How Many Rabbits Live

There are a number of factors affecting the life span of rabbits. This topic is especially interesting for breeders at the beginning of rabbit breeding. The number of years lived by animals directly depends on the owner, since it is he who decides his fate. In the article, we will tell you how different this figure is between domestic, wild and decorative animals. You will learn how to notice signs of the individual’s aging, and learn about ways to deal with them.

How many years does the life of wild rabbits last?

Biologists, observing representatives of the hare family in the wild, compared the free conditions with keeping animals at home or in rabbits. As a result, they came to the conclusion that the life span of rabbits completely depends on the habitat, including the quality of the resulting feed.

Free wild animals live on average about 2-3 years. To prolong their existence, hungry predators, weather conditions, poor nutrition and illness prevent them. Many newborn rabbits die even in burrows, being flooded by rainwater.

In the conditions of every second concentration of attention, constant caution and an endless search for food, the rabbit will not live long – it will certainly give up slack somewhere. And then it dies from the teeth of predators, from cold, hunger or disease.

How Many Rabbits Live

The owner decides everything

Rabbit breeders of any rank determine the life expectancy of pets, based on feasibility for the economy. On average, farmed eared rarely live longer than 7-8 months.

This age is suitable for animals and meat, and skin farms, since usually the maximum weight is already passed and all age sheds have been passed. From the moment the rabbit no longer gains weight, keeping it becomes unprofitable.

A person may well shorten the life of animals by starting slaughter in 3-4 months, when the meat is more tender and tasty. To continue the breed, highly fertile females and male producers contain an average of 3-4 years, and especially productive ones can live up to 5 years.

Despite the favorable conditions on rabbit farms, wild rabbits will not live at home for a long time.

How Many Rabbits Live

Ordinary production rabbits, if taken to the house as a pet, are able to live 7-8 years with good care, and individuals up to 10 years.

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Hanging ears lengthen life

The life expectancy of ornamental rabbits is an average of 5-8 years. But some individuals survive to 10-12.

Various factors influence the number of terrestrial years of eared pets. How long a decorative rabbit lives depends on:

  • breeds;
  • conditions of detention;
  • congenital health;
  • nutrition;
  • the ability to communicate with your own kind.

How Many Rabbits Live

Experts have found that the life span of decorative rabbits is often dependent on the ears and body size. Owners of erect ears are about 7-8 years old, and for lop-eared two years more – 9-10 years.

In dwarf (mini) breeds of home decorative eared, life lasts 5-7 years. It turns out that they are less than the rest will please the owners with their existence.

Large decorative pussies will live a little longer, and long-livers among households are decorative, not dwarf ones, with ears down – fold. But, regardless of the breed chosen, you can help extend the life of pets.

What can shorten the life of the eared

As we have already said, the life expectancy of a rabbit on a farm is directly related to the production task of a particular farm. If the breed of animals is meat, they are grown to the maximum possible weight. If the animals are furry, then the owner achieves maximum productivity from the skin. The average life expectancy of ordinary street rabbits raised on such farms is 1-3 years.

How Many Rabbits Live

However, there are factors that can unintentionally shorten rabbits’ lifespan. These include: poor heredity, low immunity and adverse living conditions.

If the rabbit received from weak or sick parents, then his health will be poor. Poor care and poor or poor nutrition reduce rabbits’ lifespan. Immunity under adverse conditions is greatly reduced, so animals can easily become infected and die.

What prolongs the life of a rabbit

The rabbit does not have to think about how many years to live. This dilemma for him can be solved by the owner.

How Many Rabbits Live

But, unfortunately, it happens that diseases or accidents affect how many years rabbits live. You can extend the period of existence of your wards by creating favorable living conditions. All the details are in the articles “On Breeding Rabbits at Home for Beginners” and “On Breeding Rabbits in a Farm Condition”.

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It is very important to protect the psyche of animals, because hare-like ones are very shy. They can get sick even from the fact that they are disdained, not to mention the stress associated with a sharp rude shout at them.

The decorative rabbit will live longer at home if castrated. Veterinarians advise you to do this procedure to avoid wear and tear of the body, if you do not plan to regularly get litter from your pets. To understand the essence of the operation, check out our article “Castration of the rabbit: how and why.”

How Many Rabbits Live

We create favorable conditions

Protect your pet, regardless of whether it is home or kept in a cage on the street, from possible injuries. Check the quality of the houses for the absence of cutting, piercing parts. Make sure the locks are secure so that the rabbit cannot open the door and fall out, especially if the dwelling is high.

Feed the eared only fresh, high-quality products, give them unlimited access to clean drinking water. Use special drinkers from which rabbits will not be able to pour water and are not wet.

Clean and disinfect cages, feeders, and drinkers regularly. This will save the eared from the likelihood of contracting infectious diseases. During work, try not to scare the rabbits, do not rattle the tools in their presence.

How Many Rabbits Live

Extend the life of decorative rabbits

If you are the owner of a home long-eared pet – a decorative rabbit, then how many of these creatures live will be of particular interest to you.

Initially, genetics already laid down how many years decorative rabbits live. Moreover, the number of years lived in different breeds will differ.

In addition to elementary compliance with the requirements for cleanliness in the rabbit’s habitat, the presence of complete, always fresh food and clean drinking water, it is possible to improve the quality and number of rabbit years by ensuring the animal has the correct daily regimen. Release the pet from the cage daily for at least one hour. Better in the morning – then the animal is most active.

Create a psychological atmosphere for peace and security for your pet.

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A good method of prolonging life is keeping animals in pairs. Communicating with oneself like ones favorably affects not only the mood, but also the life span of the decorative rabbit.

Signs of aging

Having described above how many rabbits live, we will talk here about the signs of long-eared aging.

Of course, old age can be judged simply by the number of years lived. In general, after about 3 years, your ward will inevitably experience some signs of wilting.

The first thing that catches your eye is the appearance of the animal. Hair begins to fall out, the hair is very thin. The sclera of the eyes does not become so transparent, but over the years they become completely cloudy. The abdomen of the pet sags, becomes flabby.

How Many Rabbits Live

The behavior and needs of the eared also gradually changing. The appetite becomes worse over the years, so the rabbit will absorb less food. Playfulness and activity is noticeably reduced – the animal wants to sleep longer, to be alone.

Watching the passing away of a close eared friend is, of course, painful. But this is an inevitability for which one must be prepared already at the stage of acquiring an animal. Just live with your pet his last days. Be as attentive and caring to him as in his young years.

Eared centenarians

Among the hare there are centenarians. There are cases when domestic rabbits have lived for more than one and a half decades. So, in the 60s of the last century, the long-eared Flopsy, domesticated on one of the islands of Australia, lived 18 years and 10 months, before reaching the mark of 19 years, only a little.

How Many Rabbits Live

And in the Guinness Book of Records, another eared life line is recorded – 17 years. So much has lived an American animal named Du. This centenarian lived in New Jersey. In the world register of famous achievements, he became known as the record rabbit.

Write in the comments how many years your pets lived, what conditions you created for them to extend their longevity.

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