Harness For Rabbit

What is harness for?

Recently, as pets, rabbits are gaining popularity. These are quiet and calm animals that do not require special care. Decorative breeds are not pests. It’s nice to feed them, it’s interesting to play with them, but a special pleasure is a walk with them. A little rabbit for a walk needs a quiet place with green, soft grass, away from noisy highways and any loud sounds. To be able to control the animal, a harness is put on it.

The harness for the rabbit is designed so that he could not run away or get injured. Wearing a rabbit collar is less safe. If you put on a collar and do not calculate your strength by pulling on it, you can harm the health or life of the animal. The harness does not compress the neck, does not block the airways, so when walking rabbits, it is considered more relevant.

Harness for rabbit

Types of harnesses

Pay attention to the size, closure and reliability of the leash. In a quality device for walking, the leash should be fastened to the harness by a carabiner, and not be tightened. On the side, the whole structure should resemble the letter “H”. The uniform should be precisely sized, as a small animal can jump out, and a small one can strangle it.

Harnesses are more comfortable

Between the tissue and the body, one finger should be placed. Harnesses are more comfortable to use, both for the owner and for the animal. In any danger, the rabbit can be raised by the leash in his hands, without causing any harm to his health. It fastens in two places: on the stomach and on the neck. Harnesses sewn like sweaters or T-shirts are made of durable material that is easy to clean. These are real clothes in which cool evenings are not terrible. In addition, the fabric is quite soft and will not rub the delicate body of the rabbit. This device is regulated in volume, it will not be difficult to use.

How to train a rabbit for a harness

In order for the rabbit to calmly react to the paddock, he must be allowed to get used to the harness. This must be done after he is already accustomed to a new habitat and a new owner. It is recommended to train in a calm home environment, so that the rabbit does not bother anything.

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The first time the strap is worn at home for a short period of time. For the rabbit, this ammunition will be new, but it will be quite a short time, so that he gets used to it and ceases to notice it.

Important! Subsequent times should be longer in time. After some time, you can attach a leash to the dressed neck. You can’t pull it sharply, as this can cause fright.

After it becomes noticeable that the animal has ceased to react to clothes, as to something new and unusual, you can go out with it. For walking the rabbits, it is recommended to choose a quiet place where children do not make noise, and there is no movement of vehicles, because the animal can be nervous, and his walk will be associated with anxiety. The best option for walking is a lawn with soft grass, which is not intended for walking dogs. It is advisable to take a walk in warm sunny weather.

For walking rabbits, it is recommended to choose a quiet place

It is best to bring a rabbit to the lawn in a special animal carrier. To the strap you can buy a leash for the rabbit, which in design resembles a tape measure. This will allow the animal to feel free, and the owner is more comfortable and calm, since from any long distance the little rabbit can be quickly returned to itself without problems. Also, roulette leads are good because in case of any danger the rabbit can be stopped with a latch.

Addiction to the slaa with a leash occurs within a week. With the right approach, the animal will not feel discomfort when putting on a harness and walking in it on the street.

Note! Before taking the rabbit out to the street, he must have all the necessary vaccinations, since when walking and in contact with other animals, the chances of contracting a deadly disease increase.

How to wear a harness

How to wear a harness for a rabbit, if she dresses for the first time? Be prepared for the animal to squeak and resist. You need to talk to him gently, while holding him tightly in your hands. When the rabbit calms down a bit, you can continue to dress her, without stopping at the same time gently talking to him.

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The harness is fastened in two stages: on the neck and on the chest. The rabbit should be comfortable in the new outfit. A finger should pass between the neck and the girdle, and the fasteners should be tightly fastened.

Important! Make sure that the clasps do not pinch the hair or skin of the animal. Under all conditions, the animal does not feel the harness on its body, respectively, it can not cause him any inconvenience. Once she is worn on a rabbit, you can attach a leash.

If the animal feels calm and safe, walks will undoubtedly bring him a lot of positive emotions. He will be able to move freely on the lawn, while being in full view of the owner.

Harness For Rabbit

Sewing harnesses at home

With the fact that the rabbits began to gain more and more popularity as pets, the demand for clothes and harnesses for them increased. To date, there is a large number of different uniforms for rabbits, but it can be made at home. You should know a few nuances, and the pattern can be done according to step-by-step instructions.

You can sew a harness on your own

  1. Braid;
  2. Centimeter;
  3. Strong threads;
  4. Mounts for a leash;
  5. Plastic ring;
  6. Scissors;
  7. Buckles;
  8. Lined fabric.

The pattern pattern is simple. First you need to remove the dimensions from the rabbit. For sewing you will need such data: girth of the chest, neck size, the distance between the neck and chest. When the measurements are taken, you can cut the braid into two parts, one of which should be 15 cm more than the cervical girth, and the second should be as much as the chest girth. Each part should be lined with fabric intended for lining. Next you need to attach the clasp. The next piece of fabric should be 6 cm longer than the distance of the withers. It should also be lined with lining on the inside. With the help of this cut, it is necessary to connect the two previous fragments of the harness and sew on it a ring for the carbine with a leash. The animal will be comfortable wearing a harness sewn according to this pattern.

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How and where to walk rabbits in harness

It is recommended to carry the rabbit to the place of walking in a special carrier intended for pets. This reduces the likelihood of the animal becoming tired or injured. The rabbit does not obey commands, like a dog, and walks in the direction that she chooses on her own. You should be careful with him, since a lot of things can frighten the animal, as a result of which it can begin to break out and run away.

The preferred area for walking is the lawn.

The preferred place for walking is the lawn, which is located away from roadways, noisy children’s companies, loud, frightening sounds. Many owners love to take their pets for picnics. On such trips, you should also use a carrier in which the animal feels safe. Since rabbits are in constant motion under natural conditions, it is recommended to use a leash-roulette, which at any time will limit the walking radius of the animal without scaring it at the same time. If the animal does not move, it sits with ears down and clinging to the ground, it is frightened by something. At such moments, the owner should take the rabbit in his arms and talk in an affectionate voice to relieve stress and calm the animal. Before walking, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary vaccinations, because on the street there are much more contacts with other animals, from which you can become infected with deadly diseases.

It is not recommended to walk with pets in nature at low air temperatures and winds, as there is a risk of catching a cold. The best time for walking is considered morning or evening in the warm season, so that the animal does not receive a sunstroke. If the summer evening is a bit cool, the rabbit should get dressed.

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