Even as pets, many animals tend to escape from the owner, and there is a completely natural reason for this – the desire for freedom. However, there are certain tricks that will help predict the escape or, in extreme cases, it’s easy to catch a fluffy fugitive.

How to catch a runaway rabbit?

Catching such a nimble creature like a rabbit is quite difficult. But sometimes, such an escape can be predicted and stopped in time. The anxiety state of rabbits is usually quite pronounced and is accompanied by behavioral changes:

  • the animal frantically bangs its hind legs on the floor – complete readiness to break loose and run;
  • an eared animal rises on its hind legs, stretches its body and raises its ears up – a wary pose with extraneous sounds;
  • the pet is firmly pressed to the floor with his whole body – an indicator of severe stress (fear) from loud noises or when he sees a predatory animal.

How To Catch A Rabbit Effective Methods, How To Make Do-It-Yourself Traps

The last position is the most favorable for capture, since the beast is very scared and even afraid to move. It is enough just to quietly approach him and take by the scruff of the neck.

If the rabbit escaped in the absence of the owner, everything is somewhat more complicated. It is necessary to quietly, carefully check all the secluded places, and if the animal is not found there, you will have to put a cage with your favorite treat of the escaped animal and watch when the hungry fluffy fugitive returns to it.

How to catch a rabbit in the garden or in the garden

Catching rabbits at home is not an easy task. And in the garden, this mission becomes much more difficult, because in the open territory of the animal opens up much more places in order to hide.

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So, when running a rabbit in a garden or garden, you must clearly follow the following steps:

  • give a good assessment of the situation: the rabbit will choose the most secluded place for shelter, for example, bushes;
  • near a possible shelter, it is necessary to find traces (he could not leave them) and set an automatic trap with a lot of goodies in the largest section of the cluster of “paws”;
  • lure the animal into a trap with a bait, which must be scattered like a path leading directly to the place of capture.

How To Catch A Rabbit Effective Methods, How To Make Do-It-Yourself Traps

Sitting at the place of capture is absolutely pointless: the animal will not come there even under the threat of hunger, while watching him. Check the cell after 2-3 hours, usually during this time the fugitive resorts to eat. If the cell is empty, you need to return after a while. You need to approach the place of fishing as quietly and without unnecessary movements in order not to frighten the fugitive.

How to catch a wild rabbit?

Catching a wild rabbit with your own hands is an almost impossible task. Wild animals prefer to stay away from humans, so even getting close to an eared beast will be extremely difficult.

The following types of traps are used to catch non-domesticated animals:

Using a snare

To catch with the help of snares, it is necessary to choose the most suitable place. First you need to find the rabbit path (the road along which rabbits often run across). Next, on this trail you need to find an arched thick branch (slingshot), or in the absence of such a barrier, install it yourself directly in the middle of the trail. The arch should be quite massive, as wild rabbits have quite a lot of power.

How To Catch A Rabbit Effective Methods, How To Make Do-It-Yourself Traps

After performing these steps, you must:

  1. After installing the trap itself, it is necessary to close the animal passage on the sides with small knots or deciduous branches.
  2. Next, a regular loop of wire or dense fabric is wound around the snag (when the rabbit jumps the “slingshot”, its paw is stuck in this loop and it will not be able to run further, since the paw will be held by an arc-shaped branch).
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Using wolf pits

Wolf pit is also an effective device for catching wild animals.

How To Catch A Rabbit Effective Methods, How To Make Do-It-Yourself Traps

For its proper arrangement it is necessary:

  1. Find a rabbit path and in the middle of this “road” dig a large depression (approximately 0.7 m in diameter, a meter deep).
  2. From above it is necessary to lay out a not very dense mesh of elastic branches (crosswise).
  3. Next, you need to tightly cover the resulting mesh with leaves so that the pit is not visible.
  4. Above you can sprinkle with earth.
  5. In the middle of the resulting sheltered structure, you need to lay out a treat.

Using cells

Cages for catching wild rabbits are assembled in such a way that it stands slightly at an angle on the door, and when the beast enters behind the bait, under its weight the door bends and slams.

How To Catch A Rabbit Effective Methods, How To Make Do-It-Yourself Traps

From the “hunter” it is only required to install such a device on the rabbit path and wait until the hungry lazy dog ​​gets inside the cage for carrots, or another treat. This type of trap is considered the most humane, because with such a capture, the fear of the animal is minimized.

Useful Tips for Catching Rabbits

In order to successfully catch the animal, and at the same time, do not harm the fragile nervous system, you need to follow the following useful tips:

  • approach the found or caught pet must be very quiet, without sudden movements;
  • when laying baits, it is undesirable to touch them with bare hands, as animals have excellent sense of smell;
  • they need to visit and count their pets more often, and also arrange for them to take such care that they don’t want to run away from;
  • if you couldn’t catch the animal yourself, there are special services that have the necessary tools and will help you find the fugitive.
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So, given that rabbits are very agile and cunning, catching such an animal is not an easy task. However, using human dexterity and uncomplicated devices, this is completely possible. The main thing is to use the mind, not physical strength, so as not to harm the animal.

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