There are a huge number of reasons to get a lop-eared rabbit a ram as a pet. We list only the main ones:

  • Unpretentious in leaving
  • No special sophisticated diet required
  • Ram is very kind by nature
  • Attaches to the owner, just like a puppy
  • Almost all day is active and you can play with it (unlike a hamster that is awake at night)

We have not convinced you yet? Then just look at how decorative lop-eared sheep look, and you can not resist.

Description, origin of species and name

This is now lop-eared rabbits. Sheep live mainly as pets in apartments. But there was a time when they were grown for meat, mainly in France (the breed is called French lop-eared). That was until the breeders from Holland in the mid-20th century crossed this miracle with the Dutch dwarf, and a dwarf fold sheep was obtained.

Why in the name “lop-eared” – everyone understands, you just have to look at his face. But the "ram" requires explanation. The fact is that the animal has a bulge on the forehead, and the breeders decided that this makes it similar to a famous animal. Although, in our opinion, decorative rabbits look much nicer.

Rabbits are NOT officially rodents. They were allocated to a separate hare family a little more than 100 years ago. Therefore, calling your dwarf ram a rodent is wrong.

Care For Lop-Eared Rabbit Ram And Its Contents

Not very cute, but very meaty “ancestor”.

What you need to keep a dwarf rabbit

To get started, get a place to live a decorative ram. Most often, the choice of owners falls on the cage, but if space permits, you can equip a spacious aviary or shelving – it’s easier to care for the fold. The main thing is that there is enough space for a dwarf pet (approximately 50×70 cm per one rabbit).

A cage with metal rods and a plastic pallet is the most convenient care option. The fact is that any material of the cell, except for metal, the lop-eared sheep simply gnaws over time. A plastic tray is preferred because it is very easy to clean.

When you buy a cage, carefully examine its inner surface for sharp edges, burrs. Due to the structure of your ears, your lop-eared sheep can easily damage them. This is especially important if there are small rabbit-rams in the cage: after birth, their ears are erect, like those of ordinary representatives of hares, and completely lower only after 3 months have passed.

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For comfortable keeping the lop-eared rabbit of a ram, you will also need:

  • A cage house – your decorative fluffy must have its own nook
  • Toilet tray
  • Vessels for food and water (preferably, they are attached to the cage)
  • Mineral stone or twigs for grinding a dwarf pet’s teeth

Do not rush to arrange all the objects inside the cage. Wait until the lop-eared rabbit goes to the toilet and place a tray in this place – this will greatly facilitate the care of housing. Place food utensils and water away from the tray. Otherwise, the decorative sheep will decide for itself what is “a toilet” of “furniture”, and its opinion often does not coincide with the opinion of the owner.

Care For Lop-Eared Rabbit Ram And Its Contents

There is no way to do without a nook.

Walking with a decorative rabbit

The lop-eared rabbit of a ram cannot be kept locked up all the time; he needs walks every day. Each time, whenever possible, release a dwarf animal to run around the apartment. We do not recommend walking on the street: the risk of catching diseases and parasites is much higher than the benefits of fresh air. If you still decide to take the pet to "see the world", get a special leash (harness) so that the dwarf rabbit does not run away where it should not.

How to feed a decorative ram

The basis of the diet of lop-eared rabbits of sheep is dried grass (hay). It should be constant: it is better to install a special sennik in the cage, in which there will be a supply.

Often a producer can add nuts and dried fruits. Even better if the feed is immediately enriched with vitamins and minerals.

If the dwarf pet is more than six months old, you can add it to the menu:

  • Fresh vegetables (in small quantities)
  • Fruit (very little, more as a treat than a main meal)
  • Grass (dried, not freshly picked)

And here are the video recipes of sweets for your pet.

How to care for a lop-eared pet

The variety of decorative rabbits “lop-eared rams” does not require special care, but sometimes you need to help them keep themselves in order.

