Not many people know that lactic acid is very often used in animal husbandry. This unusual liquid is odorless, but with a sour taste is used as a corrector of productivity. This natural and highly effective product has been widely used in rabbit breeding. What is lactic acid for rabbits: how to give it, how many days and why, let’s get it together.

Lactic acid is a product of fermentation of lactic acid and sugar-containing raw materials by lactic acid bacteria. This liquid has a slightly yellowish tint, a sharp sour taste and a slightly perceptible specific smell. The consistency is a thick fruit syrup. For use in veterinary medicine, it is produced in a 40 percent concentration. It is well diluted both in water and in alcoholic liquids or in glycerin for external use.

Lactic acid is a very popular drug in veterinary medicine, which has a wide spectrum of action. Initially, it was used to regulate the pancreas in cows and horses. However, later they began to actively use poultry farms and farms as an aerosol for disinfection of the premises. As a preservative today, it is often added to feed to extend shelf life.

The advantage of this unique tool is that it is absolutely harmless. Subject to the dosage, as indicated in the instructions, there are never any side effects. Moreover, even a dose 8 times higher than necessary will also not harm the animal.

Lactic acid is primarily used for rabbits as an antimicrobial and antiseptic. It is given in the form of a medicinal solution for the relaxation of intestinal and gastric sphincters, for pancreatic irritation. It inhibits the development of pathogenic microflora in the intestine, helps to eliminate toxins, improves metabolism. Lactic acid is also added to the diet to enhance sexual activity. For external purposes it is used as a disinfectant and cauterizing agent.

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How To Give Lactic Acid For Rabbits Tips And Videos

This drug is used in the treatment of a number of gastrointestinal ailments in rabbits, for example, flatulence, gastritis, trichomoniasis, enteritis and acute disorder. It is good to disinfect equipment and premises. With regular use of lactic acid in rabbits, food is absorbed better and faster, digestion goes well. Young growth is good, gaining strength and less vulnerable to various infections.

Lactic acid, although very useful, but still has its contraindications. The drug will not cause any special complications, but still it should not be used inside animals with acidosis, ulcer ailments, kidney failure or acute gastritis.

Lactic acid in veterinary medicine is used in many ways. For example, it can be given in the form of a solution with water, added to food, wiped cells and equipment, cauterized wounds and bites on the skin. In addition, it can spray cells and the entire room for disinfection. Of course, each goal needs its own dosage and number of days of use. We will find out how much and how to give lactic acid to rabbits.

How To Give Lactic Acid For Rabbits Tips And Videos

  • For internal use – as a prophylaxis and to eliminate various ailments and problems of the gastrointestinal tract in rabbits, lactic acid is diluted with water of 4-7.5 ml per individual at 2% concentration and 3-5 ml at 3% concentration. As indicated by the instructions, give approximately 5 days.
  • Supplement in drinking bowls – if rabbits have enteritis, there are flatulence, gastritis or infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then a solution of lactic acid is well poured into the drinkers. For this, a concentration of 2 tablespoons per 10 liters of water is suitable. To drink for prevention 3-4 days, for treatment – so many days until the ailment passes.
  • Food supplement – often used as a preservative and disinfectant for food. Give in the ratio of 0.5 ml per 1 kilogram of feed.
  • External use – for cauterizing wounds, use a 20-40% solution of lactic acid, for disinfection of the skin no more than 30%. It can be used for various injuries, ulcerative and fungal skin lesions a couple of days before healing.
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How To Give Lactic Acid For Rabbits Tips And Videos

It is possible to carry out disinfection as a prophylaxis once a year, as well as 10 days before the okroly and 7 days before the transplantation of babies. You can spray the drug without removing the animals from the room, just direct the stream no closer than 2 meters from the rabbits.

If you do not have lactic acid, but there is a blowtorch, this is a great option for disinfecting rabbit cells. This procedure destroys the larvae and eggs of all ticks, infections and ectoparasites.

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