The most common questions of novice breeders are how to determine the sex of a rabbit of ornamental and commercial breeds and from what age it can be done, what signs will help distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit if they have not reached adulthood. Therefore, the article will discuss features in the behavior of different sexes, so that everything becomes clear.

At what age can the gender of rabbits be distinguished

For successful commercial breeding of animals, it is important for the rabbit breeder to learn to determine the sex of the herbivore on their own. You can correctly determine it only after the animal reaches 2 months of age. In an earlier period, the genitals of the eared look almost identical. Experienced breeders can determine whether a rabbit belongs to a particular sex with a probability of 80% 14-16 days after birth, but such a forecast is unreliable and can negatively affect the formation of the livestock. It is also impossible to accurately distinguish the sex of the animal from the photograph.

In rare cases, buying and selling rabbits is possible at the age of one month. Unscrupulous sellers themselves often do not understand animal husbandry, so they call the sex of the herbivore at random. Some countries have banned the sale of young animals at such an early period, and gender recognition is not considered appropriate. In addition, animals do not yet have sufficiently strong immunity due to early excommunication from the mother. It is best to buy an eared when he turns 2-4 months old. At this age, you can accurately determine its gender. Also, by that time, the animal’s nervous and digestive systems were fully formed in the animal.

Rabbits reach puberty at 3 months of age, and this is the deadline for recognizing the sex of the pet. It is important for the rabbit breeder to completely control the mating process, otherwise promiscuity will lead to the appearance of weak offspring. In addition, inbreeding negatively affects the genitals of animals, for example, the male develops a natural instinct, which makes him more aggressive towards other rabbits.

Note! Experienced rabbit breeders recommend seeding rabbits from 1.5 months of age.

How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit in infancy

Breeders do not recommend starting the identification of rabbit sex before 30 days of age. Gender can be recognized by primary signs – genitals. The method for distinguishing young animals between the ages of 2 weeks and a month is inaccurate, since the rabbits reproductive system look the same. In some cases, the identification of the young may be appropriate. It is necessary to carefully examine the genitals of the rabbit, however, it is important to do so in order not to scare him. To better understand the sex differences between small pets, you can use a magnifier.

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When examining, it is important to be careful, as an immature animal is very susceptible to stress. It is necessary to pet the pet gently, and later turn it over to the back and gently pull its skin, pressing the index finger in the buttocks area, the thumb should be on the stomach.

In girls rabbits, the reproductive organ resembles a gap narrowing to the tail. If the genitals are not well examined, the distance between the hole and the booty can be measured. In rabbits, it is 2 mm. In males, the genitals have a round appearance, the distance between the penis and anus is from 2 to 5 mm.

When the eared is 3 months old, recognizing their gender becomes easier. The genitals by that time are developed enough to distinguish by primary signs. With adulthood, the sex of the pet becomes more apparent, so it is impossible to mix up the male and the female.

Sex differences in adult rabbits

Even a novice breeder will be able to identify a female or a male in a six-month-old individual.

How to inspect:

  • pre-feed;
  • put an eared man on his knees, soothe and stroke;
  • take by the scruff of the neck, put on his back with his head up;
  • holding the pet with one hand, gently spread the fur in the genital area.

It is important to remember that herbivores have strong hind limbs, so they will kick with discomfort. Trying to free itself, the animal can begin to bite and scratch, so a novice breeder should take the help of a second person who can hold the pet during all the manipulations.

The reproductive system of males and females has a number of differences. How to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit? The female genitals resemble a loop and a small tongue, which are located next to the anus. The color of the organ in rabbits is light pink, in adults it is dark pink. On the sides of the genitals acquire a triangular shape with a gap that tapers to the pope. The reproductive organs of the boys are in the form of a cylinder with a round hole and are located at some distance from the anus. The penis in young animals has a milky color, with age it changes to a pinker and becomes swollen by sight. Breeders compare the appearance of the rabbit’s genital organ with a bullet.

A characteristic sign of achieving puberty of the rabbit is the testicles, which can be felt upon examination. The older the animal, the more they sink, but due to fear, the young crawl can instinctively draw them in. The testicles look like two small cones, they are not covered with wool and are well visible. This feature often leads to a panic of novice rabbit breeders who take genitals for the development of the disease. In rare cases, the testicles in boys may be absent. Often this happens due to an abnormality, mutation or injury.

