People tend to pick their pets according to their character. For one, a dog is a best friend. And for another – a burdensome need to get out in the morning from under a warm blanket. You can also say about cats. Someone appreciates them for their independent nature, and someone is annoyed by the need to ask permission from a pet in order to pet him. But what about rabbits? These decorative babies are able to melt the heart of anyone.

To argue that the maintenance of dwarf pets in a city apartment does not add to the trouble, it is impossible. However, most owners are confident that these efforts are compensated by the opportunity to watch a sweet and pretty little ball of happiness.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Why is the rabbit called dwarf?

Of course, the main reason is the miniature size of the animal. The minimum weight of an adult dwarf rabbit is about 800 grams. Individuals of larger breeds can reach three kilograms, but no more. The size of the body is also not large. Minimum it can be 20 cm, and a maximum of about 50 cm.

In addition to the size of the body, the position of the ears is necessarily mentioned in the description of dwarf breeds. According to this parameter, fold rabbits are distinguished, and with erect ears.

Another important standard for dwarf breeds is the length of the coat. So you can choose for yourself a short-haired, long-haired or medium-haired pet.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Long-haired dwarf rabbit

Breed selection

If you ask the seller if he sells dwarf rabbits, he will be surprised at the vagueness of the question. And it will start asking you for additional details. He will definitely ask about preferences in the nature, size, condition of the ears and the length of the coat. Only after this the seller will understand which breed you are interested in. And the breeds are not one, and not two, so there is plenty to choose from.

For example, give a description of the most purchased breeds:

Lop-eared ram

This is a very cute animal with touching hanging ears. It is not the smallest, since it can reach a weight of 3 kg, but it is surprisingly similar to a soft toy. The character of such a pet is friendly and flexible. Dwarf ram loves affection and touch. He gets used to the owner and becomes very attached to him. Despite its small size, it is a strong and developed pet with a large head and massive muzzle.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Lop-eared ram rabbit

Color dwarf

This is a tiny pet with erect ears and soft short fur. The weight of an adult animal can be from 800 grams. The color of the breed has almost 60 options. Despite its small size, the pet looks quite sturdy. But the character of such a baby is completely unpredictable.

If the owner is lucky, he will receive a friendly and complaisant animal. Otherwise, it will be an aggressive mini-monster.

In this case, the male will have to be neutered, then his character will be corrected.

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Dwarf fox

This is a small miracle with a fairly long coat. The rabbit has small protruding ears, a stocky body, and a pleasant to the touch fur. The minimum length of the ears is 5 cm, and the maximum is 7. If you are offered a specimen with longer ears, then this is already a breed defect.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Dwarf fox rabbit

Dwarf Rex

This is a medium-sized animal with very beautiful and high-quality fur. Experts say that Rex’s skin resembles chinchilla fur. The animal has an elegant appearance and proud posture. The character is mostly mild and phlegmatic. The pet loves tenderness and attention.

Angora dwarf

This is a very funny animal with long and thick hair. It is very difficult to consider the dimensions of the baby. It is shrouded in a cloud of fluff so that it is difficult to see even a muzzle. Such a pet needs serious care. It requires regular combing and brushing. It is difficult to guess the character of a handsome man, but if the rabbit is not purebred, then the probability of aggressive behavior is much higher.

In fact, there are a lot of dwarf rocks. Most often, a person just needs to look at the animal to see if it can become a pet.

How to keep a pet?

Decorative dwarf rabbits should not be bought in markets from unknown sellers. Before buying, be sure to check the age of the animal, and whether he was vaccinated. It is important that the rabbit before the sale was given preparations for worms.

Note that in a healthy rabbit, the nose, ears and eyes are clean. And also, that on his body and ears there are no ulcers. The fur of a healthy animal is silky and has no bald patches. Pay special attention to the reaction of the animal to humans. If the animal is agitated and behaves aggressively, then this may not be a sign of a bad character, but a symptom of the disease.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Dwarf rabbit cage

It is better to buy a pet immediately with the cage or prepare it in advance. The cub is smaller than the adult, so you need to check with the seller the maximum size of the breed, and when choosing a cage, focus on it. Housing for the rabbit must be made of durable materials, otherwise small rodents will quickly kill him. By the way, here the rabbit is called a rodent, because of the habit of constantly biting something, and not because of the animals belonging to this detachment.

In the cells most suitable for dwarf rabbits, the ceiling and walls are made of galvanized metal rods.

In such a home, the pet will not suffer from stuffiness. There should not be sharp protrusions and corners inside the structure. This is important because rabbits are active animals and can get hurt. You can not buy a cage with colored rods. The animal will nibble the paint and take off.

