Heating In The Mother Liquor For Rabbits

In the cold season, it becomes necessary to heat the mother liquor for rabbits. Females are fertile and can produce offspring several times a year. Therefore, they need to create comfortable living conditions with young animals in both winter and summer. The whole structure is simple and does not require special knowledge. It can be built with your own hands using heating elements. Ready-made, it will come in handy for several seasons.

From hay and wool

A rabbit uterine is a crate that attaches to a cage. In it, the rabbit equips the nest before the baptism. To do this, she uses her own wool and hay. The female recreates a kind of mink in which she will be calm and safe. In this container, childbirth and feeding of the cubs will occur.

Heating In The Mother Liquor For Rabbits

For convenience, a hole can be made in the box, which will serve as the entrance to the cage. Self-assembled, it can have a removable structure. The mother liquor is usually small. It is in addition to a simple cage for maintenance. If the area of ​​the nest is too spacious, then the rabbits will serve there, confusing the room with an ordinary cage.

You can build a small mother queen, only for rabbits. But the average size (55x30x35 cm) is the most optimal, especially for beginners in rabbit breeding. Already in the process of breeding, you can choose the best area for the box, given the size and fecundity of the female.

You can buy ready-made queen cells, but most often they are immediately completely bonded to the cage (fixed). Such structures are much more difficult to care for.

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Heating In The Mother Liquor For Rabbits

About how to assemble houses for rabbits with rabbits and what materials to choose, you can read in the article "How to make mother animals for rabbits."

Comfortable temperature

In rabbitry you need to maintain a constant temperature. This is required to create a comfortable environment in which rabbits can grow and breed, and at the same time feel good. For the mother liquor and common cells, 15 degrees is considered optimal.

If it is very cold, then all the energy of the animals will go to warm up. This leads to exhaustion and various diseases. Therefore, in the cold season, it is desirable to make the heating of all cells.

Heating In The Mother Liquor For Rabbits

It is not always possible to warm the entire rabbitry on the farm. In this case, all the heat is directed only to the cells and the mother liquor. Thus, comfortable conditions for growth are created for rabbit young animals.

Despite the fact that mother liquors are built with heating, very often they do additional warming. These are sawdust that fall asleep in the voids between the walls. The box should not have slots through which warm air will escape.

Heat with thermal film

In order to make a warm mother liquor for rabbits with your own hands, you need infrared thermal film. This option can be called a budget, because the material is used only for a specific cell or nest.

The thermofilm is installed under the bottom of the mother liquor, thereby heating only it, and not the entire rabbitry premises. This is a significant savings on the product itself and on electricity.

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When installing such an element (film), the mother liquor must be equipped so that heat is stored in it. It all depends on how well the place for the nest is built (without cracks, with insulation). Thermal film itself works when graphite strips begin to produce heat. They are connected at the edges to the busbars (copper parts). It is on them that a voltage of 220 V. is supplied through the wires.

For the device you will need: infrared film (power 140-150 W / sq. M), wires, soldering iron, knife, adhesive tape, plywood, slats, insulating layer with foil.

Heating In The Mother Liquor For Rabbits

To organize the heating of queen cells, you need to adhere to the following procedure:

  • take a thermal film, according to the size of the mother liquor floor;
  • two edges of conductive strips (copper "tires") located on one side are freed from insulation with a knife (the strip is not soldered to a soft surface, and the knife enters freely between them);
  • wires freed from insulation are soldered and insulated with tape;
  • on the other side, the two edges of the conductive strips also need to be insulated with tape;
  • if necessary, you can include a thermostat in the product, which will allow you to adjust the temperature (if the film has a defined heating level, then this is not necessary);
  • the thermofilm is fixed on a piece of plywood, according to the size of the mother liquor, and between them an insulating layer with foil is laid;
  • 2-3 rails need to be fixed from above across the graphite strips so that the bottom of the mother liquor does not come into contact with the film (there should be an air gap).
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Heating In The Mother Liquor For Rabbits

When the design is ready, it can be installed in the right place and put the motherboard on top. The wires are routed and plugged in. If necessary, all parts are disassembled and cleaned of contamination.

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