For those who are breeding domestic rabbits, it is important to keep the offspring healthy, to provide the rabbit with a litter with conditions of keeping, where she could feed the litter in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. How to make a convenient mother liquor for rabbits with your own hands, so that the environment is favorable, and the breeding process does not depend on the time of year?

Drawings Of The Mother Liquor For Rabbits, Or How To Make It Yourself

Breeding rabbit needs special conditions

Mother child, but is he needed?

Some people think that a rabbit needs a mother rabbit only in cold periods, and to feed rabbits rabbits enough cells, but this is not so. In nature, animals live in minks, where they feed offspring, and this creates an impression of privacy and security. In an open cage, rabbits will constantly worry. And if you do not put it in the environment, familiar, developed in the process of the existence of the species, it will not be able to fully fulfill its purpose.

Yes, and rabbits are born completely defenseless, without hair and blind, and although the female is able to make the nest warm and cozy, this is not enough, especially in winter. Their immunity is weak, and low temperatures, drafts, they are poorly tolerated. But in the mother liquor heat is stored, and the babies will always be healthy. Having gained a little strength, after a few weeks, they themselves will begin to crawl out into the free space of the cell from their house.

The design of our mother cell is elementary, it resembles an ordinary box with an opening for entry, it is not difficult to make it. Here you need to take into account some conditions and know the subtleties of keeping rabbits, then you will get an excellent nest where rabbits can grow healthy and strong rabbits.

Drawings Of The Mother Liquor For Rabbits, Or How To Make It Yourself

Rabbits are born completely defenseless

The selected type of uterine cage is universal for domestic rabbit breeding; it involves additional warming organized according to the “sandwich” principle, works like a thermos and perfectly maintains elevated temperature even in cold winters.

Materials and Tools

Before you start manufacturing, you need to prepare tools and material. The set of tools is minimal, any owner in the house has it, you will need:

  • hammer;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • nails, small in length equal to the thickness of the rails;
  • pencil or chalk;
  • saw;
  • self-tapping screws.
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Details of which the nest will be composed:

  • plywood sheets are inexpensive material, it’s easy to work with them, they are suitable for workpieces with a thickness of 3 mm;
  • wooden boards;
  • slats, their thickness is 2.5 cm .;
  • loops;
  • insulation.

You can reduce the cost of the design using conventional trim from boards, so as not to splurge on slats. Regarding insulation. Why are sawdust taken? The answer is simple: thermal insulation properties are excellent, but no costs. Therefore, as a result, the mother liquor will be super economical.

Drawings Of The Mother Liquor For Rabbits, Or How To Make It Yourself

Universal design of the mother liquor

Sawdust is allowed to be mixed, those left over from the processing of wood. So that they do not stray and fall off, they must be filled as densely as possible, the main condition is the absence of moisture in them. You can choose another material with high thermal insulation characteristics. But here, not everyone will do.

  • It is possible to isolate with glass wool, a great thing that has low thermal conductivity, subject to low humidity. But if a small gap remains, then its particles can penetrate the ears, eyes, mouth of animals, settle on the wool. It can be replaced by more modern, harmless counterparts.
  • If you take straw, there is no guarantee that it will not begin to rot soon, harmful microorganisms will not start in it.
  • Asbestos is a carcinogenic material.
  • It is more advisable to use polystyrene; it is not so difficult to find several small pieces.

Therefore, choosing a insulation, you must not lose vigilance, carefully refers to its quality, and carefully isolate from contact with animals.


Before proceeding to production, it is necessary to make drawings of the mother liquor, this will greatly facilitate the work, and the picture will appear more clearly. The sizes are presented in the table, where the number of parts is indicated.

Drawings Of The Mother Liquor For Rabbits, Or How To Make It Yourself

The main dimensions of the future mother liquor

When everything is ready, you can proceed to the main process: the manufacture of the structure, it is important to adhere to the sequence:

  • First, in accordance with the proposed dimensions, all structural elements are cut out. Since warming is provided, they are made in double quantity, for internal and external sides. Two floors, the same number of covers, and side walls long and short.
  • Then the rails for edging are prepared.
  • Next, they begin to put together the blanks. First, plywood is stuffed with nails on the plywood, then a heater is placed there. Be sure to ensure that there are no gaps and gaps at the joints. Otherwise, the sawdust will spill out through the holes, and the rabbits can eat them and die.
  • The top layer of plywood is packed on this frame. An entrance is made in the front sheet, its shape can be round or square, but so that the rabbit can freely enter there.
  • To make the work move faster, the front wall can be replaced with a piece of board, then it will be easier to make the entrance to the motherboard. It is easier to cut it with a jigsaw, but in its absence, the hole is made with a saw on the side. The inlet diameter is sufficient 15 cm. The dimensions are acceptable for females, and do not allow heat to escape too intensively from the nest.
  • When all the walls of the mother liquor are ready, they are fastened with self-tapping screws. Side walls are attached to the bottom, then the back is attached. The top cover is hinged so that it is possible to observe the young and for additional maintenance of the nest. In addition, on hot days it will allow you to slightly open it, for better air circulation. This makes it possible to use the mother liquor in the summer.
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Drawings Of The Mother Liquor For Rabbits, Or How To Make It Yourself

Insulation of the bottom, walls and roof

Everything, a cozy nest for mom with babies is ready, now, if the size of the cage allows, it’s time to put the mother in it.

Having slightly changed the basic drawings, it is possible to correct the design to your taste, you can make a slight slope of the floor to facilitate cleaning. Or increase the parameters by one and a half times for larger individuals. And for territories where winters are very cold, provide for the location of the heating element under the cage floor, but so that the pets feel great.

A few tips for organizing a nest

Too much mother liquor to do, no need, the rabbit may think that this is another cage, and will begin to defecate there. On the other hand, the space is too small will not allow her to settle there comfortably, and there is a danger that she will crush the droppings. The sizes provided here are suitable for rabbits of small and medium breeds.

Is it worth it – to line the bottom of the finished nest with straw? When a female is young, she had a look at her for the first time, it is possible that she will be confused and forget about such an important procedure before a look, and then she needs help. An adult experienced uterus usually does not need this, and she herself knows what needs to be done.

Drawings Of The Mother Liquor For Rabbits, Or How To Make It Yourself

The warmed mother rabbit rabbit

In order to prevent plywood from rotting rabbits, it is good to lay galvanized sheets on the bottom, then you need to lay straw on them with a thick layer, at least 20 cm, otherwise due to the high thermal conductivity of the iron, the rabbits will freeze in frosty weather.

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You don’t need to make mother liquors from freshly cut coniferous trees, the persistent smell of essential oils will scare off the expectant mother, and she refuses to use the nest, and feeding her newborns, or her behavior can become completely unpredictable.

Regarding the hole, it should not be done too high. Growing up, but still small rabbits, it will be difficult to overcome the high barrier and get out into the space of the cage, then they will not be able to defecate outside. On the other hand, the presence of a barrier is necessary, then the rabbits will not crawl out, and the rabbit will not be able to return them.

Guided by this instruction, in half a day you can make an excellent mother liquor for the cell. A product of this design will allow rabbits to breed year round, which will certainly affect the profit and profitability of the economy.

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