How To Train A Rabbit For A Harness
How To Train A Rabbit For A Harness

How To Train A Rabbit For A Harness
How To Train A Rabbit For A Harness

On city streets, it has long been common to observe how breeders take walks with dogs or cats. How to walk with a rabbit? After all, this animal is too shy. What to do? To start. just learn how to teach a rabbit a harness and a leash.

Taming a rabbit

The rabbit, like any pet, becomes attached to its owner, sets it apart from other people, and happily goes for a walk with it. But, for this pet you must first tame. After the purchase. immediately pick up and caress, at home. to vilify in his apartment, to smell those objects that he cannot get.

Strange as it may seem, talking with a rabbit is also necessary, at first it’s better to have a half voice so as not to scare. Of course, right away, in one day the rabbit will not answer with great love, but over time, a kind and gentle attitude will make itself felt. Before you accustom a rabbit to a new home, you must first establish communication with him. An important element of communication are walks in the fresh air.

Walking is best done in good weather: without rain, wind, strong sun, otherwise the pet will get sick. How to teach a rabbit winter walks? In order for the animal to withstand the cold, it is advisable to start getting used to low temperature in the fall.

Walk outdoors

Before you train a rabbit to a leash, you must let him get used to the harness first. The best harness. in the form of clothes from mesh material, from rope he can easily jump out and run away. Learning usually takes 4 to 7 days. You need to start the sooner, for example, at three months of age, the better. The harness on the rabbit is worn at home for several minutes, daily increasing the time spent so that he can get used to his new clothes. Then you can attach the leash, and try to bring the pet around the house.

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If he behaves calmly and is not particularly afraid, feel free to go for a walk! Of course, you need to choose a quieter place, away from the road and the playground. Carry a rabbit in his arms, stroke and plant him in the grass. The platform for a walk should be without the presence of other animals, not toxic, without foreign objects, wells, garbage.

Therefore, unfamiliar places should not be chosen. At first it’s better not to go far from the rabbit and not to pull it by the leash, it can be very scared and even offended. And then, in general, he shuts himself in and abandon further walks.

There is one interesting and easy way to train a rabbit on a leash. You need to choose a meadow without tall grass and drive a peg in the middle, attach a medium leash to it. The pet will be quite galloping, and its owner will rest calmly on the grass.

Freedom of movement

Any rabbit loves to run freely, but there is a chance of losing it during a walk. Little eared pranksters like to squeeze into the narrowest and most inaccessible places. An ideal enclosure is an aviary, because it is quite difficult to train a rabbit to obey its owner.

He is not a dog. will not execute commands. Therefore, it is better to purchase a long roulette leash, then the rabbit will be worn relatively freely, without noticing that he is under supervision. During the walk, all rabbits love to chew weed. The main thing is that it should not be wet, otherwise it is fraught with bloating.

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If the breeder has already learned how to teach a rabbit to walk on a leash, he should focus his attention on a kind and gentle attitude to the pet. Then the rabbit himself will sooner realize that the harness is put on him NOT WITH EVIL INTENTION, but for AN INTERESTING WALK.

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