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Secondary sexual characteristics of herbivores:

  • wool;
  • body proportions;
  • structure of the skull;
  • skeletal system;
  • mammary gland.

How to distinguish male rabbits from a female visually, without examining the genitals? The body of the females has a smooth shape, voluminous croup, and the presence of nipples in two rows is characteristic of the abdomen. The rabbit’s fur is thicker and softer than that of boys. The body of rabbits is particularly strong: the hind limbs are more powerful and wider, and the croup is smaller than that of girls. The head of the animal is more massive, and the body is rounded. Experienced breeders are able to distinguish the sex of an adult by their appearance without careful consideration of the reproductive organs.

How To Determine The Gender Of A Rabbit

Determination of sex by behavior

Herbivores are very playful and funny animals. Beginner breeders may find that jumping rabbits at each other indicates the mating of pets. However, this behavior is characteristic of females, which can in an excited state begin to imitate the process. Also often in this way the rabbits show their supremacy, jumping on weaker individuals. Males can jump on each other during games, as well as rabbit fights.

How to find out the gender of a rabbit by its behavior? The behavior of males has its own characteristics associated with the label of territories. The rabbit body has special sebaceous glands that produce a specific secret. In particular, the crawl urinates randomly, and the urine sprayed by it has a pungent, unpleasant odor. Also, often pets begin to rub against the walls of the cage and feeders to leave their smell on them. Young individuals are especially active and pugnacious, therefore they can arrange fights among themselves. You can identify a male brawler by damage to the coat. Such rabbits lose the value of fur, but they can be used as strong offspring.

Important! The rabbits are more balanced and calm behavior. For them, activity is characteristic only during the period of sexual hunting. They often love to equip their homes to their liking, they can constantly move objects, arranging them at their whim.

Females can also dig burrows or build comfortable shelters for posterity. Do not worry if the rabbit has hid in a corner for several days and refuses to eat food, as this is quite normal behavior of the females. Pregnant individuals can sometimes begin to tear out their fur on their belly, using it to line the bottom of the cage. Thus, they equip the home for rabbits.

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Important! Despite their peaceful nature, females can start fighting among themselves for getting the freshest food and the best place. Typically, such skirmishes end without causing damage, so marks on the wool are not a sign that the individual is female.

How to determine the sex of a decorative and dwarf rabbit

It is important for the owner of the decorative rabbit to recognize the sex of the pet as early as possible in order to castrate him. This procedure is necessary due to the fact that with age, the eared ears become aggressive, they attack not only other pets, but also the owner. Also, the urine of adult non-neutered males acquires a pungent unpleasant odor, and they begin to mark the territory with their urine. This feature is characteristic not only of commercial breeds, but also of decorative and dwarf ones. Pets that are not constrained in movement, mark absolutely everything in a row, so the house of a rabbit breeder can get an unpleasant smell. Castration is recommended at 4 months of age.

Note! It is also important to distinguish a boy from a girl in time when moving pets. It is impossible to plant individuals of the same sex in the cage, since it is likely that the pets will begin to find out which of them is more important.

Important! For accurate recognition, you can use the help of a qualified seller. If you can’t see the genitalia of the pussies, you can measure the distance from them to the anus. In boys, this figure does not exceed 4 mm, in girls, half. If the animal is more than 3 months old, the male can be distinguished by the lowered testicles.

Good livestock business depends heavily on proper sex distribution. Therefore, an important manipulation when buying or inspecting rabbits is to determine their gender. They can be carried out according to the standard scheme, however, experienced breeders have a number of ways to distinguish a rabbit from a rabbit. It is important to consider the age of the pet during the examination, since in young individuals the primary sexual characteristics are still poorly formed, therefore, it can be very difficult to distinguish them. Often, sex determination in rabbits occurs by the shape of the hole and the distance between the genitals and the anus. With age, the sex difference becomes more apparent. You can also find out the sex of an animal by secondary sexual characteristics and behavior, however, these are not exact methods, and therefore are not suitable for beginner rabbit breeders.

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