Diy Harness For A Rabbit

Decorative rabbits have recently become popular pets. These animals need to move more and be in the fresh air to maintain immunity. A harness for a rabbit is an item with which it is convenient to go for a walk with a beast. This is such a device to which the leash is attached, but not on the neck, but on the back of the animal. From it, the animal cannot free itself. Having accustomed the rabbit to the outfit, you can safely go on a picnic with him, without fear that he will run away, feeling the danger.

Harnesses for rabbits

What is harness used for?

The harness is a special equipment that allows you to walk your pet on the street. A regular leash intended for dogs and puppies is not suitable for an eared rodent, since its body structure has features. In addition, the rabbit, walking with the owner, does not respond to his commands, he can get scared and start to break free to run away.

There is a chance that the pet will be freed from fear from the usual leash and run away or become entangled in it and get injured. There are cases when animals, trying to hide from danger, pulled the leash so that they died of suffocation. The rabbit needs a harness that supports it under the chest and front legs, and a leash is attached to the back. In case of danger, the owner of the animal can easily raise the animal by the harness, without causing him harm.

The harness is necessary for walking, as the pet will not be able to escape from it and run away, since this device tightly covers the body of the animal in the chest area. There are two types of devices for walking:

The first option is made of nylon straps, one of which is fastened in the neck, and the other on the chest. The second can be made in the form of a vest or T-shirt made of strong fabric, which tightly wraps around the body of the pet. The leash in both cases is attached to the upper back of the animal.

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How to train a rabbit for a harness?

Before you go for a walk with the rabbit, you need to train him on a leash. You should start training at an early age, and do it better at home, in a relaxed atmosphere. An important condition – the rabbit should already get used to its owner and a new home. We give detailed instructions on how to train a pet to harness:

Decorative rabbit on a harness

  1. At first they put it on for only a few minutes, without using a leash. The animal may feel uncomfortable, but will soon get used to a new subject.
  2. Gradually, the time spent in the harness is increased.
  3. In a day or two you can attach a leash. Do not pull it, otherwise the eared one will not like it, in the future he will resist walking in the harness.
  4. When the animal assimilates and ceases to notice that there is a leash on it, you can go out with it.
  5. Choose a quiet place for walking, where the children do not make noise and the dogs do not bark. A great option would be a small lawn with soft grass away from the roadway.
  6. You need to go out for a walk when the weather is nice.

Attention! It is better to bring the rabbit in the carrier to the place of walk, so that it does not get scared along the road and is not tired.

Diy Harness For A Rabbit

Owners of decorative rabbits recommend getting a leash-roulette. Walking with him is much more convenient – when the animal moves away from the owner, the leash does not stretch, but becomes longer. The animal will like to feel free. In case of danger, the owner of the animal will use a latch that limits the radius of movement. It takes about a week to train a rabbit to harness. If the owner does everything right, the animal will appreciate the innovation and love walks in the fresh air.

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Important! Before going out, the pet needs to be vaccinated against deadly diseases – myxomatosis, HBV, rabies.

DIY harness for a rabbit

What will be needed to make a harness:

  • centimeter;
  • braid;
  • scissors;
  • threads (durable);
  • ring;
  • carbine;
  • 2 buckles;
  • piece of soft lining fabric.

Detailed instructions on how to sew a harness for a rabbit:

  1. First we take measurements of the pet. It is necessary to measure the circumference of the neck and chest, as well as the distance between these parts of the body.
  2. Two pieces are cut from the braid. The size of the first is 15 cm larger than the circumference of the neck, and the size of the other is 15 cm larger than the circumference of the chest of the animal. Stock fabric will go to the seams.
  3. Each piece of braid should be lined with lining on the inside.
  4. We fix the buckle on one end of each element, and make holes on the opposite side with an awl. It is advisable to process the perforation with threads or use special metal rivets.
  5. Cut another fragment from the braid, its length should exceed the distance between the neck and chest of the animal by 5-6 cm.
  6. We sew the third piece with lining fabric from the inside and with it we connect the parts of the harness that will be worn on the neck and chest of the animal. We attach a ring to this element. It is to him that the leash carabiner will be fastened.

If everything is done correctly, then the finished harness, worn on the pet, on the side resembles the letter N. Rings equipped with buckles are worn on the neck and chest of the animal, and on the back of the rabbit these two parts of the harness are connected by a strap to which is attached leash.

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How to wear a harness on a rabbit?

For the first time, putting a harness on a rabbit is not easy – the animal will resist. It must be held tightly, but carefully, talking to the pet in a gentle voice. The outfit for walking consists of two parts – narrow and wide. A smaller diameter strap is worn on the neck of the animal, and the other on the chest. It is important to make sure that the rabbit is comfortable in the new outfit. Having fastened both straps, make sure that:

Rabbit harness

  • between the collar and the neck of the animal there is free space equal to the thickness of the index finger;
  • fasteners are reliably fixed;
  • the rabbit’s hair or skin is not pinched by clasps.

When the harness is dressed correctly, the animal almost does not feel it. It remains only to attach the leash to the ring, which is located on the back of the pet.

Reference. If the owner has at his disposal a harness-vest, put it on by the same principle – the narrow part is located on the neck, and the wide part is on the chest. When dressing her on a rabbit, make sure that the uniform does not squeeze the body.

Walking in the air brings joy to the rabbit under one condition – he feels safe. Thanks to the harness, the animal has the ability to move freely on the grass, play and frolic, while being in the field of view of the owner. This equipment is safe – if the leash is pulled, the rabbit is not threatened with suffocation, and it will not work to break out of the harness and run away from the pet.

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