How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

A convenient nest for rabbits is very important when breeding rabbits. Warm, cozy queen cells guarantee a favorable development, growth of young animals. Inside them, even under adverse weather conditions, females comfortably give birth and feed healthy offspring. Therefore, such shelters for eared animals increase their productivity. Based on the drawings, motherboards for rabbits are easy to do with their own hands, even without special skills.

What is a mother liquor

Wild eared animals in nature live inside close minks. Such cozy dwellings made by animals are most suitable for their needs. The uterine is a kind of nest for rabbits, inside of which they feel safe. It is here that comfortable conditions are created for the natural festivities and the development of small rabbits.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

In rabbit farming, this is a separate box with a round hole through which the inhabitants penetrate in and out. The device of the rabbit "house" implies additional insulation of the walls and floor. Due to this, heat is well retained in the internal space, despite the low ambient temperatures in the winter season.

The standard size of the "nest" for the middle breed is characterized by a length of 56 cm, a width of 30 cm, and a height of 35 cm. Large rabbit breeds, such as the gray giant, require more space for brooding and feeding the brood. In this case, the inner cell space, in which the mother liquor is arranged, is crucial. In other designs, the cell wall is removed and a "rabbit nest" is attached to the side.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

The need for arrangement

Full reproduction of rabbit stock is possible under conditions that are suitable to meet the natural needs of animals. Being in an open cage, the rabbit will feel stressed while feeding babies. A constant stressful state often leads to the loss of milk from a nursing mother.

In addition, little rabbits are born blind, naked and helpless. A warm secluded place, protected from drafts and low temperatures, is vital for them.

Young growth is characterized by weak immunity, therefore, even the gray giant needs “greenhouse conditions” in the early stages of development. Over 2-3 weeks of life under the care of a rabbit, the cubs become resistant to adverse environmental influences and are prepared for independent existence.

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How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

When breeding and raising a healthy livestock of eared animals, arranging a mother queen for a rabbit is a vital task.

Types and design features

Rabbits of any breed need shelter to breed. A kind of imitation of a rabbit hole in a farm is a box of wooden materials with one inlet. In their natural habitat, rabbits live inside a cramped hole, the size of which depends on the breed of animals.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

You can buy ready-made cells with built-in queen cells, but they have significant disadvantages. Firstly, after each sting, it is necessary to carry out disinfection inside the cell. Secondly, this design is difficult to clean.

A more advanced option is the motherboards of a removable type. They allow you to solve these problems, maintaining sanitary indicators of the places of okrole at a high level.

For most breeds, standard cells are quite suitable, but for larger breeds, which include the flanders, white and gray giant, you need to choose a larger queen size. It should be remembered that animals perceive too large a nest as an integral living space, meeting their natural needs there. It is better if there is separate access to the socket from the outside.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

Important points for arranging the nest

When there are drawings available for interested farmers, making a motherboard for rabbits with your own hands is quite simple. However, there are some points that must be taken into account. Among them, the following important points can be distinguished:

  • to prevent decay of the mother liquor base, it is better to put a galvanized sheet on the bottom and cover it with a thick layer of straw;
  • the wood of recently sawn softwood during the installation of the "house" should be abandoned, since essential oils can scare the rabbit;
  • it is important to arrange free access in order to clean the mother, to monitor the status of rabbits;
  • it is recommended to insulate the walls of the rabbit nest by falling asleep between two sheets of plywood;
  • it is not recommended to make the hole in the queen cell too high so that the grown-up rabbits can get out and come back.

Following a clear plan of action, using the right materials, you can make an excellent "mink" for rabbits, which will reliably protect from drafts and winter colds.

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Drawings, tools and materials

The standard sizes of mother liquors for rabbits require the use of the correct materials and components. At the very beginning of the assembly of the structure, it is necessary to prepare natural plywood sheets, wooden battens, insulation, a galvanized iron sheet, metal loops, screws, nails. Also for installation you will need a hammer, a saw, a small hacksaw for wood, a tape measure, a screwdriver, a simple pencil.

Do-it-yourself mother rabbits for rabbits according to the drawings are easy to make if workpieces of certain dimensions are cut from the appropriate materials.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

Before assembling the rabbit "house", in accordance with the structural scheme, it is required to prepare four sheets of plywood in the following standard sizes. For the front and rear walls – 56×30 cm, side – 35×30 cm, bottom and cover – 56x35cm.

You will need wooden blocks up to 2 cm thick. Of these, eight pieces 56 cm long are needed for mounting the front, rear walls, bottom and cover. Six pieces of 31 cm are suitable for the side walls and the bottom. Billets of such dimensions determine the standard size of the mother liquor. For the breed of gray giant, a larger nest is required, the size is increased by 5-10 cm.

How to make a motherboard for rabbits with your own hands

An artificial rabbit nest made by man must meet the requirements of practicality, wear resistance, ease of maintenance. In addition, it must correspond to the physiological needs of the animals themselves.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

Begin assembly of the structure from the walls. You need to take one plywood blank and nail the slats at its edges around the perimeter. The resulting frame should be filled with insulation in the form of wood sawdust and covered with plywood on top. Similarly, four more such double insulated walls of the rabbit house are made.

Particular attention is required to the front wall, in which it is necessary to cut a hole with a diameter of about 16 cm. Accordingly, a larger breed like the gray giant requires more input space (up to 20 cm). A simpler design of the slot allows the use of the board only in the lower part of the facade. It also needs to be insulated.

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At the next stage, it is required to cut a 52x31cm sheet from galvanized iron and nail it to the bottom of the mother liquor. After preparing all the structural elements, you can proceed with the assembly.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

Using screws or nails, carefully assemble the box. It is important to focus on the cover device. For the convenience of cleaning the inside of the mother liquor, it is better to make it folding using metal loops. In this “mink” the female with rabbits will feel comfortable in the summer and winter, since the lid can be closed or opened as necessary.

Indoor Equipment

Despite the different sizes of the mother liquor for rabbits, its floor must be covered with a thick layer of straw. It is important to maintain a dry and clean coating. Wet, dirty litter can cause the female to leave the nest.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

Prepare the mother liquor for wintering in the fall. This is due to the fact that the pregnant rabbit needs a caring attitude and care. Low temperatures pose a special danger to the brood, therefore, in modern rabbit breeding, special heaters are widely used to help maintain the temperature inside the rabbit house at a constant level.

They are available in the form of an electric heating pad, a film with a heating element. You can learn more about this from the article “Heating in the mother liquor for rabbits”. The main thing when installing a heating device is to prevent the animals from contacting the electric cable, since even young animals can begin to nibble it, putting their lives in danger.

How To Make Mother Liquors For Rabbits

The easiest way to prepare the mother liquor for the winter can be additional insulation of the walls of the box with polystyrene foam, hot water bottles. But this requires a significant amount of time.

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