsequently feeds her cubs.

It is placed in a cage, which is the habitat of the female. Its construction is extremely simple: most often it is just a wooden box with an opening for entry. In most cases, ordinary plywood is used to make the mother liquor.

Such a box can be of two types – insulated and without additional insulation.

Why do I need to use a mother liquor? Its main purpose is to protect rabbits from low temperatures, and also give their mother a sense of complete safety and comfort. In other words, a warm mother bird at home for rabbits is the same as a hole in the wild.

The female, as a rule, arranges her nest herself, pulling straw and hay there, as well as laying down fluff torn from her own body. The mother rabbits usually spend about 20 days with their mother. Then they gradually grow stronger, and begin to independently get out of the nest box.

Many rabbit breeders believe that the mother liquor needs to be installed and equipped only during winter rounds, when the environment is unfavorable for the offspring. We will not argue with this. Of course, in the summer, the offspring is able to survive even at ambient temperature, however, a feeling of security is no less important for such shy animals like rabbits. Especially nursing rabbits. Therefore, even without special insulation, but also in the summer, such a box will not be superfluous.

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In general, rabbits tolerate low temperatures quite well, but this applies to adults. Comfort and warmth are extremely important for young animals just born, as young rabbits do not yet have sufficient immunity and tolerate frosty weather much worse. In winter, the need for a mother liquor does not cause anyone any doubt.

How to make a mother liquor with your own hands?

What should be the mother liquor? Let’s say right away – no special skills are required for this. The design of the mother liquor is so simple that to make it yourself any man can do.

As we said above, it is an ordinary wooden box with a hole cut through it.

The main thing is to be careful and correctly make such a box, taking into account our further recommendations.

First you need to prepare the materials that we need for the manufacture of the uterine box. The most popular material for this design is plywood, because it is inexpensive, and it is very easy to work with it.

The general list of necessary materials looks like this:

  • sheet plywood;
  • wooden slats;
  • wooden plank;
  • door hinges;
  • insulation (for example, ordinary sawdust);
  • ordinary nails;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • hammer;
  • small hacksaw;
  • measuring tool (tape measure);
  • marking pencil.

As you can see, absolutely nothing supernatural.

Before you buy material and get to work, it will not be superfluous to sketch a simple drawing.

This, firstly, will help you in manufacturing, and secondly, it will allow you to accurately calculate the required amount of materials.

The warmed mother rabbit rabbit

How To Make A Mother Liquor For Rabbits

Further, the process of making a house for future rabbits and their mother looks like this:

  1. cut blanks from plywood sheet. An ordinary mother liquor for rabbits, the dimensions of the side walls are as follows: no less than 35 x 40 centimeters. We will need four such blanks. The front wall has a size of 50 by 30 centimeters. The back wall is made from the same calculation;
  2. we take wooden slats and file them in this way: four workpieces with a length of 35 centimeters, and four – 25 centimeters each;
  3. for the manufacture of the front wall, you will also need a piece of board measuring 30 x 25 x 2.5 centimeters and two rack blanks 25 centimeters long;
  4. for the back wall, cuts off four pieces of slats: two – 50 centimeters long, and two – 25 centimeters long;
  5. the bottom of the future mother liquor consists of two plywood blanks of 50 x 30 centimeters and four battens: two – 50 ton each, two 25 centimeter each;
  6. for the lid we prepare two plywood sheets measuring 55 x 35 centimeters, two slats of 55 cm and two slats of 30 centimeters each;
  7. Having prepared the blanks, we begin to put them together in turn. We use nails on each sheet of plywood to fill slats of appropriate sizes, while trying to avoid gaps at the joints;
  8. we fill the resulting space with sawdust, which serves as insulation material;
  9. on top of the resulting construction, we stuff a sheet of plywood, making a kind of “sandwich”;
  10. in one of the walls you should first cut the passage. This can easily be done with a jigsaw and then treat the edges of the hole with a file or sandpaper. The shape of this hole does not really matter. The main requirement is that the future mother easily crawled into it;
  11. so, all the walls, as well as the roof and bottom of the future nest box are ready, and it’s time to fasten the structure with screws. First of all, we fix the side walls to the bottom, and the field of them is the back;
  12. the top cover of the queen cell should open easily to make it easier for you to clean the interior and monitor litter. Therefore, we fix the top cover to one of the walls using ordinary hinges. Now it is easy to open, and the mother liquor can be cleaned and ventilated without any problems. Such a nest box can be used both in winter and in summer;
  13. lastly, fasten the front wall. From the board we make a nut, which partially closes the entrance. This is necessary so that some rabbit does not fall out of the box.
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Doing it yourself with straw is not necessary. Just lay it so that the female can approach her, and she herself drags her into the box. This will be even better, since instinct allows the animal to equip the nest in the most convenient way.

The above sizes of the mother liquor are average. Despite the fact that such a box should not be excessively large, its dimensions depend primarily on the size of the rabbit. Too spacious or, conversely, a very close mother will cause the female to feel uncomfortable. She should feel as if she herself had dug a cozy mink for herself.

In fact, the female does not go to the toilet inside the nest. The rabbit shits either in the tray or in another selected place, but there are exceptions. To prevent plywood sheets on the floor from rotting from the feces of rabbits and cubs, it is best to cover them with a galvanized sheet, and pour a layer of thick straw litter on top.

Attention! The litter should always be dry and clean, so it must be changed regularly.

Fresh thyrsa is not suitable as a heater, as it has a strong and pungent odor, which can lead to the fact that the female simply refuses to give birth in such a mother liquor.

Wean the female to shit in the mother liquor is not difficult. Rabbits are clean animals, and a rabbit accustomed to a tray will not defecate in a box. But the kids are very capable of spoiling. In the first days of the babies’ lives, their natural departures are insignificant, so the litter at this time can be replaced every other day. However, in a week it will be necessary to do this every day, sometimes several times a day.

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From the mother liquor, the baby begins to get out on the twentieth day of her life.

Our simplest design is suitable for use at any time of the year. As you can see, making it is very simple, but such a do-it-yourself mother queen will protect rabbits well from any vagaries of Russian weather.

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