When starting rabbits, many beginning rabbit breeders do not know how to find out the sex of the offspring that their pets will bring. When buying, the floor of the animals is either known or immediately visible in adults. There are several signs to determine the sex of a rabbit yourself.

You can use one of the known methods. It is best to determine sex when the young rabbits are a little older, because it is quite difficult to do this up to a month.

He Or She Learns To Distinguish Between Sexes Of Rabbits

Genital examination

The most famous way to determine the sex of a rabbit is to look at the animal under the tail. That is, to distinguish the male from the female in appearance of the genitals. This is pretty simple. The animal is turned on its back, holding with one hand. The index fold and thumb of the other hand squeeze the skin fold from the genital area, gently pressing.

In older rabbits, for example, after 4.5-6 months, sexual characteristics are much better expressed.

The female will see a pinkish eyelet, while the male will see a small process, slightly curved. This process will be the sexual organ of the male. In boys, the testes are easily distinguishable – they look like two balls without wool. In girls, naturally, the testes are absent, and the genital loop is clearly visible when pressed. Look at the photo below how the genitals of heterosexual rabbits look.

He Or She Learns To Distinguish Between Sexes Of Rabbits

By external signs

If you do not examine the sexual characteristics of animals, you can distinguish a boy from a girl in appearance. Males always have a larger head, an angular body, a wide skeleton. But this difference applies only to rabbits from the same litter. An adult female is always more rounded than an adult male, has a wide croup, since nature provides for the birth of cubs. This distinction method is only suitable for adults.

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Experts advise against applying such a visual method to babies. After all, females and males in one litter are approximately the same in size until about six months. This is clearly seen in the next photo. All rabbits are of the same size, therefore, to understand where the male and where the female is possible only by genitals.

He Or She Learns To Distinguish Between Sexes Of Rabbits

By behavior

Another fairly reliable method that is easy to apply is the ability to distinguish a rabbit boy from a female by cage behavior. Female individuals are almost always calmer, sometimes even inert. While the boys are active and even aggressive. We can see the opposite effect during sexual hunting. Then the female becomes active, snorts, runs, scatters hay and nibbles the cage.

Differences of decorative rabbits

For this, decorative fluffies use the method of visually determining the distance from the reproductive organ to the anus. In a female, this distance ends with a pink loop, and in a rabbit boy 4 mm from the anus there is a pink dense area. At the time of mating, a penis appears from there.

He Or She Learns To Distinguish Between Sexes Of Rabbits

Differences at different ages

To successfully distinguish babies by gender at different ages, use our tips. Remember that the older the animal, the higher the likelihood of a quick and accurate determination of who is who.

Per month and earlier

At the age of a month, you can already try to recognize a rabbit boy. Experts say that a month is a sufficient period for such a responsible business. In this period of development, the animals are still very small, but their sexual characteristics are quite easily identifiable. Watching the video, we will learn how to recognize heterosexual rabbits at the age of one week.

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At three months

When the third month has passed to the rabbits, a noticeable pink loop-tongue appears in the female, and a noticeable penis grows in male animals. As they grow older, the genitals will increase and mutate. The tip of the male genitalia of the rabbit will increase slightly over time, swell and become like a thin tube.

Six months and older

Males at six months are already fully mature, their testicles are formed and lowered. When viewed from the animal, they can be urged on, this is a sign of fright, but one testicle must be visible necessarily. Ideally, the testes are two sacs, spaced apart at a certain distance, and not paired, as in other animals. The testicles are not covered with fur, and look like bald, swollen pink areas of the body.

The rabbit will not see anything like this in six months. Her genitals will remain the same shape as in three months. Unless they grow and, perhaps, slightly darken.

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