  • This primarily concerns the ears. You need to clean them regularly, because due to the specific anatomy, a dwarf ram cannot do this on its own, unlike other ornamental breeds.
  • It is not necessary to bathe a lop-eared rabbit of a ram; you need to do this only in case of severe pollution or after diarrhea.
  • Claws must be trimmed as they grow. A dwarf animal can grind them on its own, but the floor covering will suffer greatly from this – it is better to take care of the claws yourself.
  • You can periodically comb a decorative rabbit, especially if the coat is long. Such care does not directly affect his well-being and health, but it greatly improves his appearance.
Care For Lop-Eared Rabbit Ram And Its Contents

Beauty requires care!

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Diseases of dwarf rabbits and how much they live

If your decorative lamb does not walk uncontrollably along the street, eats properly and receives good care, then most diseases that threaten dwarf rabbits can be easily avoided. But in any case, immediately contact your veterinarian if you have the following symptoms:

  • Apathy, unwillingness to move and leave the cell
  • Refusal of food and water
  • Diarrhea
  • Any problems with the coat (wet, drops out, lost shine and color)
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Sneezing temperature

We strongly recommend not to make a diagnosis on your own, and especially not to try to cure a decorative pet. At first, until you get to the veterinarian, put a dwarf fold on a diet (if you have less than 12 hours before your visit, you can eat nothing at all). Most diseases of the ornamental rabbit begin due to problems in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is better not to overload it before a diagnosis is made.

With proper maintenance and proper care, your dwarf lamb will easily live up to 9 years, and maybe more (record holders reach 12).

Care For Lop-Eared Rabbit Ram And Its Contents

Improper nutrition can lead to such unpleasant consequences in the form of obesity.

How to tame a decorative rabbit

Lop-eared rabbit ram animal is very friendly, but equally stubborn. He can act like a puppy, demanding games, or like a kitten, asking for petting. But categorically refuses to obey orders and, especially, violence. This does not mean that it is impossible to train a decorative rabbit, but it will take time and patience.

If problems arose from the very beginning (does not want to leave the cage, is afraid of hands), then start luring the dwarf pet gradually. Without sharp sounds and attempts to forcibly pull out of the house. Lure with treats (but by no means in the cage itself – this is its territory), keep them in front of the door. In the beginning, let the decorative animal take food and run away, it will gradually get used to it.

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If a lop-eared ram tries to bite you, do not beat it and do not scream – gently press your head to the floor, but not to injure. This is in instinctive rabbits – the dominant male presses the presumptuous kinsmen to the ground, showing who is the boss in the house.

Come up with a dwarf fluffy nickname, and constantly call it. The animal will get used to the name and your voice, and will react more calmly to the owner.

Decorative rabbits are difficult to train, but you can teach simple tricks. For example, stand on the hind legs. Keep the treat higher and give the team (for example, “serve”). Over time, the delicacy can no longer be taken, and the command will be executed automatically. Gradually, you can move on to more complex exercises.

Care For Lop-Eared Rabbit Ram And Its Contents

Yes, I serve, I serve … Where is the carrot ?!

The main thing is to conduct classes only when the decorative ram is satisfied and wants to play. If the dwarf rabbit is annoyed, then it is better to postpone training until a good mood. Everything should be held in the format of the game.

How to choose a dwarf ram rabbit

Pay attention to the wool – there should be no bald spots, scratches and any other defects. There should be no discharge from the eyes. Ideally, if the baby himself is active, not afraid of people staring at him – the guarantee that the nature of the decorative baby will make it easier to make contact.

Decided on the breed?

Do you like the idea of ​​having a fold rabbit ram? If you are not sure, read on our site about the maintenance of other dwarf breeds, their care. You might like them more. Do not forget to subscribe to notifications and our groups in social networks – there will be a lot of interesting materials!

Care For Lop-Eared Rabbit Ram And Its Contents

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