Care And Maintenance Of Decorative Rabbits At Home

Rabbit breeding is a profitable and promising business, if you approach it responsibly. However, more and more people are interested in breeding decorative rabbits at home, and there are many nuances. First of all, it is necessary to find out what is the age of the animal. If a male is selected, individuals under one and a half months are not recommended. The most optimal variant of the rabbit is that he should be moderately well-fed, mobile, not show lethargy and drowsiness.

Particular attention should be paid to the pet’s hair – there should not be any bald spots, it should shine, all sorts of pustules and bulges are not allowed. Many people wonder how to care for a decorative rabbit, what is needed for a decorative rabbit, here you need the opinion of specialists. Care for a decorative rabbit is only within the reach of those who love this business, and then the question will not arise how to keep them in proper form.

How to choose a breed of decorative rabbit

Caring for decorative rabbits at home is not very difficult. Breeding of such animals is attractive in that it is absolutely permissible in a city apartment. The choice is best to stop on breeds with short hair, then there will not be much time to go to grooming. The representative of the “lop-eared ram” breed is very popular, nicknamed so because its ears hang down on its sides. Such animals are wonderful pets, they are very loyal to the owners, behave quietly, do not spoil or gnaw anything, do not need walking, it is very pleasant to communicate with them. Such an individual, with proper care, lives up to 12 years. If the male is castrated, then there will be no problems with the offspring. And now we should talk about the most famous decorative breeds:

  • dwarf colored individuals with short hair and small ears;
  • animals with plush fur, they are called "rex";
  • the already mentioned breed of "lop-eared rams", are distinguished by a calm disposition and hanging ears;
  • the Angora breed is very beautiful, but it has a long and beautiful coat, so serious care will be required;
  • Germelins are popular, but for those who are just starting rabbit breeding, this breed is not recommended, as females are complex. As for the males, their fur coat is simply magnificent, but it is thanks to it that it is hot in the apartment, therefore it is better to refuse them. Moreover, they are by their nature distinguished by extreme laziness.

About the basics of content

Keeping such rabbits is not so easy, a thorough approach is needed, only responsible people with certain knowledge can do this. And at first you should not get the animal itself, but take care of the cage and everything you need.

It is noteworthy that pets do not like high temperature, direct rays of the sun, heat are contraindicated for them. But even if the temperature is minus 20 degrees, they will feel excellent.

Damp rabbits, drafts, strong humidity are contraindicated in decorative rabbits. It should be noted that such animals cannot sweat. Heat exchange is carried out through the ear veins, so if the apartment is hot, it is enough to wipe his ears with a damp, cool cloth, while cooling the ears the animals feel much better. And the cage can be covered with a damp towel, and a plastic bottle with ice is also placed in it as an air conditioner.

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If the pet is kept in the apartment, then it is better to keep it in a cage. It should be noted that if you hold them in your hands, you need to consider that their spine is fragile, and they are extremely careful. If the animal is inadvertently released from its hands, then it may die. Now one more thing – you should not allow contacts between the eared and the dogs and cats, they will start playing with him, chasing him, which is fraught with stress for them. If there is a small child in the family, it is better to refrain from wanting to have a rabbit, as the children are very curious, grab the ears by the ears, squeeze them, than drive the animals into a state of stress, which causes all diseases.

It should be borne in mind that such animals are exceptionally gentle creatures, any drafts cause colds in them, and stuffiness in general can kill them. Therefore, you do not need to put the cage in the sun so that the animals get warm!

All the equipment in the cage (we are talking mainly about the feeder and the drinker) needs to be tightly screwed, if this is not done, then the animal will certainly play with them, which will create a lot of noise. Litter in the cage is required, and its dryness must be mandatory, in this quality sawdust and hay are perfect. Litter should be replaced at least three per week. If the litter is dirty and wet, this can cause stomach problems.

We must immediately take into account the fact that the eared ears are extremely clean animals, and therefore the tray is washed daily. You just need to understand that he will not visit the dirty tray, but goes to the toilet in another place and you do not need to blame him for it later. Many believe that there is an unpleasant odor about them, but this is only from poor care, if care is appropriate, then there can be no unpleasant odor. A decorative rabbit requires constant care.

Something about the general content

It is important to pay attention to the layer of litter, its thickness should be from 3 to 5 centimeters, and the cell itself should be where there is neither cold nor drafts. As a material for litter, you can use hay or sawdust. It should be borne in mind that rabbits, especially young ones, are very playful and easily turn the feeder over. So it is better that the feeder be decorative or hanging (since it is impossible to turn them over). Decorative rabbits care and maintenance should be carried out with full responsibility. The care and maintenance of any decorative rabbits at home is only for those who sincerely love this business.

The presence of fresh and clean water is a prerequisite, it is best if the cute rodents will have an automatic drinking bowl. It is not necessary to walk them, but they will like it very much, if when you bring them warm to walk along the grass, you only need to wear leashes. If a rabbit is released from a cage for a walk around the room, then all windows must be closed so that there are no drafts. If he is walking, you need to monitor him, they are injured easily. If you let the rodent run around the room, you need to get ready to clean up after him. Cleaning the cage should be regular, otherwise there will be an extremely unpleasant odor. If the rabbits are long-haired, then they need to be combed regularly, then they will not have warlocks. Caring for any domestic rabbit is not so simple.

