German Shearing Rabbit With Scissors

Most Russian rabbit breeders, and not only rabbit breeders, believe that the rabbit should be plucked. In this regard, they remember a lot of their village childhood. However, as I already wrote, in today’s world there is a special, one might say, industrial breed of Angora rabbits. German Angora, sheared like sheep. They are sometimes even called "city ​​sheep".

Let’s start with a scissor haircut:
you need to have a haircut really good scissors with rounded noses. Scissors with rounded ends are also less dangerous for cutting delicate underbelly places. Do not try to cut the rabbit with a pair of old domestic scissors! Buy new scissors and use these scissors only for cutting rabbits and nothing more. Do not even cut paper with them, from this the scissors only get blunt.
Let’s get started. You can cut rabbits outdoors in calm weather or in a clean room. It is better put on a medical mask, especially if you. allergic or just don’t want to tickle your nose.
Rabbits get used to it quickly "go to the hairdresser", especially if you and the rabbits have taught them to groom. So over time, they themselves will substitute their sides for you. Females, naturally, are fundamentally calmer than males behave during haircuts.
Lay a clean oilcloth under your workplace (so that accidentally falling strands of wool do not become worthless). Your workplace can be a shear comfortable chair and table or a special cutting board (I will write about it someday). You can also cut the rabbit by holding it on its own lap. Over time, I will add special photos to better understand the process.
Cook containers for collecting wool. It can be cardboard boxes from under shoes or anything else, plastic containers for shoes, paper bags, but they are worse. The choice depends on how long the wool will be stored before further processing. And don’t forget tissue paper, to it you will separate the layers of fluff from each other. It is important. fluff is afraid of squeezing, it can fall down! and then you will need serious additional efforts for this fluff to go into spinning.
Sanitize Scissors suitable for veterinary medicine. And do it every time before cutting another rabbit. Have on hand a remedy to stop bleeding (due to inexperience, you can injure a rabbit) and a wound healing agent with a suitable antibiotic. Iodine and zelenka are not very suitable, because repaint the coat.
Before starting a haircut comb "a blanket" or "coat" (the so-called upper, best part of the hairline of a rabbit) is a good non-metallic comb. Your goal. comb out hay inclusion. Believe me, there will be few of them if the rabbit is kept correctly.
Then divide the cover "parting" along the middle of the back. Slide the scissor blades under the wool, as close to skin as possible. The length of the cut is about 5-7 cm. Do not overdo it: taking more hair, you can cut not too close to the skin (will lead to "daunting" and loss "the harvest"because daughters for spinning are unsuitable, this is a marriage) or vice versa, do not see the skin (lead to injury to the animal). Instead of chasing the standard, take a small amount of fluff every time and cut as neatly as possible, especially if you still have not enough experience. The coat should be cut in stripes along the spine in the direction from the head to the croup. Having reached the end, start again from the top of the back, going down 1.5 cm down from the spine. Every single strand from a rabbit stack on tissue paper, tops in one direction. Believe me, this. not superfluous, because then you can quickly and with less effort turn this fluff into a high-quality spun thread. I repeat, the Angora wool is afraid of being squeezed, it can become caked and then the consequences can be unpredictable.
When you finish cutting "coat" rabbit, and the underbelly, legs and rump will remain uncut, you can assume that the 1st grade wool is gathered. It will need to be weighed and put into separate containers, signed. Always collect each rabbit’s fur in separate containers, write the haircut date, grade and weight.
Next time I’ll tell you how to properly cut the tummy and other intimate parts of the rabbit.
The first time the haircut will take a lot of time in you and you may be slightly disappointed with the appearance of the rabbit, but remember that the fluff will grow back quickly and your rabbit will look attractive in a few days.

German Shearing Rabbit With Scissors
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