How To Cook Compound Feed For Rabbits Composition And Recipes

Raising rabbits is a responsible and difficult task in which there are many important nuances. The main secret of success is providing complete nutrition with all the necessary nutrients. A feature of these animals will be a relatively delicate digestive system and the likelihood of rapid death of the livestock in violation and a sharp change in diet. It is possible to fully provide nutrition for rabbits with compound feeds, the composition of which will be discussed in our article.

Types and significance of the grain mixture

Depending on the number of animals and the type of animals raised, the owners face an important task: the selection and preparation of good nutrition for every day. In summer, this issue is solved relatively easily: there is a lot of fresh grass and vegetables. In winter or early spring, this is not possible, and without all the necessary substances, animals will quickly die. The solution may be the acquisition of finished dry feed, which are classified into three types.

Feed additives are commonly used to provide rabbits with vitamins and all the necessary micronutrients. Such mixtures are not given separately, but mixed in certain proportions with the main feed. The advantage of additives will be ease of use and the ability to independently control the amount of incoming substances. The disadvantage is only the cost and the need for constant acquisition, which is also not always possible.

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Feed – concentrates usually contain all the necessary elements in a "condensed" form. They are not used as an independent food, but are mixed into the diet from coarse and succulent feeds. Concentrated feeds must also be bought, which is not always justified in terms of profitability of cultivation.

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Full feed – this is feed in the full sense of the word. This type of mixture completely satisfies all the needs of animals for nutrients and vitamins. Compound feed is very convenient to use, it is readily eaten by furry pets and it is much more economical than conventional mixtures.

Unlike grain, it is completely absorbed by animals, its structure allows additional grinding of teeth, and this is the problem of most rodents. In addition, when using combined polnoratsionnymi mixtures, the animal gains weight faster and is less sick, since in its diet there are all the substances necessary for the full development.

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Using feed for rabbits helps:

  1. Gain weight quickly to animals.
  2. Avoid many common diseases.
  3. Optimize feed flow.
  4. Save time and money.
  5. Provide a complete diet.

At its core, feed replaces animal feed. Judging by the description of the breed of rabbits, the Gray Giant, to ensure everything you need is to establish round-the-clock access to clean water, as well as give the rabbits enough fresh grass or hay. This method is also suitable in case of lack of time, as well as for forced absence from home or permanent employment. The composition of the feed is diverse and high-calorie, so animals will not need anything.

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The composition of the full-grain grain feed

Not only adult animals, but also young animals, as well as females during pregnancy and lactation, should provide everything necessary for the development of feed. That is why purchased mixtures are slightly different in composition and percentage.

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The composition of the feed PC – 90:

  1. Corn.
  2. Wheat.
  3. Soybean meal.
  4. Sunflower Makukha.
  5. Herbal flour.
  6. The complex of vitamins A, D3, E, P, K3, PP and group B.
  7. Amino acids.
  8. Salt.
  9. Micro and macrocells: calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, cobalt, selenium and many others.
  10. Multi-enzyme composition.

The content of nutrients is as balanced as possible and is suitable specifically for growing rabbits. Energy value – 237 kcal / 100 grams of product. The food is well absorbed and readily eaten by pets. In addition, its delicate structure does not irritate the sensitive digestive system of animals. That is why you should not buy feed for rabbits intended for feeding other animals.

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If the number of rabbits you have is not too large, the purchase of special feeds will not “hit” the family budget, but for the mass breeding of meat breeds, the amount of costs will increase significantly. To save money without sacrificing quality, you can set up independent production of animal feed at home. How to do this as successfully as possible, the following information will tell.

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Making a mixture at home – a recipe and in what proportions to mix

This method will not only save money, although the difference between purchased and homemade mixtures will be quite noticeable. In addition, you can independently regulate, and most importantly, control the quantitative composition of the mixture and make sure of its quality and freshness. If it is possible to purchase special equipment, and with large volumes it is simply vital, the process of preparing feed will not take much time and effort.