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How to keep rabbits in a cage

Care And Maintenance Of Decorative Rabbits At Home

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the cell, the scale should be such that it is 4 times larger than the animal itself. In the house, without problems, everything necessary should fit – a drinking bowl, feeder, tray. When choosing a pallet, it is better to pay attention to the plastic one, but it is better to refuse the trellised one, since the paws will get stuck in the animal. Sawdust should not be emptied to the bottom of the cage, as the rabbit can take this for a toilet. A ceramic bowl is perfect as a container for grain feed (in this case, you should turn to heavy bowls, they are difficult to turn over). The auto-drinker is mounted on the wall of the cage. Decorative rabbits and their content should be the lot of true lovers of these animals.

When choosing a cell, do not dwell on large specimens; a 1 meter cell is enough. If the specimens are especially large, then one and a half meters, but no more. You need to immediately buy a roomy enough cage, rabbits grow quickly, if it is crowded, it will grow weak and sick. It should be understood that even adult rabbits spend a sufficient amount of time in the cage, they not only spend the night there. For hygiene, you can put a grate on the pallet; the feeder and drinker should be quite comfortable. A miniature house can be installed in the cage, but only if the cage is spacious enough and when it comes to small breeds. Also, a small house for a certain time can be arranged for a rabbit who is waiting for offspring, in the house she watches the offspring and takes care of him.

How to choose a place

Do not install the cage near the battery or air conditioner, as overheating for pets is unbearable. The most optimal temperature is 20 degrees. I must say once again about the shyness of these animals, they are afraid of everything: dogs, cats, children, TV, vacuum cleaner, computer. The cage should ideally be placed away from the window, it should be light and calm. If the room is ventilated, then drafts should not be allowed; animals are not recommended to overheat the cage on the balcony.

If rabbits are kept in a private house, then an aviary with a canopy is needed, you can make a small fence so that there are no fears of rain and overheating. In the summer, rabbits enjoy walking outside, so keeping decorative rabbits is not that difficult.

The cage should be cleaned regularly, the tray should be changed at least once every week. When washing the cell, it is recommended to use a disinfectant, if the cell is on the street, then you need to wash it every day. It is necessary to superficially clean the cage every day, while the rabbit is walking, it is cleaned, very convenient. If disinfectants are used, it must be remembered that the body of rabbits is very sensitive to chemicals, so be careful.

Smell and walk

The rabbit is a clean animal, so rabbits do not emit odors, but feed and litter do not spread amber, therefore, they need regular disinfection. An aging rabbit may have problems with stools, then, of course, the smell will not be pleasant, adult rabbits mark territories with feces, nothing can be done about it, nature.

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Do not constantly bathe the animals in order to get rid of the smell, since it does not come from the skin and from secretion, so the rabbit himself is able to brush his coat.

If there is a goal to get a rabbit in one copy, there is no desire to breed them, then you can use sterilization. Those who want offspring need to clean up their cages more often, and you can use a potassium permanganate solution for this purpose, but detergents for washing dishes and washing are definitely not suitable, rabbits get sick from them.

For the animals to be healthy, they must move more, and even in a large cage there is not enough space for movement, which causes the rabbits to grow weak and sick, their immunity decreases. In order to avoid such problems, just walks for a maximum of half an hour every day are enough. Before the walk, all potentially dangerous objects should be removed from the room, and it is also impossible that there are gaps in the room, rabbits are extremely curious, and can very easily get stuck there. During the walk, rabbits should be closely monitored, not only for rabbits, but also for adults.

Ears really like toys, if they are not there, he will find something from household utensils. Most often, one room is enough for walking. When the rabbit is walking, the cage must be open so that the rabbit gets home when necessary. If the rabbit is walking on the street, you need to ensure that it is clean, you can’t walk on the dirty grass, this is fraught with the appearance of ticks. Keeping at home is much simpler, as a domestic, domestic rabbit

About nutrition

Rabbits are unpretentious in food, they eat hay, special food, branches, mineral stones are very useful. They also need feed, it is even preferable to special feeds. Hay in the cage should be constant, it provides good digestion, and rabbits with it perfectly grind their teeth. In the summer, they willingly eat twigs with leaves, and in winter with needles. Water should be boiled and cool.

It is useful to give rabbits different herbs, chamomile, alfalfa, but you should be careful, the body of the animals is extremely sensitive, and the stomach can be upset. After the rabbit is 4 months old, you can give him fresh vegetables and fruits, and you need to cut them finely, that’s how you should take care of the rabbits.

As it becomes clear, keeping a decorative rabbit is not particularly difficult, especially if it is planned to keep a rabbit in the apartment. The domestic rabbit should be carefully watched, taken care of, the domestic rabbit should be cleaned and properly looked after. Specialists will tell you how to do this correctly, and this article, caring for them does not cause much trouble if the care is correct. You need to love a rabbit taken, rabbit breeding is a serious occupation, care for rabbits should be constant, and what else is needed for rabbit happiness?

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