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Inside the cage, a house, a feeding trough and a drinking bowl must be fixed. It’s good if the tray fits there. If the owner manages to accustom the pet to the tray, then caring for it becomes much easier.

The cage can stand on a coffee table or low podium. So the pet will be able to see what is happening around, but will not be afraid of great heights. The place should be bright enough, but quiet. Do not stress the animal by placing its cage near a music speaker or TV.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

House – a place to sleep

The room where the eared friend lives should be well ventilated, but a place away from drafts is chosen for the cell. In no case do not settle the pet near the battery, or under the air conditioner. Both that, and another, for it are equally dangerous. A balcony or a loggia is also not the most successful, or rather a very unsuccessful place for your pet.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the cage door. It should be so large that the rabbit easily passed into it. Otherwise, the animal will live in constant stress, and the owners will be uncomfortable releasing it for walks.

If you bought several rabbits, then their content will have some nuances. Two males do not get along in one cage. They will fight and injure each other. But two females, especially from the same eye, will feel great. Just do not forget that for several individuals you need a more spacious cage or aviary. If you bought a male and a female, then think right away how you will place the kids.

How to care for a pet?

Many fear that keeping a rabbit at home will lead to unpleasant odors. However, if the animal is properly looked after, this will not happen. Do not forget to pour litter from straws, sawdust or pieces of newspaper onto the bottom of the cage. All these materials absorb liquids well and allow you to quickly cleanse the cell.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Straw bed for hygiene and well-being

Many owners put a tray (toilet) outside the cage. This makes it possible to accustom the animal to accuracy while walking around the room. In addition, the pet does not have to sleep near the tray, and the owner is easier to clean it. To make the animal accustomed to faster, the toilet is always put in the same place. The animal will find it, including by smell. So that the dwarf pet does not stain the paws and wool, a grill should be on top of the filler.

Please note that when cleaning the cage and tray, do not use strongly smelling and aggressive cleaning agents. It is necessary to clean the cage 2-3 times a week, the tray is cleaned as it becomes dirty.

The owner must carefully ensure that there is always clean water in the drinker. Wash the drinker daily.

Since rabbits are clean, bathing is not included in their regular care. The only exceptions are long-haired breeds, or cases of diseases with diarrhea. It is necessary to wash the animal with a zoo shampoo, after bathing – thoroughly dry it. And make sure that the animal does not jump out on the draft. Mandatory procedure for long-haired pets is combing. If this is neglected, then the wool rolls and looks untidy.

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The owner of the dwarf rabbit must purchase a cat clipper. Pet care involves regular clipping of the claws. If the claws are light, then the area with nerve endings and vessels is clearly visible. Dark claws are more difficult to trim, the rule applies here: less is better, but more often. To carry out the procedure, the animal is laid on its back, with its hind legs to itself. If the animal breaks out, it is wrapped in a towel, or the name of an assistant. They trim about once every 3 weeks.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Rabbits can make an open-air cage for walking

Rabbits really like to walk around the apartment, and the owner needs to take care of their safety. And also, for your own peace of mind, it is better to remove from the zone of their access, everything that is expensive not only as a memory.

And do not forget to fix the wires so that the toothy pet could not bite them, otherwise very unpleasant situations can occur.

In fact, this is all animal care. It remains to consider the rules of feeding, and you can go for a fluffy purchase.

How to feed?

Rabbits chew something all the time. The constant intake of food in the stomach is a necessity for them. This is an essential feature of the digestive system. A small and weak stomach quickly digests food, which is pushed into the intestines by the next portion of food. Your baby can eat up to thirty times a day. Based on this, remember:

Pour food often, but in small portions, throw away leftovers immediately. The hay feeder should be separate, and always full.

Dwarf Rabbit How To Make A Pet'S Life Safe And Comfortable

Green foods are a source of vitamins

What causes dwarf rabbits?

At the beginning of the article, it was mentioned that rabbits should be vaccinated. Vaccinations against viral hemorrhagic disease, rabies and myxomatosis are mandatory. But in addition to these diseases, even in a comfortable home environment, the pet can start conjunctivitis, subdermatitis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Very unpleasant consequences can have a sun or heat stroke. If the pet is not moved to the shaded place on time, or if it is not removed from the heater, then it may die.

Proper maintenance and observance of sanitary standards will ensure your pet a long and healthy life. On average, dwarf eared pets live 5-7 years. But if care and feeding is done correctly, then life expectancy can increase up to 12 years. So in this matter a lot depends on the owner.

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