Fun For The Pet Make Toys For Decorative Rabbits

Owners of decorative rabbits should provide their pet with not only good nutrition and good living conditions, but also communication and entertainment.

Dwarf rabbit – very playful and big fidget. Therefore, if you do not pay due attention to it and provide it with interesting toys, you risk paying with your things, which your pet will probably adapt for its games. So do not wait when it comes to wrecking and take care of the entertainment for your rabbit in advance.

So, what can you do with your pet?

Tall tables, shelves, structures

Fabrics and shreds

Playing with large and small rags is one of the most beloved entertainments of decorative rabbits. Therefore, take the time and cut him scraps of natural fabrics, and leave a few canvases in whole pieces (about 30×30 cm).

Cardboard boxes

If you bring a few cardboard boxes to your rabbit (small in size — enough to fit only a rabbit in them), your pet will appreciate it. He will spend a lot of time playing a kind of game – hiding in one box or in another and running from place to place.

Rabbit Mink

Fun For The Pet Make Toys For Decorative Rabbits

One of the favorite pastimes for rabbits is making minks. So that your pet does not create a house for himself in the closet and does not spoil your clothes, prepare him a large cardboard box, seal the opening side parts and cut only a small hole there. Throw pieces of fabric and shreds there, and how exactly to place them there, your pet will decide for himself. Do not doubt your own mink – the dream of every decorative rabbit. It may even happen that there he will not only play, tearing apart his shreds, but also sleep.

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Natural materials

Everyone knows that rabbits are rodents. So, so that your pet does not have a desire to sharpen his teeth on your furniture, prepare him tree branches. For this, species such as linden, aspen, mountain ash, willow and any fruit trees other than stone fruits are suitable.

Remember: in addition to toys, the rabbit also needs your communication. Talk with your pet, play with him, come up with new entertainments for him, and he will thank you with his good behavior!

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