How to determine the gender of rabbits?

In breeding rabbits, the ability to accurately set the sex of each of them is important. Improper cell distribution leads to injuries to animals. Professional rabbit breeders quickly and accurately recognize the gender of the rabbit, but do not always share knowledge. Therefore, the ability to determine gender is an important skill for those who breed rabbits for household or decorative needs.

How to find out the sex of rabbits

When buying adult rabbits, it is easy to find out gender by primary sexual characteristics, however, in the case of rabbits, this causes difficulty. First of all, the sex of the rabbits is determined in order to seed them in different cells in advance. After all, getting older, rabbits begin to compete with each other, which can lead to injury to individuals.

In young rabbits up to one month old, gender is rarely determined, since at this time they are under the supervision of females. After this period, when the distribution of rabbits in the cells begins, the sex of the animals is determined by measuring the gap between the genitals and the anus. The greater this distance, the greater the likelihood that it is a male.

In three-month-old rabbits, it becomes easier to distinguish a male from a female. By this time, a penis appears in males, and a pink loop appears in females. Over time, these signs become more distinct.

Breeding Rabbits How To Determine The Sex Of Animals

Starting from six months of age, the definition does not cause problems. In males, a curved process clearly appears, two testicles separately spaced from each other, not covered with fur. If these signs are absent, and in that place there is a pink eyelet, then this is a female.

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Attention! In mature rabbits, there are differences in behavior – males are active and aggressive constantly, and the female becomes active only during sexual excitability.

Inspection Methodology

The technique for examining the genitalia of rabbits is to:

  • to press the rabbit with its tail to the surface, while bending its legs upwards;
  • the thumb and forefinger are located on both sides of the reproductive organ;
  • when pressed, a mound or pink bulge with a hole in the middle will appear in males, and in females – a small pink fold in the form of a loop located very close to the anus.

In order not to injure the animal and not injure itself, you should:

Breeding Rabbits How To Determine The Sex Of Animals

  1. Prepare a solid, lighted surface for inspection of the rabbit.
  2. With your left hand, quickly raise the rabbit by the withers and put it upside down on its tail.
  3. With your right hand, stretch the skin between your hind legs.
  4. Use your fingers to lightly press on both sides of the penis.
  5. Based on the above signs, determine the gender.

So, the ability to distinguish a female from a male in rabbits is simply necessary for farmers and breeders. If a rabbit is easily distinguished from a rabbit in mature animals, then in young rabbits, sexual differences are not so noticeable. For a reliable determination, you need to resort to a thorough examination.

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