How To Distinguish A Rabbit From A Rabbit

Determining the gender of a rabbit is a task that is almost impossible to cope with without certain skills. As for the little rabbits, in this case it is difficult to distinguish between a male and a female even an experienced rabbit breeder. However, in some situations, it is simply necessary to know the sex of the animal, for example, choosing a pet for further breeding. So what kind of knowledge should be guided in order to understand the identification of the animal without any special problems?

At what stage of development do you need to know the gender of the rabbit

In young rabbits, up to three weeks of age, sex is not determined, since it is almost impossible. Closer to 2-2.5 months, experienced rabbit breeders can already distinguish the female from the male. Usually, gender knowledge is not required before this age, as babies are still too dependent on their mother and giving them to their new owner can be dangerous. Thus, the following conclusion can be made: knowledge of the rabbit’s sex until it is separated from the female is inappropriate.

What are primary and secondary sexual characteristics in rabbits

Rabbits, like other mammals, have primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Primary – include signs associated with the reproductive system, namely the presence of appropriate genital organs. Secondary – do not participate in the breeding process, but it is thanks to them that one can visually distinguish a female from a male. In rabbits, these signs are so smoothed out that they are practically absent. It is in connection with this that there are difficulties with determining gender when choosing a pet.

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How to determine the gender of a rabbit when buying

Of course, it is best to purchase a rabbit from an experienced breeder who has vast experience in this matter. However, in some cases, one has to rely only on one’s own knowledge and skills. To independently determine the gender of the rabbit, you must follow the following steps.

First of all, Set the rabbit on a table or other hard surface and grip the withers firmly with your right hand. Then carefully lift and sit on the tail (the rabbit should recline on the back).

Secondly, With your free hand, without causing pain to the animal, stretch the skin in the genital area and press on both sides with the thumb and forefinger, which should be between the anus and the reproductive organs.

With the right actions, you will be able to see either the female sexual gap located in close proximity to the anus, or a small round hole – a sign of a male.

When performing these manipulations, observe safety precautions. Keep in mind that rabbits have strong enough hind legs, and if they feel uncomfortable, they can easily hurt you.

Method for determining the sex of adult animals

To determine the sex of an adult rabbit, it is best to put it on your lap, but you can also on any hard surface. The method for determining gender is exactly the same as described above. In addition, the adult male can grope testicles. If you succeed, then all subsequent manipulations disappear.

Sex determination technique in young rabbits and ornamental

How To Distinguish A Rabbit From A Rabbit

Photos – male (rabbit)

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So, how to determine the sex of a rabbit that has not reached its maturity? In an adult animal, all organs are already formed, and when pressed at the appropriate points, it is impossible to make a mistake in determining the sex. In young rabbits, the genitals are practically the same when viewed. In this case, you can deal with the definition of sex as follows. After completing all the above manipulations, you will see poorly developed genitals. Pay attention to their location, in the female the sexual gap is at a distance of up to 2 millimeters from the anus, and in the male, respectively, much further.

Determining the sex of a rabbit by indirect signs

These signs do not give a full answer to the question in determining sex, but are suitable as additional measures.

  • In an adult female, upon examination, two rows of nipples can be felt;
  • Rabbits are usually larger than males of their breed and age;
  • Male individuals have a shorter and wider head, as well as narrow croup.

The correct determination of the sex of the rabbit is extremely important and responsible. This is especially true for breeding rabbits for commercial purposes, when several animals must be in the same cage. In this case, we are talking about the safety of the animals themselves.

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