If you brought a rabbit into the house, then you probably noticed that it has sufficiently long and sharp claws. Like other pets, they must be cut periodically, because the pet can scratch and injure its hands. The procedure for cutting the claws of the rabbit-like is responsible and important, but not difficult, if you know: how to prepare for it and what to do. How to remove the decorative rabbit’s nails correctly, we’ll figure it out together now.

Does the rabbit need to clean its claws?

The claws of rabbits grow very rapidly. But in the wild, while walking on various surfaces (stones, hard grass, tree bark), they naturally quickly erase. Which, of course, can not be said about the pet. At home, except for the cage and the floor of the apartment, during the walk the rabbit’s claws do not feel other surfaces. And, therefore, natural erasure does not occur and they need to be regularly cut.

How To Cut A Rabbit'S Claws

At a certain point, the claws reach such a size that they begin to cause the animal physical discomfort. In this case, a decorative rabbit has to walk, leaning on the back of the foot. This can lead to the following health problems:

  • bloody corns on the legs – pododermatitis;
  • joint pain;
  • dislocations;
  • rachiocampsis;
  • pain in the paw at every step.

In this case, the eared one becomes depressed, passive, loses appetite. Another dangerous situation is an accidental hook on a carpet, upholstery or other fabrics. As a result – severe pain, torn claw, bleeding. Cutting claws is useful not only for an eared pet, but also for its owner. If you do not cut the claws on time, you can get deep, painful, poorly healing scratches on the hands.

Doing a pet manicure

Preparing for this procedure is necessary from the first day of cohabitation. It is easiest to cut the nails when the little rabbit lies on the back. Therefore, it is gradually necessary to accustom him to this position. Lay the eared on the back regularly, stroke the tummy and legs, play.

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The first haircut is carried out at the age of 1.3-2.5 months. As a rule, during this period the baby is still in the nursery. If you get a rabbit whose nails have not yet been cut, ask the breeder to do this with you. So you can get an invaluable practical lesson from a professional. At the same time, find out which tools to perform the procedure best.

Haircutting tools

In order to regularly clean the nails of your pet, you need a special tool. At first, while the claw is still soft, you can use sharp manicure scissors. But by the second haircut, he will become much tougher. It is not recommended to use ordinary scissors on adult claws, since they cannot cut the claw in one go, crumble it and form cracks. Subsequently, this can cause serious inconvenience to the rabbit.

Most suitable are special side cutters with a stop or claw cutter-guillotine. It is important that the tool is made of steel, well sharpened, the blades fit snugly against each other. The handles must be rubber so that at the crucial moment the nippers do not slip out of the hands.

How to cut?

First you need to choose a way to fix the eared. If the animal is calm and makes it possible to lay itself on its back, it is better to carry out the procedure this way. Put the rabbit on the table or on your lap, fix it with the elbow of one hand, and take the foot in the same hand. Press the pad lightly to get good access to the claws. Perform all the manipulations calmly, do not be nervous.

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Cutting nails does not cause eared anxiety, but if the nerve is affected, he will feel severe pain, bleeding will begin.

Using a special tool, grab the dead part of the claw so that the cut is parallel to the foot. More precisely, you can see in the diagram below. It is important not to hurt the pulp – a soft reddish tissue that contains a blood vessel and nerve ending. It is necessary to cut all claws at a time.

If the pet does not allow itself to be turned over, you can ask someone to hold it, having securely fixed the paws. When there are no helpers, you can use a towel or diaper to wrap a rabbit in it. One foot can be pulled out from under the diaper and a haircut can be carried out calmly, without fear that he will break out.

If the claws of the decorative rabbit are black, you will still need help with the first haircut. The fact is that through the white claw you can see the pulp, and you can select it in black only by shining a flashlight. After the black claw can be regularly cut to a few millimeters, without fear of hitting the pulp.

The regularity of the haircut must be determined by the growth rate of the claws, but as a rule, it is carried out at least once every 1.5 months.

If the capillary is hurt …

Sometimes even experienced rabbit breeders have oversights – the pulp touches and bleeding begins. In this case, iodine, zelenka or peroxide should always be at hand. Tools themselves should be sanitized before shearing. If blood has gone:

  • treat the claw with an antiseptic;
  • stop the haircut procedure;
  • do not return the animal to the cage until it stops.
  • if bleeding does not stop, apply a pressure bandage to the foot and take the eared to the veterinarian.
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Schematic representation of the correct haircut

How To Cut A Rabbit'S Claws

Rabbit kneeling before clipping a claw

How To Cut A Rabbit'S Claws

Claw trimming with a claw cut

Video "How to clean the rabbit’s nails"

Look at the video, as the rabbit quietly allows her nails to be cut. Also here you will find detailed video instruction from an experienced breeder.

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