What you need for a feed preparation recipe:

    How To Cook Compound Feed For Rabbits Composition And Recipes
  1. The grassy part is the dried stalks of meadow plants. You can also use dry tops of garden crops and straw. This important criterion of diet will help to significantly reduce the cost of domestic feed. Its vitamin composition is extremely useful for animals and is very necessary in the winter. In summer, you can partially replace this part with fresh grass and vegetables.
  2. Cereals are the main component of a complete feed. It is this part that determines the process of weight gain and provides rabbits with the necessary protein and fiber. Almost all types of grain are used for feed: wheat, barley, corn. Legumes enrich the diet and provide additional nutritional value. You can use peas, corn, soy, and sunflower seeds. Such a variety will allow you to quickly gain weight and fully satisfy the needs of animals.
  3. Animals and vitamin supplements are usually used in small quantities. This is whole milk powder, meat and bone meal and fish meal, as well as purchased prefixes and fodder yeast. Despite a small percentage of the content, these substances allow you to develop disease-resistant immunity and develop safely. Whole milk can also be given to nursing rabbits and growing young animals in their natural form, but if there are doubts about its composition, it is better to limit it to the dry option.
  4. Minerals are also needed to shape the body. Usually it is crushed chalk and even lime, but only in specially specified volumes and preparations.
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To visualize the required amount of all necessary substances, you can use the table below. Such a composition can conditionally vary depending on the age and needs of the animals.

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Table – Estimated Rabbit Feed Composition

What do you need for the manufacture of granulated feed do it yourself

No matter how much you plan to keep rabbits, it is advisable to use mechanized devices for preparing compound feeds. If the usual diet of these animals does not include such a thorough grinding, then in the mixture this will be simply a prerequisite.

In order to completely eliminate the time-consuming process of manual labor, it is necessary to initially invest a considerable amount on the necessary equipment. Costs will quickly pay off, especially if you start a small business and sell feed to neighbors and acquaintances.

Is it possible to eat meat if myxomatosis in rabbits helps to understand this information.

Combined feed preparation equipment:

  1. Motokosa will help to harvest hay just in industrial quantities. The cost of such a device will not be too great, but time and effort will save you enough.
  2. A hay dryer is an optional, but very thoughtful type of agricultural machinery. With its help, you do not have to wait for the set time and is worried about possible failures during the drying of the collected grass.
  3. Hay shredder, as the name implies, is necessary for the quick and high-quality creation of an herbal mixture – the main ingredient in any type of feed.
  4. Crusher for grain crops will help to process grain into a suitable fraction of a uniform flour. It’s simply impossible to get high-quality feed without this device.
  5. Maslopress screw is designed for grinding oily crops. If desired, this can also be done on the grinder, but the use of special equipment will additionally help to obtain pretty good quality sunflower oil. Such a “by-product” product will probably come in handy for a variety of purposes, but the acquisition of this equipment can be postponed until later.
  6. Granulator or extruder – an important point when creating granular feed. The powdered mixture is unsuitable for feeding rabbits, the dust clogs the bronchi and causes spasmodic coughing and animal diseases. In such devices, dry particles are intensely compacted and converted into granules, the size of which can be varied. This device is simply necessary for the manufacture of animal feed for other animals, its cost will pay off depending on the volume of production, but in any case, this process is difficult to adequately replace.
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After purchasing the necessary equipment, models of which are presented in an unthinkable assortment, you can begin the process of creating feed. To do this, you must first prepare all the necessary ingredients, grind them to the desired state and mix thoroughly. If you are using a special extruder, adding fluid is optional. In granulators, this component can be included in the mixture; it is necessary to study the instructions for the equipment.

After all dry particles are thoroughly mixed, you can proceed to the final stage. On the Internet there are many projects and drawings on how to make a home granulator yourself. If you are using a purchased model, you must first study the instructions and then start working. Typically, the dry mixture is fed into the compaction chamber and finished granules appear through a special hole. The principle of operation of the extruder also includes additional heat treatment, so the feed will be simply sterile.

Feeding rabbits can be carried out in several stages, or you can just pour out a daily dose. The main requirement is the presence of fresh water at any time of the day so that the animal does not suffer from thirst after dry food. Feed should not be procured for future use, it is better to be limited by a supply for a week or two and store the finished mixture in airtight containers and dry rooms.

Home compound feed should not be stored for longer than a month, and since its manufacture will entirely depend on you, the cost of its transportation will be reduced, and the quality will always be consistently high. All of these simple rules will help make rabbit farming an even more cost-effective business and make it easy to take care of these whimsical animals on a regular basis. Video “rabbit breeding for beginners” is presented at the proposed link.

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