Today, many decide instead of cats and dogs to get a rabbit. They are cute and fluffy, tender and very affectionate. In addition, these animals do not require large expenditures on food, as well as daily walks. A great alternative for a busy person who really wants to be expected at home. But do not forget that this is a very active creature that simply cannot sit idle. Toys for the rabbit help entertain your pets, as well as keep furniture and furnishings in order.

Diy Rabbit Toys - Features, Interesting Ideas And Reviews

Furry pet

The decorative rabbit very quickly becomes the favorite of the family, especially young children. This is a big fidget, he is constantly looking for entertainment, and if he does not find anything interesting, then begins to gnaw everything that catches his eye. Of course, this behavior gives the owner a lot of problems. Therefore, it is in his interests first of all to ensure that the pet has something to do.

find me

Hide and seek is a great game that will allow your pet to pour out energy, and you will have fun watching him. Ordinary cardboard boxes are great rabbit toys. They simply adore jumping from one box to another or hiding in them, listening to their surroundings. At the same time, pliable material can be scratched and torn to pieces, this does not harm the environment, and also gives the pet a lot of joy. So the animal can feel in its native element.

Digging mink

When choosing toys for a rabbit, it is worth considering what these animals tend to do in nature. All rabbits dig burrows, this is their natural need. Your pet will also make attempts, sometimes unsuccessful, to dig a refuge. For this, upholstered furniture, carpets, walls with wallpaper can be used. To persuade him not to do so anymore is simply useless. Therefore, toys for decorative rabbits must meet the needs of pussies.

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You will need to provide a large capacity and fill it with clean sand. Take a basin or cardboard box, a plastic container, and make a hole in the side so that the animal can penetrate inside. It is enough to show the eared one time how to climb, and he will do this trick on his own. Be sure to come up with a cover, otherwise you will have to constantly remove the sand.

Diy Rabbit Toys - Features, Interesting Ideas And Reviews

Dry pool

If you had children, then remember how the crumbs loved throwing toys out of the playpen. Decorative rabbits also like to move objects around them. Therefore, in a separate box, fold cardboard tubes from paper towels, add plastic toys, tennis balls. Climbing into this pool, the animal will be happy to gnaw and scatter treasures throughout the room. Then it remains only to collect them back. The next game will take place here very soon.

Sharpen teeth

The best toys for decorative rabbits must necessarily include the need to constantly nibble. If the pet has something to nibble at his leisure, then he will be indifferent to household things. So give your pet more alternatives. Let him gnaw paper and shreds of fabric, old balls. Give him a directory, a magazine, branches cut from fruit trees.

Today, on the shelves you can find a huge amount of fun for furry animals. These are soft toys, balls and balls for pushing, as well as dozens of others. But cardboard bushings and cylinders are most in demand among rabbit owners. Rolls of toilet paper or foil are wound around them. It turns out funny toys that are very easy to repeat at home. It will turn out much cheaper, but your pet is absolutely unimportant.

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Get down to business

Homemade toys for a rabbit are not difficult to make. And the easiest way is to give your pet your own hole. You can hide in it, gnaw and dig up newspapers or hay. For the construction of this design will require a long cardboard box, as well as a plastic or corrugated pipe. Other than that, grab tape and scissors, old newspapers or hay.

Next is a matter of technology. Fill the box with hay, but not too tightly. A circular hole is cut through it, into which the pipe is inserted and fixed with tape. It remains to close the external entrance with crumpled paper. The toy is ready. Your animal will be happy to try it.

Rattle with a treat

Since making homemade rabbit toys is easy, you can periodically do something new for him. It does not take much time. For work, you will need a toilet paper sleeve and a favorite treat. It can be slices of vegetables or fruits.

To make a toy, you need to cut a hole in the middle of the roll, then roll two balls of paper and plug the side ends. It remains to fill in the hole of goodies, and the toy is ready. The rabbit will have to roll it to get every next tasty piece.

Soft ball

Rabbits are amazingly good at driving different objects, especially if they are of suitable shape. To make a toy, you need to take one roll from a paper towel and a small bunch of fragrant hay. Scissors cut the roll into rings. Now we roll a piece of hay into a ball and fix with rings. We form a ball – and the toy is ready. The rabbit will very actively chase it with its paws, and you will be happy to watch it play.

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Instead of a conclusion

The smaller the apartment, the more difficult it is to keep pets in it. If you can not do without furry pets, then pay attention to rabbits. Affectionate, calm, playful, they will be happy to make a company for games. When you go to work, you can just close the cage, then the fluffy will have no chance to spoil furniture or things. And when you let out for a walk, offer him home-made toys, from which he will certainly be delighted.

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