Decorative, or dwarf rabbits in apartments today contain many pet lovers. Of course, in order for such animals to feel good, to be healthy and active, they need to be properly looked after. Rabbits should be fed on time, cleaned cages, ensure that they always have access to fresh water. Sometimes the owners of such animals have to cut their claws.

To perform this procedure, you can, of course, visit a specialist. The veterinarian will be able to trim the rabbit’s nails as accurately and quickly as possible. The price of such a procedure in clinics can be quite high. The cost of services from specialists is usually 500-700 rubles. Therefore, many owners of rabbits still prefer not to waste time and money and cut their nails on their own.

When is a procedure necessary?

How to cut a rabbit’s claws. we’ll talk about this a little lower. First, let’s figure out why such a procedure is generally required. In the wild, claws help rabbits move properly. When moving the animal, they cling to the soil, thereby providing additional stability. Also with their help in nature, rabbits dig holes. When walking and "earthworks" the claws of the rabbits gradually grind.

Another thing. hand-made decorative animals. At home, the claws for rabbits in most cases very quickly become a burden. After all, grinding their little animal in the apartment is simply not about that. Therefore, after removing the sharp parts of them, domestic rabbits usually feel much more comfortable. The answer to the question of whether the claws are cut in rabbits can be given in the affirmative.

The main reasons for the need for this procedure in such animals when kept in an apartment usually become:

The inability to accurately distribute mass when moving. The main emphasis in rabbits with unshaved claws falls on the heel. As a result, this part of the animal’s paws begins to suffer from wounds and calluses. In addition, due to this, rabbits often deform fingers.

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The likelihood that the animal is caught in the claw of any object and is injured. The paws of the rabbits are very tender. And with a strong jerk, the bones can even break.

The possibility of a rabbit inflicting wounds on himself or the owner. Defending themselves, rabbits actively act with their hind legs. In fear, they can inflict severe wounds on their kin or even people.

Sometimes rabbits, when kept in an apartment, even begin to bite their own claws. This is a sure sign that they simply interfere with the animal.

How often to cut

The claw removal procedure in rabbits is usually done once a month. However, the terms of the haircut are individual. In some rabbit breeds, the nails grow faster, in others. slower. Therefore, they are supposed to cut their hair from animals as necessary.

What tools will be required

How to cut a rabbit’s claws. we will definitely find out further. But before embarking on such a procedure, of course, you need to prepare a special tool.

Do not use this tool to trim the claws of only small rabbits. For such animals, the procedure is usually carried out using nail scissors. The use of such a tool does no harm to small rabbits. The claws of such animals are still very tender and soft. And so they are easily removed with scissors.

The situation is completely different with adult rabbits. The claws of such animals are very strong and stiff. Using ordinary scissors, it will simply be impossible to remove them. When applying such an instrument to an adult rabbit, it can be severely damaged. When cutting with ordinary scissors, the claws of the animal begin to crumble and break off.

How to cut a rabbit’s claws at home: essential medicines

In addition to the nippers, to trim the rabbit’s claws you will need:

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Such drugs are useful in case of injury to the animal. Also, before cutting, it is necessary to prepare a disinfectant solution for nippers. It can be, for example, ordinary medical alcohol.

Where to start: useful tip

In order to remove a rabbit’s claws, it is first necessary to put it on a table on its back. Act when performing such a procedure should be as cautious as possible. The backbone of rabbits is much more fragile than that of cats or dogs. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to strongly press the body of the animal or its limbs to the table. If the rabbit does not want to lie on its back, it should be seated on a flat surface in any position convenient for it. The main thing is that the body of the animal remains straight.

If the rabbit refuses to cut its claws at all, it would be best to wrap it in a dense fabric, for example, in a piece cut off from an old blanket, and subsequently alternately pull out the paws.

How to trim a rabbit’s claws: technology

Actually, this procedure itself is as follows:

  • the nippers are disinfected and brought to the animal parallel to its paw;
  • they grab the dead particles of the nail plate with pliers;
  • bite off part of the claw with an instrument.

Like dogs, rabbits inside their claws have living soft tissue called pulp. About this, pet lovers who have wondered how to properly trim the rabbit’s nails should be aware.

When cutting, it is very important not to damage the pulp. Before biting off the claw, it is advisable to look at the light. The location of the pulp will most likely be clearly visible. If this part is not visible in the light, only the very tips of the claws are trimmed in the rabbit. Do not damage the pulp when cutting. Otherwise, the animal will lose a lot of blood.

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How To Cut A Rabbit'S Claws - Step-By-Step Description And Recommendations

What to do when injuring the pulp: recommendations of specialists

Is it necessary to trim the claws of a rabbit and how to properly perform such an operation. we found. The dimensions of such decorative animals are small. And their claws, respectively, are also, in most cases, very small. Therefore, injuring the pulp in such animals in the absence of experience when cutting, unfortunately, is quite easy.

If this happens, the rabbit owner should:

  • stop cutting immediately;
  • provide first aid to the animal.

If the pulp is damaged, the rabbit’s finger, along with the remaining part of the claw, is carefully treated with brilliant green, iodine or hydrogen peroxide. Next, take a clean rag in your hand and clamp the paw of the animal in order to stop the bleeding. If this measure does not help within 15 minutes, the rabbit’s paw is tightly bandaged with a bandage and the animal is taken to a veterinary clinic.

What can be used, in addition to nippers

When filing the pulp, it is somewhat more difficult to damage. But the tools designed for this purpose, in most cases, produce a very loud noise during operation. This can greatly scare the rabbit, and the claw removal procedure will be impossible.

At what age is it worth starting to cut

So, we figured out how to cut the claws of a rabbit. But at what age should this procedure be done for a pet for the first time?

You need to cut the claws of the purchased rabbit immediately after it is brought into the house and gets a little used to it. Perform this procedure, in principle, is allowed almost from the very birth of animals. Breeders usually make a haircut immediately after the babies begin to leave the nest and eat on their own. The rabbit’s claws are quite soft, but they can still hurt themselves or their brethren.

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